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Alan Derschowitz

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Dershowitz attacked from right for supporting two-state solution. “The faux liberal apologists are being attacked from the right,” says my friend Ilene Cohen, in passing this along.

Dershowitz attacked from right for supporting two-state solution

A settler site attacks Dershowitz. When will we learn that any land given to them will only be a launching pad for future attacks against us? What will it take for us to understand this? How many will have to die? And still Dershowitz refuses to budge from his two state model.Professor Dershowitz please reconsider. The settlers have eaten the Israeli political structure and are getting ever more aggressive about pushing the Greater Israel brand. Philip Weiss is Founder and Co-Editor of Spinoza and the Heresy Hunter from Harvard. Theater J, which operates out of the DC Jewish Community Center, is currently producing David Ives’ play, New Jerusalem: The Interrogation of Baruch de Spinoza.

Spinoza and the Heresy Hunter from Harvard

This is a reimagining and dramatization of Spinoza’s interrogation for which there are no records. Over four hundred years later, we still don’t know why Spinoza was “excommunicated,” or to be precise, ostracized by the Spanish-Portuguese community of Amsterdam. We do have the writ of excommunication, which speaks of “wrong opinions,” “horrible heresies,” and “monstrous actions.”

Scholars have speculated that some of the more controversial doctrines taught in his Theological-Political Treatise, written years after the event, may have been responsible. They include the denial of the Mosaic origin of the Torah, the naturalistic interpretation of miracles, and the claim that scripture is not a repository of philosophical wisdom. Whenever I teach Spinoza, I call his excommunication a win for both sides. His latest target is M. M. Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz justifies war on Iran (and Iraq?

Alan Dershowitz

Again?) – and Mort Zuckerman rides shotgun– in fresh attacks on BDS conference The usual suspects are trying to tar the BDS movement as anti-Semitic. Posted in Activism, American Jewish Community, BDS, Israel Lobby, Israel/Palestine, US Politics Tagged Alan Dershowitz, Mortimer Zuckerman, New York Daily News, Penn BDS, University of Pennsylvania The case against circumcision Alan Dershowitz’s flippant, dismissive remarks about male genital mutilation (aka circumcision) are infuriating, but an apropos Freudian slip.

Dershowitz is unreliable narrator Former Senator Jim Abourezk gave a speech lauding Helen Thomas a week ago and it was published later on Counterpunch. Young rabbi told Jewish Federations that young Jews are walking away from their community over Israel. The Case for Israel - A New Landmark Documentary with Alan Dershowitz. Ben Smith, Alan Dershowitz’ Continuing ‘Jewish War’ Against M.J. Rosenberg. Would you buy a used idea from this man?

Ben Smith, Alan Dershowitz’ Continuing ‘Jewish War’ Against M.J. Rosenberg

(AP/Sergei Chuzavkov) Flavius Josephus wrote an age-old classic of Jewish history, The War of the Jews (or “Jewish War”), hence my post title. This could get interesting: the last time we left Ben Smith, he was conniving with Josh Block to smear Eli Clifton, Matt Duss, and Ziad Jilani for their forthright coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at Think Progress, the blog of the Center for American Progress. Block also attempted to smear M.J. Rosenberg, who writes for Media Matters, because he called Aipac and the rest of the Israel lobby, “Israel Firsters.” CAP more or less caved to the pressure, apologized and fired Jilani, while Media Matters held firm and wrote off the Block-Smith attack as much ado about nothing. Now, a new and more powerful Friend of the Lobby (FOL) has entered the fray: Alan Dershowitz.

Oh my God, have you ever read such despicable lies before in your life? UPDATE: Thanks to reader Pete for his comment below. Abram L.