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iPads in Education

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Tons of information on ways to incorporate technology into the classroom-- particularly iPads.

Apps teachers use to tame the classroom and teach their students. It's the start of a new school year, which means you've probably got a stack of new books on your desk, a drawer full of new pencils and an iPad that desperately needs some new apps.

Apps teachers use to tame the classroom and teach their students

TUAW is here to help you build a new app list, and we did so with the help of some friends. We consulted with students, teachers and some of the top tech and educational bloggers to generate this list. In this article, we highlight the teachers who lead the classroom. Here are the apps that they use: Kelly Tenkely of Anastasis Academy in Centennial, CO. What makes Anastasis unique is our approach to learning. I chose the iPad as our common learning device because it is so incredibly intuitive. Meraki This is Cisco's free device management platform. Evernote We use Evernote as a complete ePortfolio solution. 12 Advanced iPad Tips All Educators Should Learn.

As the number of apps you have installed on your iPad grows, it will become more difficult to quickly find a desired app when you or your students need it.

12 Advanced iPad Tips All Educators Should Learn

Fortunately, the built-in Spotlight search feature can help. To use Spotlight, click the Home button (or swipe to the right) while you are on your home screen. As you enter the name of an app in the search field at the top of the screen, a list of suggestions will appear below. Tap the name of the desired app once yo. iPad As.... 60 Educational iPad Apps for Teachers. iPads in Education - Apple's Configurator Overview.

A week ago I spent 5 hours at one of our local schools playing with Apple's new tool for managing iPads - Apple Configurator.

iPads in Education - Apple's Configurator Overview

I have to say that it was time well spent - I can see this being a viable tool for school districts struggling with managing large numbers of iOS devices. Some of the pros & cons (as some people might see them) to using this: Some tidbits I'll share that hopefully will save others headache I experienced: An iOS device can only be displayed in one of the Apple programs at a time; if it isn't displaying here, make sure you have iTunes & the iPhone Configuration Tool shut down.To use the Supervise mode, you have to setup up AND mark your "template" device as supervised from the beginning.

Teaching like it's 2999.

iPads for Engagement

Using Technology to Reach Unreachable Students. What’s hot for innovative educators around the globe. When it comes to education, it seems no matter where in the world you are from, the same innovative practices bring us together.

What’s hot for innovative educators around the globe

This week at Microsoft’s Partners in Learning Global Forum hundreds of educators from more than 80 countries came together to showcase, learn, discuss and think about innovative teaching, learning, and leading practices. Take a look below to see what was hot around the globe and think about how you might tackle one or some of these where you work in the New Year. When you find a topic of interest, click the link to read, watch, discuss and learn more. Personalized LearningHow can we help ensure student voice and choice are top priorities; education is responsive to students’ needs, interests and aspirations; and that they’re given the skills and experiences vital to success in the 21st Century? San Diego News, Local, California and National News.

21st Century Pedagogy

Apps in Education. Writers Workshop. Teaching writers workshop is a beautiful and amazing thing because it allows our own creativity to flow out on to paper for our student’s to see.

Writers Workshop

Watch me model a lesson. :) I used to be scared to death of teaching writing. So, I didn’t really teach it. Education. iPads in the Classroom. iPad Academy - Learn How to Use the iPad. 14 Must-Know iPad Tips & Tricks. Whether you’re new to the iPad or a longtime user, here are some great tips to help you get the most out of the device.

14 Must-Know iPad Tips & Tricks

A few of these are intended for using on the new iPad, but most of them will be relevant to all iPad models of all ages. Switch the Mute Button to Orientation Lock Tap on Settings > General > Use Side Switch to: Lock Orientation. The side switch defaults to mute, but with volume buttons right underneath it this makes no sense, and there’s nothing more annoying than an iPad screen that’s constantly rotating if you’re reading in bed. Double-Tap Home Button to Access Brightness The iPad screen is extraordinarily bright, this is wonderful for daytime use but give your eyes some rest in dimmer environments and at night time by manually adjusting the brightness, just double-tap the Home button and swipe right until you see the brightness indicator, and adjust manually as the lighting fits.

