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New Tableau 10, Qlik Sense 3.0 and TIBCO Spotfire 7.6 - Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics. While you were away on summer holiday, several data discovery players released new versions.

New Tableau 10, Qlik Sense 3.0 and TIBCO Spotfire 7.6 - Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics

The highly anticipated Tableau 10 is now available for download. Qlik Sense 3.0 was released in late June and TIBCO Spotfire a month earlier. Here is a quick summary of what is new, wild and exciting for data visualization enthusiasts. Tableau 10 Analytics Savvy This week the Twitter-sphere was buzzing about Tableau 10 again. My personal favorite Tableau 10 enhancements are in the Analytics area. Source: Tableau Software Tableau 10 also brings more sophisticated calculations with groups and level of detail expressions. Standing ovation for Cross Database Joins and Cross Data Source Filtering that is capable of executing filters across most data source types as if they were a single unified source. Nachholbedarf bei HP und Atos: 15 BI-Anbieter im Vergleich - Voller Durchblick im Immobiliengeschäft mit Business Intelligence › Swisscom ICT.

Neues Projekt, neue Herausforderungen – Seit rund zwei Monaten sind wir mit einem BI-Vorhaben bei Swisscom Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) unterwegs.

Voller Durchblick im Immobiliengeschäft mit Business Intelligence › Swisscom ICT

Höchste Zeit, etwas über das Projekt zu erzählen! Um was geht es? Wie jeder grosse Konzern hat auch die Swisscom eine Vielzahl an Gebäuden zu bewirtschaften. Einerseits handelt es sich dabei um Bürogebäude und Business Parks für die eigenen Angestellten, andererseits aber auch um Betriebsgebäude, Rechenzentren oder Verkaufsflächen, wie zum Beispiel die Swisscom Shops. Um den Unterhalt und Betrieb dieser Standorte zu gewährleisten, müssen eine Reihe an Aufgaben im Bereich des kaufmännischen, infrastrukturellen und betrieblichen Facility Management (FM) erledigt werden. Für diese operativen Tätigkeiten arbeitet CREM zukünftig mit diversen externen Providern (Multiprovider-Strategie) im Rahmen eines Outsourcing zusammen. Wie es das Wort «Orchestrierung» schon sagt, ist die Steuerung der Provider für CREM von zentraler Bedeutung.

SAP HANA now included in SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite. Five Business Intelligence Predictions For 2014. 14 Things to Watch in 2014. Looking back on 2013, we saw Twitter go public, Snapchat gain legitimacy, Blackberry struggle, Apple release iOS7, two ‘new’ phones and iPad Air, Samsung release S4, Microsoft buy Nokia, Google release Glass, Microsoft/Sony renew their console wars, and Smart Watches make a (sort of) comeback.

14 Things to Watch in 2014

Things began showing up in the Internet of Things. We saw six second video sharing become sort of interesting. We learned the NSA pretty much spies on everyone, and apparently building a website to refer people to healthcare providers is really, really difficult. (Like REALLY difficult and should cost almost half a billion dollars). We also saw some big flops -- do you remember Twitter Music? In the world of Enterprise Software and specific to SAP, I’d like to think we saw the platform story get solidified – SAP HANA and in-memory technology become much more of a disruptive force last year. So…without further delay, here’s how I see all this playing out at the enterprise level in 2014: 1. 2. 3. 4. Twitter. HANA and In-Memory Business Data Management. I've been keeping a quiet eye on SAP HANA for a while now... and I thought I'd showcase a few predictions for SAP HANA in 2014. 2014 will, presumably, contain a further two releases of SAP HANA, SP08 and SP09, which will as usual contain a raft of new functionality and apps.

HANA and In-Memory Business Data Management

Here are some of my favorites. None of this is official product strategy! SAP: Advanced Analytics Not Just For PhDs Anymore. New SAP offering exploits recently acquired KXEN software, which helps business users build and tweak predictive models in automated ways.

SAP: Advanced Analytics Not Just For PhDs Anymore

Big Data Analytics Masters Degrees: 20 Top Programs. SAP buying KXEN for predictive analytics. SAP is expanding its arsenal of data-analysis software with the acquisition of predictive analytics vendor KXEN, announced Tuesday.

SAP buying KXEN for predictive analytics

Predictive analytics has a different goal than traditional BI (business intelligence) software. Rather than generating reports and dashboards off stores of business data, predictive analytics uses statistical models to search for correlations and patterns that might offer clues about customer behavior, market trends and other areas. KXEN's tools are designed to be friendly for business users analysts and will complement SAP's existing predictive analytics offering, the company said in a statement. In addition, KXEN can help companies put predictive analytic capabilities into users' hands with less involvement from IT, thanks to a semantic layer it has developed, according to its website.

SAP: Acquisition of KXEN. April 22, 2014 | SAP - Corporate SAP NEWSBYTE - SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced that Nazifa Subah, a Boston College freshman from Brooklyn, N.Y., has been awarded the Boston College Chief Executives’ Club of Boston Scholarship in honor of Bill McDermott, co-CEO and member of the Executive Board of SAP AG.

SAP: Acquisition of KXEN

Subah is a student in the Carroll School of Management with a concentration in Management & Leadership. She is heavily involved in extracurricular activities, including her school’s dance team, and has aspirations to one day become a CEO or successful entrepreneur. “I am honored to be associated with this prestigious scholarship recognizing young talent. Business leaders and universities need to understand and unleash Millennials as the next generation of innovators,” said McDermott.