iPad what's change and doesn't change?

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Open Thread: What Features Should iPad's Competitors Have? Last week, we asked if you thought the iPad was a flop, and many of you told us exactly why.

Open Thread: What Features Should iPad's Competitors Have?

In that comments thread, you joined us in collective head-scratching and fist-shaking over the price point and the lack of certain key features. It's clear that many of us won't be flocking to the nearest Apple store to pick up one of these gadgets. Open Thread: Is the iPad a Flop? So far, the reaction to Apple's iPad has been very mixed.

Open Thread: Is the iPad a Flop?

For some, the absence of a camera is a deal breaker, while others bemoan that Apple still doesn't allow multitasking on its iPhone OS and that Safari still doesn't support Flash. Others, however, are excited about the iPad's potential as an e-book reader and gaming device. Here at ReadWriteWeb, opinions are still mixed as well. iPad : du bon et du très mauvais. Developers, not Apple, will make or break the iPad. The iPad’s fate isn’t in the hands of Apple.

Developers, not Apple, will make or break the iPad

Jobs & Co. has done their part and made the device. The iPad’s success lies solely in the hands of developers. Because unlike the iPhone or iPod touch, the iPad doesn’t really have a core function. The iPhone is nothing more than a glorified telephone and the iPod touch is just another PMP. But what’s the iPad? I Don't Like The iPad Because... …it’s driven by the same old media love affair with distribution lock in.

I Don't Like The iPad Because...

I’ve been on about this ever since I studied Google in 2001: Media traditionally has gained its profits by owning distribution. Cable carriage, network airwaves, newsstand distribution and printing presses: all very expensive, so once you employ enough capital to gain them, it’s damn hard to get knocked out. The web changed all that and promised that economics in the media business would be driven by content and intent: the best content will win, driven by the declared intent of consumers who find it and share it. Search+Social was the biggest wave to hit media since the printing press.

À propos de l'iPad. Article : iPad : Tristan Nitot s'explique en détails. iPad: ce qu’en pense la soucoupe » Article » owni.fr, digital jo. Get real, geeks – The iPad is the Apple for Mum, not you. This is a guest post by Daniel Tenner, CTO and co-founder of Woobius, a web-based document sharing tool for architects, engineers and designers.

Get real, geeks – The iPad is the Apple for Mum, not you

Woobius is his second start-up. Daniel spent four years consulting at Accenture with large investment banks. Pourquoi l'iPad n'est pas un objet geek (et pourquoi c'est tant. Nouvelle stratégie d’Apple: ne pas s’adresser aux early adopters ? » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism. Pourquoi je n'achèterai pas un iPad. Is This Really The Future of Magazines or Why Didn’t They Just U. I just downloaded the Wired iPad application, and like most iPad applications (and most magazines for that matter), I found myself bored with it within the first 20 minutes.

Is This Really The Future of Magazines or Why Didn’t They Just U

I’m sure the content is engaging, I’m sure the articles are worth reading – but I am stumped as to why I would chose this over the physical magazine itself, or their website for that matter. In fact, for reasons I’ll get into below, I’m starting to believe that the physical magazine’s “interface” is vastly superior to it’s iPad cousin. However, what strikes me most about the Wired app is how amazingly similar it is to a multimedia CD-ROM from the 1990′s. The iPad needs its HyperCard. (Note: With the iPad scheduled to arrive this week, we reached out to a number of folks across a variety of industries to get their take on the device and the changes it may usher in.

The iPad needs its HyperCard

We’ll be featuring these pieces over the next few weeks. — Mac) Dale Dougherty, editor and publisher of MAKE: When I think about opportunities around the iPad, I recall the CD-ROM market of the late 1980s. J'ai déjà un iPad ! At Last, the Open-Source iPhone-Killer. Here at last is proof that open-source design can indeed kill the iPhone.

At Last, the Open-Source iPhone-Killer

The iPhonekiller is a mallet designed to smash the iPhone up good. Made from an inch-thick slab of stainless-steel, the head weighs in at a screen-crushing 3.5-pounds and the handle is made of beautifully carved wood. iPad Usability: First Findings From User Testing (Jakob Nielsen' Designing for iPad: Reality Check. By Oliver Reichenstein Over the last two months we have been working on several iPad projects: two news applications, a social network, and a word processor.

Designing for iPad: Reality Check

We worked on iPad projects without ever having touched an iPad. One client asked us to “start working on that tablet thing” even before we knew whether the iPad was real. The question Are we designing desktop programs, web sites, or something entirely new? WIRED on iPad: Just like a Paper Tiger… By Oliver Reichenstein First, the paper magazine was crammed into the little iPad frame.

WIRED on iPad: Just like a Paper Tiger…

In the form of a PNG slide show. To compensate for the lack of interactive logic, this pretty package was provided with a fruity navigation. What the iPad is Missing (No, it’s not a Camera) I’m not an iPad naysayer. I forked over $700 on the first day of pre-ordering and my iPad hasn’t left my side, day or night, since it arrived on Monday. I’m with those who see the device and its new approach to computing as an exciting step forward, especially for media delivery.

The possibilities for reviving the magazine and newspaper industries are exciting and real. A Popular Misconception. Though I opted for a 3G-enabled iPad that won’t be delivered until later in the month, I was able to get my hands on a Wi-Fi-only model today, one of two devices that we bought at the office. In my limited use so far it feels terrific, though until I’m actually in possession of an iPad I can call my very own, it’ll be still too early to decide how much I like or dislike it. Without really being able to customize a machine like this for my needs — installing my preferred apps and loading my personal data onto it — it feels a little bit like a model home; attractive enough, but not really cozy just yet. In playing with iPad-optimized apps, I’m watching with particular interest to see how content publishers are approaching the platform. "Les utilisateurs d'iPad ont des réflexes d'internautes, pas de.

Beautiful UI styling with CSS3 text-shadow, box-shadow, and bord. By Henrik Helmers Introduction Previous articles have covered the basics of CSS3 transitions and 2D transforms and CSS3 borders, backgrounds and box-shadows; refer to those articles if you need to read up on the basics of using these properties. This article takes things further, showing how to use these properties to create beautiful UI elements without the use of any images, JavaScript or Flash.