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Looking at my blog from time to time fills me with geek shame. Of years past if we didn’t post for 2 weeks the next on the list began with an apology fully explaining absence with evidence and justification. Nowadays, it’s so different. I don’t blog for the lack of news. pmooney.net pmooney.net
October has been an incredibly busy month. I am headed to Europe now for the third time in a 75-day period; the intervening time has also featured trips to Austin and Toronto. Additionally, I had the opportunity to be part of IBM InterConnect 2013 in Singapore earlier this month, my first time over to Asia this year. As such, I was determined to make the best of it. Ed Brill Ed Brill
Dominux Dominux Mercredi 20 Juillet 2011 Firefox 5 et IE 9 supportés avec la sortie du 8.5.2FP3 Le Fix Pack 3 pour la 8.5.2 est sorti en début de semaine avec comme apporte notable le support de Firefox 5 et Internet Explorer 9. Toutes les infos sur le FP3 à venir sur la Technote #7010592 dédiée (au jour d'aujourd'hui elle n'est pas encore à jour) ou encore sur cette page qui liste les SPRs corrigés.
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