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What You Don’t Know About TripAdvisor — Choking on a Macaron. What You Don’t Know About TripAdvisor How the World’s Largest Travel Monopoly Ultimately Hurts Travelers & Small Businesses It’s no secret that most travelers will eventually end up on TripAdvisor when planning their vacation.

What You Don’t Know About TripAdvisor — Choking on a Macaron

It has become the Google of the travel world, where people go for honest, unbiased reviews of hotels, restaurants, sights and activities by fellow travelers. Except the information on TripAdvisor is anything but honest and unbiased, and it’s only getting worse. If you’ve only seen the good side of TripAdvisor, be prepared to swallow the red pill. What Every Travelers Needs to Know about TripAdvisor 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. The Summary: A complete lack of transparency, follow the money. So to put it all of these points into context, TripAdvisor started in 2000 and built a huge following as a “trusted source of travel information”. Part 1: Why TripAdvisor is an Unreliable Source of Information TripAdvisor from a Travel Writer’s Perspective No Filter for Ignorance. FAQ: Everything you need to know about Apple, encryption, and the FBI. There's a lot of information going around the internet about Apple, encryption, and what the FBI wants.

FAQ: Everything you need to know about Apple, encryption, and the FBI

Here's everything you need to know. Apple's privacy, security and encryption policies are getting quite a bit of air time and column space this week after company CEO Tim Cook's open letter on privacy. If you're not sure what's going on, why Apple's refusing the FBI, or what's at stake, we've got you covered: Read on, and we'll tell you everything you need to know about the situation.

So Tim Cook wrote a letter about privacy? He did. Why did he do this? Over the past year, some officials inside U.S. law enforcement have been advocating for a "back door" into the encryption systems that Apple (and other tech companies) use to secure your data. Unfortunately, once an exploit exists — even if it's supposed to exist solely for the use of law enforcement — it's almost impossible to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. Can Apple even do this? Why is the FBI coming to Apple? Cet étui pour smartphone vous permet d'imprimer une photo instantanément. Vous rappelez-vous des appareils photo instantanés, que l’on appelait aussi les Polaroid?

Cet étui pour smartphone vous permet d'imprimer une photo instantanément

Ils nous permettaient de manipuler de façon instantanée une photo après l’avoir prise, ce que les téléphones intelligents ne permettent plus de faire aujourd’hui. Mais voilà que cela pourrait redevenir possible grâce à Prynt, une petite société basée en France, qui pourrait bientôt mettre sur le marché un petit boîtier novateur. Il s’agit d’un appareil qui fonctionne en fait comme une imprimante.

Une fois branché au téléphone, l’utilisateur peut directement imprimer ses photos. La photo s'imprime en 50 secondes Le prototype permet pour le moment d’imprimer une photo en 50 secondes. Le petit boîtier peut s’insérer sur les téléphones qui ont une taille d’environ 4 pouces. Apple reportedly willing to pay internet providers to secure smooth content delivery. Apple Spam Email Patent. Sync Beta- Mobile Apps.

What You Need to Know About Photo Stream. If you have a new enough iPhone or iPad, you can now edit photos on the device.

What You Need to Know About Photo Stream

Photo Charlie Sorrel iOS 5 is here, and with it iCloud. ICloud is the biggest step yet towards cutting the cord with desktop computers, and it arguably does away with the old-fashioned idea of files and folders. One of the best parts of iCloud is Photo Stream which, in combination with the new Photos app, lets you forget about the computer completely.

Almost. Camera First, and most noticeable, are the new Camera and Photos apps. You can also call up a grid overlay, lock the exposure and autofocus before recomposing (iPhone 4 and 4S-only), and pinch to zoom as you are shooting. Once you are viewing you photos, you can now edit them. The edits seem to be non-destructive: You save your image, but if you choose to edit it again later you can still revert to the original. From here you can also share images (email, Twitter, Messages), assign to a contact, print, copy or choose to use as wallpaper. Photos Photo Stream. SNAPT. KeepVid: Download and save any video from Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, iFilm and more!