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Saving Up for Self Build. "COME HAVE A FLOAT!

Saving Up for Self Build

For years now, I've known about the many, many benefits of floating in an isolation tank. From peace and tranquility to pain and sore muscle relief to deep states of consciousness and reflection. The Deep Self » version 2a. Pratyahara Tanks is the worlds first completely open source tank manufacturer.

The Deep Self » version 2a

Our tank is constructed from 100% off-the-shelf parts. All construction details (tank plans) are publicly available. To build a pratyahara tank is simple. 2 360 gallon containment tanks – one will hold the water, one will serve as the top of your tankA large number of parts listed in my amazon store. I also recommend Doctors Foster and Smith because of their excellent return policies, technical expertise, and low prices on next-day Saturday delivery.7 pieces of plywood2-inch thick styrofoam2 inflexible rods – used to prop up the tank top while adding salt. pvc or hard wood dowels 4 1/2 feet long are good – picture … this is during your build phase. G:\Engineering - Active files\SolidWorks\Ace Tank LIne\Leg Tanks\FS0510-57 - FS0510-57.pdf. G:\Engineering - Active files\SolidWorks\DHI\Tank Lines\Leg Tanks\FS0535-48 - FS0535-48.pdf. Float Tank - USS Amnion.

Building Your Own Isolation Tank.