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Rover - The FREE education browser for your iPad! Rover - The FREE education browser for your iPad! With the free version of Rover, educational website access is limited to those websites which have partnered with us. The paid version of Rover covers the educational websites as above, and offers access to educational websites not available with the free version. This Rover Safe Browser is a one-time payment ($4.99 USD), and includes the same content filtering Rover has employed for the past year to keep school accreditation for classrooms using 1:1 iPad programs. It might be an iTunes App Store related issue regarding the inability to make the purchase. There will be times that their services become temporarily unavailable, and all you need to do is to try again later. You might also check your in-app purchase settings on the device to be sure you are enabled to make purchases.
How to import video to iPad without using iTunesTransfer video from iPhone to iPad using Airdrop or DropboxEdit movies on iPad using iMovie and share using Movie Theatre The iPad makes it easy to edit home movies. Thanks to Apple’s iMovie software and custom video formats it’s easy to create stunning home movies using an iPad. Apple’s big christmas campaign this year is a touching advert titled “Misunderstood”. It shows a teenage boy who at first you think is ignoring his family at Christmas, staring intently at an iPhone, only to discover that he’s actually using the iPhone to record and edit a home movie. How to import & edit video on an iPad How to import & edit video on an iPad
10 Tips For A Smarter iPad-Based Classroom by Heather Wolpert-Gawron, author of Writing Behind Every Door: Teaching Common Core Writing in the Subject Areas When I first raised my hand to pilot my middle school’s first 1:1 classroom, I knew it was going to be bumpy. After all, I am a practitioner of content, not a tech guru. But the way I see it, I work to not only help guide students to unveil the subject matter (consume), I also work to be up on the most current ways to communicate that content (create). 10 Tips For A Smarter iPad-Based Classroom 10 Tips For A Smarter iPad-Based Classroom
Five Good Options for Creating Mind Maps on Your iPad Five Good Options for Creating Mind Maps on Your iPad I’m a big fan of mind mapping as a method for organizing thoughts, connecting concepts, and visualizing the big picture of concept. In fact, I think that the mind mapping process is so valuable that I created an entire workshop about it. I’ve tried a lot of mind mapping tools over the years. Here are five like I have installed on my iPad right now. Idea Sketch is a simple app for creating mind maps on your iPad.
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The 55 Best Free Education Apps For iPad Finding apps isn’t difficult. Finding education apps is only a bit more challenging. Finding free education apps is also possible. Finding free education apps worth downloading is a different story entirely. The following is our list for the 55 best apps for learning we can find. Some are formal learning–math drilling and phonics, for example–while others are RSS readers, social media platforms, and the like.

The 55 Best Free Education Apps For iPad

iPad Apps / 6 Useful Apps to Create Short Movie
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6 iPad Apps That Help You Create Interactive Study Guides

6 iPad Apps That Help You Create Interactive Study Guides

With the end of the semester drawing near, so are the plans of preparing students for final exams and standardized tests. Check out these six iPad apps to create fun, engaging, interactive study guides for your students. 1. ScreenChomp - Create a list of equations for students to solve.
TinyTap, Moments Into Games - Create free educational games & books for kids for iPad on the iTunes App Store TinyTap, Moments Into Games - Create free educational games & books for kids for iPad on the iTunes App Store Description On TinyTap you can easily create your own educational games and play thousands of games created by teachers, authors and kids worldwide. To create your own personalized games, all you need to do is add photos or images, record questions, trace the answers and you’re ready to play! ***TinyTap has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards®***
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Apps in Education

Poetry is one of the arts that many students struggle with. I always found that providing a initial successful learning experience was the best way to instil both confidence and foster engagement with my students. Here are a bunch of apps that would allow a student to get their teeth into writing some poetry and for those that struggle an opportunity to see just what they are capable of. Word Mover: FREE Word Mover mobile is used to supplement classroom instruction, reinforce concepts taught in class, and offer increased student engagement. Word Mover allows children and teens to create "found poetry" by choosing from word banks and existing famous works; create a piece of poetry by manipulating the text. Apps in Education
A List of Great Google Apps for your iPad So you are looking fog Google best apps for iOS ? Well you landed in the right place. I have just finished compiling and reviewing a bunch of Google apps that you can use on your iPad. All of these apps work perfectly well and can have some educational value as well. A List of Great Google Apps for your iPad
Added by Jeff Dunn on 2012-02-02 If you’re a special education teacher or are simply looking for an innovative way to reach a student… this is for you. Many apps out there are useful in the classroom but they’re not always easy to find in the clogged-up app store.

The 200 Best Special Education Apps


Description Welcome to the new Audioboo - the app that helps you share your voice with the world. • Record up to 3 minutes for free • Post your clips easily to the web, Twitter, Facebook and more • Send audio DMs to friends • Listen to great content from the BBC, Fox, The Guardian, Universal Music, Premier League, Channel 4, KiddNation, and hundreds more partners from around the world • Download and store your favourite clips and playlists to play offline WANT MORE?

Skitch for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Description See something that sparks an idea? Use Skitch to snap it, mark it up with simple tools, and send it on in an instant. Your bold ideas stand out even brighter with Skitch. Must-Have Apps for Teachers.pdf
If you have an app you use in your classroom, please add it to comments at the bottom. I’ll update as soon as possible. If you’re the developer of a great educational app, please contact me. Great Apps
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