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Gaza's Healthcare Fails Thousands of Injured. Thousands are forced to seek emergency care in Egypt and Israel after Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip as healthcare system in crisis.

Gaza's Healthcare Fails Thousands of Injured

. - Precis In 2011, over 9,000 patients from Gaza received emergency care in Israeli hospitals. Many of the admitted were injured in Israeli attacks on the strip. Comments Our automatic spam filter blocks comments with multiple links and multiple users using the same IP address. OneVoice Movement: OneVoice moves to reestablish Gaza presence.

In coordination with Save Youth Future Society, OVP-Gaza Director Ezzeldin Masri gave an introductory session for 30 university students on Monday in Gaza city.

OneVoice Movement: OneVoice moves to reestablish Gaza presence

New York, April 3, 2012—Nearly two years after fleeing with his family, Ezzeldin Masri returned to Gaza in June, armed only with his convictions, to reestablish OneVoice’s presence in the besieged coastal enclave. The reopening of the office marks a new stage in OneVoice’s history in Gaza, which began in November 2006 with the launch of its first office in the territory. Soon after, Ezzeldin began spreading OneVoice’s message, long known to Palestinians in the West Bank, to the residents of Gaza. Is tension building before a 'Gaza Spring'? Cairo, Egypt - While the Arab uprisings were inspired at least in part by the silence - or perhaps even complicity - of Arab governments in the suffering of the Palestinian people, events of the past several weeks in the Gaza Strip have shown that little has changed.

Is tension building before a 'Gaza Spring'?

Gazans are accustomed to living in dire conditions, especially since the 2006 international blockade on the territory following Hamas' victory in parliamentary elections. Those killed in Gaza have a name, and each has a family that grieves for them. Mourners under the martyr poster of Adel Alessy photo: Barber I have read several accounts over the last few days of how life in Southern Israel has become unbearable for the people living there.

Those killed in Gaza have a name, and each has a family that grieves for them

In retaliation for the latest provocation by Israel over 200 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel. 11 people were injured, one seriously. Most were suffering from “shock”. Two were injured when they tripped on the way to secure areas. Minister of Strategic Affairs Moshe Yaalon on Thursday said, “Anyone threatening us is risking his life. Why I met the man who tried to kill me. On 26 May 2009, I had finished an interview at the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) headquarters in Gaza City and was taking photographs outside for a book I was writing about Palestinian identity.

Why I met the man who tried to kill me

Visitors to the Strip were few and far between then, especially after the kidnap of the BBC journalist Alan Johnston by Palestinian militants in 2007. I'd worked with Alan at the BBC World Service, and after his abduction I put off going to Gaza for as long as I could. Palestine's human insecurity: a Gaza report.

To enter Gaza from Israel you have to cross at Erez where the Israelis have erected a huge new terminal made of glass, steel and Jerusalem stone (it is actually 1.7 km inside Palestinian territory - even at the moment of withdrawal from Gaza in August 2005, the Israelis couldn't resist taking a little bit extra).

Palestine's human insecurity: a Gaza report

To get inside the terminal compound, you show your passport at a barrier, then cross a big empty space and enter the terminal. In a glass booth, a pretty Israeli soldier sits high above you, asks severely what you plan to do, and checks your name in the computer. This is a digest of a report written by Mary Kaldor & Mient Jan Faber for the human-security study group at the Centre for Global Governance, London School of Economics, based on a visit to both parts of the Palestinian territories (Gaza and the West Bank) in 2007 Once through passport control, you follow arrows through several gates that close behind you before the one in front opens. There is nobody to be seen. Avi Shlaim: How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe. The only way to make sense of Israel's senseless war in Gaza is through understanding the historical context.

Avi Shlaim: How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe

Establishing the state of Israel in May 1948 involved a monumental injustice to the Palestinians. British officials bitterly resented American partisanship on behalf of the infant state. On 2 June 1948, Sir John Troutbeck wrote to the foreign secretary, Ernest Bevin, that the Americans were responsible for the creation of a gangster state headed by "an utterly unscrupulous set of leaders". Blair: Gaza's great betrayer. The savage attack Israel ­unleashed against Gaza on 27 December 2008 was both immoral and unjustified.

Blair: Gaza's great betrayer

Fishing in Gaza – No Day at the Beach « Notes from Behind the Blockade. I saw an Israeli naval warship for the first time yesterday, a concrete monster the color of ash, guzzling up the Mediterranean and spurting it out in its wake.

Fishing in Gaza – No Day at the Beach « Notes from Behind the Blockade

I rose early to go out with the Oliva, a small white boat used by Civil Peace Service (CPS) Gaza to monitor the Israeli navy’s conduct vis-à-vis Palestinian fisherman. My colleague Joe and I walked across Gaza’s sandy shore, past a dozen wooden boats painted in bright shades of pink, blue, green and yellow and then jumped onto the Oliva. CPS’s white and blue flag billowed as Captain Salah started the boat’s engine and we pulled out of the harbor.

Burgundy carpets with geometric designs lay across the boat’s floor. Three orange life jackets sat within an arm’s reach. “Oliva to base, we are now leaving the port,” Joe radioed. Because of weather conditions, we didn’t get started until about 8:20 a.m. “So this may sound obvious, but if the Israelis water cannon you, don’t just stand there,” Joe informed me. The Betrayal Of Gaza by Noam Chomsky. Extracted from "Gaza in Crisis: Reflections on Israel's War Against the Palestinians" by Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappé (Hamish Hamilton) That the Israel-Palestine conflict grinds on without resolution might appear to be rather strange.

