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iPads Used For Play, Not Work: Citigroup Survey - Peter Kafka - Media. So, yes.

iPads Used For Play, Not Work: Citigroup Survey - Peter Kafka - Media

You could, theoretically, use your iPad to replace the PC you used to use for work. But you’re probably not: You’re probably using it as a recreational device, to surf the Web and entertain yourself. So says a new Citigroup survey of 1,800 consumers in the U.S., the U.K. and China. The research offers lots of interesting data points about tablet adoption in general (summary: Still an iPad market, not a tablet market) and we might come back to some of those later on. For now, a few things that will interest people who pay attention to the media business. For instance: All tablet users use apps (of course), but iPad owners are much more likely to pay. But all tablet owners are still most interested in free stuff: People who plan on buying a tablet are most likely to do so because they think it’s a cool toy.

And people who have bought a tablet don’t end up doing much work on it, unless Web surfing and email count as work (which, admittedly, could be the case): A Look at iPad Users: Apple Still Trouncing Android - Digits. Connected Devices: How We Use Tablets in the U.S. App Tracking & Analytics Made Easy. iPad 3 could make Apple the world's top PC vendor next year. Apple is likely to outshine Hewlett-Packard as the world's top PC maker before the second half of next year, says research firm Canalys, but it'll need some help from the iPad 3.

iPad 3 could make Apple the world's top PC vendor next year

Currently the world's second-leading PC vendor, Apple has seen its share of the market jump to 15 percent from 9 percent over just the past year. That growth is largely due to heavy demand for the iPad, which Canalys considers a personal computer. But fourth-quarter iPad shipments in the U.S. may take a hit from Amazon's Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble's Nook tablets, which are launching at consumer-friendly prices. As a result, Canalys believes that HP and Apple will duke it out for the top spot this quarter but that Apple will ultimately grab the lead after the iPad 3 debuts next year. Rival tablet makers are still fighting to compete with Apple, with many starting to get the hint by selling devices at cheaper prices. Apple cult mocked by Samsung in Galaxy S II ad.

"I could never get a Samsung," says a self-consciously cool-looking, whiny dude, seated on the sidewalk.

Apple cult mocked by Samsung in Galaxy S II ad

"I'm creative. " "You're a barista," says the man standing next to him in line. This is perhaps the most touching line in what is a very creditable attempt at mocking the Church of Science-ology that is Apple. The mockery is part of a new ad for the Samsung Galaxy S II, which is a phone of which many might not have heard. The people standing in line in various cities--outside places that look remarkably like Apple stores--are Apple's dedicated followers. This is, thankfully, not similar to the desperate, painful Super Bowl ad created by Motorola for its highly successful Xoom tablet.

In that ad, Motorola's ad agency decided to portray Apple as Big Brother--and the Xoom as the second coming of Flower Power. Here, there is a semblance of humor, ergo truth. Sadly, though, the good is tempered a little with the tagline "The Next Big Thing Is Here. "