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TIL there is a fan made edit of "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace". It removes 18 minutes of dialogue and almost every scene with Jar Jar Binks, critics say its better than the original. : todayilearned. Johnbrawley. My involvement in the development of the Blackmagic Cinema camera has raised the question of just what it means to have a RAW camera to shoot with.


I guess till now it wasn’t really like there was a RAW shooting video camera for the film-making masses. Really they are true pioneers for offering this kind of image making pipeline for such a crazy low cost of entry for the camera. I guess I’ve forgotten about my own steep learning curve that came with being exposed to a RAW workflow from shooting stills.

As electronic cinematographers, we’ve become accustomed to the myriad of image processing that occurs deep in the camera before it even gets to be recorded or encoded. Maybe like me, you weren’t even aware of how much was happening under the hood. Shooting on film means you could choose your individual film stock with it’s own personality and then it’s own developing “processes” and even what kind of telecine of scanning you wanted to do. Resolve is a world class colour correction tool. 1. An Unexpected Ass Kicking. Nothing has blown my mind quite like this case.. John Cleese on How to Be Creative. e49WB.jpg (500×647) The Great New York-to-Paris Auto Race of 1908. Myherobymattrhodes-d4sr1ot-2.jpg (423×10496)

zSzrI.gif (500×500) Why The Joker and Not Batman is the Savior of Us All. What if I told you that Batman is not the true hero in the Dark Knight saga?

Why The Joker and Not Batman is the Savior of Us All

What if I told you instead that if The Joker did not exist, Gotham would be overrun by organized crime families and the corrupt politicians that live in their pockets? And what if I told you that there is mathematical proof of this argument's validity? Curious? Read on. In a recent article in the Journal of Theoretical Biology, two mathematicians and a physicist use a mathematical model show how the "destructive agents" (which they aptly call "Jokers") can help people avoid the tragedy of the commons.

With the hyperbole and snark characteristic of This or That feature writing (and Internet media, more broadly), I'll use this fancy mathematical model to assert that The Joker isn't a villain. See, guys, you're about to make him cry! So before I explain the whole Joker thing, I need to give you a primer on evolutionary game theory. Look at left. Nash was, however, almost as crazy. Yeah, people aren't that smart. Five Leadership Mistakes Of The Galactic Empire. Visual Supply Co. LrMo2.jpg (1284×2894) MAPS: A Complete Guide To National Stereotypes All Around The World. Massive Kinetic Racetrack Makes LA Debut. LA, it's almost time.

Massive Kinetic Racetrack Makes LA Debut

We just got word from LACMA that Chris Burden's epic racetrack sculpture will be make its press debut on Wednesday, January 11, and its public one on January 14. Called Metropolis II, it's a complex, large-scale kinetic structure that's modeled after a fast-faced modern city. Soon we'll all be able to witness 1,100 Hot Wheel-sized cars zip through and around model skyscrapers and trains. According to the LA Times, "There are 18 lines of traffic and you'll witness 100,000 cars passing through the system in an hour. " Trial runs began last week. "As you can imagine, this is a precision machine. The kid in us can't wait to see this in person.

Via [LA Times] First photo credit: Mel Melcon/Los Angeles Times Photo credit, Images 2-6: Museum Associates/LACMA.