The Betrayal Of Gaza by Noam Chomsky

For many of the world's conflicts, it is difficult even to conjure up a feasible settlement. In this case, not only is it possible, but there is near-universal agreement on its basic contours: a two-state settlement along the internationally recognized (pre-June 1967) borders – with "minor and mutual modifications", to adopt official US terminology before Washington departed from the international community in the mid-1970s. The Punishment of Gaza: Gideon Levy. Israel finally confirms the obvious – The collective punishment of the Gaza siege is based on politics, not security. Planning the Next Gaza Massacre. Three years ago, the Israel Defense Forces launched a massive attack on the Gaza Strip that reportedly left over 1400 hundred dead, thousands more wounded, and devastation of an unprecedented scale -- with very little damage to the attacking army, and a handful of deaths on the Israeli side.

One cannot say that the world was silent. But one can say that the large noise effected virtually nothing. All major human rights organizations, and the United Nations Human Rights Council, condemned both sides, but singled out the Israeli side because it had committed the greater war crimes. No justice for the victims of Gaza. Gaza City - On Tuesday May 1, our office in Gaza received an official communication from the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) notifying us of the decision to close the investigation into the case of the Samouni family, one of the gravest "incidents" of the so-called operation Cast Lead.

Since then, I have been asking myself how the Israeli Military Advocate General (MAG), a professional military lawyer, can live with himself. How does one look in the mirror knowing that you systematically legitimise the commission of war crimes and you ensure that unlawful practices become part of the IDF's standard operating procedure? How do you write off so much human suffering? I have no answers to these questions. But, in truth, it doesn't matter how he feels. WikiLeaks: Israel aimed to keep Gaza economy on brink of collapse. And there lie the bodies.

Gaza Flotilla

Neocons Freak Out Over U.S. Boat to Gaza. July 18, 2011 | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. My co-passengers and I of the U.S. Boat to Gaza have now gone from “ High-Seas Hippies,” according to the right-wing Washington Times, to participants in a flotilla full of “fools, knaves, hypocrites, bigots, and supporters of terrorism,” says Alan Dershowitz in his usual measured prose. Poor Alan, he seems upset at our audacity not only to hope for humane treatment of the 1.6 million Gazans, who currently live under a cruel blockade, but to force the issue. This time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government did not even have to kill people to add to Israel’s growing “delegitimization” before the civilized world.

In recognition of our modest accomplishments, we U.S. boaters have now made it onto Dershowitz’s “Dishonor Roll!” Anyone know what a knave is? I suppose if I had criticized some of the ugly extremism in Ireland a few decades back, I would be a “self-hating Irishman.” Review: Norwegian doctors' "Eyes in Gaza" Eyes in Gaza is a detailed and harrowing account by the Norwegian doctors Mads Gilbert and Erik Fosse of their experiences in al-Shifa Hospital during Israel’s deadly assault on Gaza in December 2008-January 2009. For a time, they were not just the only western doctors in Gaza, but among the handful of western witnesses to what they repeatedly call Israel’s “massacre” of some 1,400 Palestinian men, women and children.

Hence the book’s title, bearing witness to their status as witnesses. At noon on New Year’s Eve 2008, four days after the start of Israel’s onslaught, Gilbert and Fosse entered Gaza from Egypt. On the morning of 10 January 2010, with Israel’s campaign still having a week to run, they returned to Egypt and were replaced by another Norwegian medical team. These doctors make no claim to neutrality; they are political activists, committed to advocating Palestinian rights and to condemning western complicity with Israel’s crimes. Fosse ponders: “What could she be thinking? Mads Gilbert, eyewitness to 'Cast Lead', says Gaza remains besieged and 'shattered' Two years ago, Dr. Mads Gilbert (right) told me that his experience in Gaza during Israel’s assault in 2009 was the “most horrific experience” of his life, a grim honor previously held by Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon, which Gilbert also witnessed. Drones in the Shower, F-16s on the Street: On Leaving Gaza.

I made the long journey out of Gaza last week. Left-wingers rally for Gaza and Sderot. Index on Censorship » Blog Archive » Gaza: first casualty. By Index on Censorship / 9 January, 2009.

Shooting the Messenger

Le blocus de Gaza remis en question par l'UE. Israel's Mistake: German Minister Denied Entry to Gaza Strip - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International. One thing should be made clear from the start: Over the years, German Development Minister Dirk Niebel has never passed up an opportunity for headline-grabbing populism. As a leading member of the Free Democrats (FDP) -- Chancellor Angela Merkel's junior coalition partners -- he supported his party's untenable calls for tax cuts.

From Gaza, with Love. Life, politics and nonviolent resistance inside the Gaza Strip. John Pilger: From journalistic triumph to torture for a young Palestinian. The catastrophe that never ends - Sandy Tolan. Under the pretext of forcing the release of a single soldier “kidnapped by terrorists” (or, if you prefer, “captured by the resistance”), Israel has done the following: seized members of a democratically elected government; bombed its interior ministry, the prime minister’s offices, and a school; threatened another sovereign state (Syria) with a menacing overflight; dropped leaflets from the air, warning of harm to the civilian population if it does not “follow all orders of the IDF” (Israel Defense Forces); loosed nocturnal “sound bombs” under orders from the Israeli prime minister to “make sure no one sleeps at night in Gaza”; fired missiles into residential areas, killing children; and demolished a power station that was the sole generator of electricity and running water for hundreds of thousands of Gazans.