Use the Split Keyboard Use Speech Dictation Remember the Multitasking Gestures. 50 really useful iPad 2 tips and tricks. Video. In this video, you will learn how to add and edit text objects in a SMART amp workspace. Viewers will also learn how to format text, using the workspace text editor, and clone formatted text to save time when creating workspace content. In this video, you will learn how to insert a SMART Notebook file into a SMART amp workspace. This feature allows teachers to easily share lessons with students, without having to consider the type of device or software students are using.

The Screen Capture Toolbar is one of the most useful SMART Notebook Tools and brings content directly into your SMART Notebook page. Learn how to use the Screen Capture Toolbar on your PC and navigate its main options. Teaching Appz – a guide to great educational apps for teachers. Teaching Appz is a great new website to help teachers to find apps for iPads, iPods and other mobile devices (including Android, Playbook and web) that can be used in the classroom.

All apps are organised into subject areas, making them easy for teachers to browse through and each app has background information, as well as ideas for using them with children. The site is the brainchild of Mark Warner, creator of other great sites such as Teaching Videos, Teaching Ideas and many more. If you haven’t seen his sites before, I highly recommend them – you can see all his sites here. Apps in Education.

7 Apps That Will Help You Use Your iPad For Writing Projects. While each of us has our own particular needs, I’m sure one or more of these apps will serve your needs.

7 Apps That Will Help You Use Your iPad For Writing Projects

So get ready to set up a folder on your tablet and download a useful collection of resources. Evernote At the top of the list, the popular Evernote app (iTunes Store Link) and web syncing service is an essential tool for writing on the iPad. iPads in Education - Exploring the use of iPads and mobile devices in education. iPod Touch & iPad Resources.

10 Useful iPad Resources for Educators. Home » Education I thought I would share with you some our most popular iPad resources for educators, all of which I learned about inside the Teacher Learning Community!

10 Useful iPad Resources for Educators

Effective Mobile Learning: 50+ Quick Tips and Resources "In this e-book find several tips, resources, and links for integrating mobile devices into the curriculum. " 8 Free Resources on The Use of iPad in Education. I know that most of you have got a tablet device of some sort but if it happens that you have an iPad then this post will relate to you more.

8 Free Resources on The Use of iPad in Education

Below is a set of resources dedicated exclusively to the educational uses of the iPad. Emerging Ed Tech has done a great job in providing this list. Check them out. Free Apps for Educators. Ipads in class. Blooms and iPad Applications. I just got tweeted a nice diagram showing iPad applications against different levels of Bloom’s revised taxonomy.

Blooms and iPad Applications

Its a good and well considered diagram and I like it. Some applications there that I haven’t seen yet and I will have to look up. The only thing I would say is that the applications are just the medium in which the student demonstrates the level. They facilitate the cognitive action. – This is NOT a criticism, rather a statement from me and one I know that Kathy Schrock has definitely taken into account. I know a number of people who have questioned whether tools like animoto should be included because it can be so easy, but the reality is yes you can “throw” music and images at Animoto and get a good product.

Tools like Pages and Touch Draw can be used across the taxonomic levels depending on the task and purpose. iPads in the Classroom. iPad As.... iPad Curriculum. Education - iPad makes the perfect learning companion. 58 Interesting Ways* to use an iPad in the Classroom.ppt. Online Bomb Countdown. Elementary School iPad Apps. Lisa Johnson.

Technology. 100 iPad Apps Perfect For Middle School. Education Technology and Teacher Tools – Edudemic. iPaddiction. iPads in Education - Apple's Configurator Overview. The Must-Have App Review Rubric. Added by Jeff Dunn on 2011-11-22 So you just downloaded a few educational apps that you think might be useful in your classroom. How do you accurately compare and contrast them? Thanks to a new app review rubric from by eMobilize , it’s easier than ever to understand just how useful an app may be in the classroom. On a related note, the Edudemic Directory features many educational apps and lets you quickly compare them to see how they stack up.

Give it a try today! I’ve rewritten the original rubric from eMobilize and tailored it to fit all school districts. Download The Rubric Here (PDF)