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BI Platform Migration

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Save Those XI 3.1 Bookmarks with UrlRewriteFilter. One of the first things anyone will notice when they upgrade from SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.1 to BI 4 is that the web addresses for all of the applications have changed.

Save Those XI 3.1 Bookmarks with UrlRewriteFilter

For starters, InfoView has been renamed to BI Launchpad and trades out the old /InfoViewApp URL for the new /BOE/BI URL. Also, Central Management Console goes from /CmcApp to /BOE/CMC and /OpenDocument becomes /BOE/OpenDocument. This may just seem like an inconvenience until you realize that most of your users have probably bookmarked these web addresses and when they change, things will no longer work for them.

Also, if you’re using document linking within your reports, your OpenDocument URLs will all be broken which means more development time! At a client recently, I was tasked with coming up with a way to redirect the old XI 3.1 URLs to their equivalent BI 4.1 URLs. The nice part about all this is that you can set everything up just by dropping a couple files onto your Tomcat server. Like this: Like Loading... Web Intelligence 4.1 SP3: Applet (Java) vs. HTML. Introduction Web Intelligence documents can be created, edited or consumed via three different interfaces: HTMLApplet (Java)Desktop (Rich Client) The following blog post is a feature comparison of the two web-based modes (HTML & Applet) on the latest version currently available (BI 4.1 SP03).

Web Intelligence 4.1 SP3: Applet (Java) vs. HTML

Select a Data Source Data sources specific to Applet (Java): Excel, BEx & Analysis View. Document Linking Wizard HTML is the only interface that offers a "Document Linking Wizard" within the [Report Elements] tab.Leveraging OpenDocument syntax is still possible in the Applet (Java) interface but must be entered manually.Note: While Web Intelligence documents based on BEx must be created in Applet (Java) mode, developers can still leverage the HTML specific document linking feature by viewing a Web Intelligence/BEx report and switching to "Design" mode.

Conditional Formatting Only Applet (Java) can create new formatting rules. Data Source Management Features specific to Applet (Java): Number Formatting. BI 4.1 SP03 Web Intelligence Calculation Rewrite Tool - Business Intelligence (BusinessObjects) Purpose To inform the SAP Community on the new Web Intelligence Calculation Rewrite Rules introduced in BI 4.1 Support Pack 03.

BI 4.1 SP03 Web Intelligence Calculation Rewrite Tool - Business Intelligence (BusinessObjects)

Developers have released some information on this tool in their SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.1: Calculation Engine Changes SCN document. Overview Overview of what the Rewrite Rules are and how to implement them What is the Calculation Rewrite Tool? The Tool is a set of 3 calculation rules that allow Administrators to enable WebI to rewrite report level formulas at view time to workaround known calculation engine changes: Click the links for each rule for a more detailed explanation and example.

Where are the rules? The Rules are listed in an XML file where they can be enabled or disabled: Formula_migration_rules.xml And it looks like this (using NotePad++ as an editor): The XML file is located in the following directories: How are the rules activated? The rules are configured via the XML by setting the Enable or Force options to true for the different rules. BI4 Upgrade and Promotion Management KBAs - Business Intelligence (BusinessObjects)

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Solutions. 1934748 - Is a full installatiion required when updating BI4 installations? Top Reasons Why Upgrade 4.1. This page is part of the...

Top Reasons Why Upgrade 4.1

Contents Introduction Solution Overview Highlights of Enhancements / Changes SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI Server side SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI Client side enhancements Enhancements by BI content types Migration - Upgrade Upgrade Paths Upgrade Steps Reference Introduction Intent of this article is to provide an overview of the enhancements included in SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI 4.1 release. Solution Overview So, as you can see in the Mobile Server architecture diagram above, the solution continue to have three major components in 4.1 release; 1. 2. Configuring Vintela SSO - Upgrading-to-XI-3.1-SP6-and-Single-sign-on.pdf. Business Intelligence (BusinessObjects) - WebI XI 3 Known Issues and Limitations. Skip to end of metadataGo to start of metadata Home: Calculation Engine Changes for Web Intelligence XI 3 & BI 4 Known Issues and Limitations in Service Pack 3 (SP3) These are issues that exist in the SP3 codeline that are not corrected or are limitations that cannot be corrected.

Business Intelligence (BusinessObjects) - WebI XI 3 Known Issues and Limitations

Business Intelligence (BusinessObjects) - Calculation Engine Changes for Web Intelligence BI4 & XI3. Purpose The purpose of this WIKI page is to consolidate all of the known issues that have been corrected as well as What's New and known limitations for the Web Intelligence Calculation Engine (Information Engine) in one location.

Business Intelligence (BusinessObjects) - Calculation Engine Changes for Web Intelligence BI4 & XI3

There are potentially a number of fixes in each maintenance release for BI4 ( Minor Release / Support Pack / Critical Patch ) and for XI 3 ( Service Pack / Fix Pack ) that are documented in the Fixed Issues Guide for each release. This sometimes is cumbersome to search through as they are not separated by component fixed. Overview The Information Engine is responsible for calculations performed in Web Intelligence during rendering such as formula calculations, report level variable calculations and aggregations such as automatic aggregations and those performed by the functions SUM, COUNT, MAX, MIN, etc.

Refer to the child pages below for a break down of Refer to the External Guides in the “Related Content” section for Reference and more information.