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Visual version control for designers. Designing for the Retina display. iOS Photoshop Actions & Workflows. Codrops. A proof-of-concept effect recreation of the animation seen in a prototype app by Marcus Eckert.


The idea is to flip a grid item in 3D, expand it to fullscreen and reveal some associated content. We've created two demos with a vertical and a horizontal rotation. read more Some inspiration and ideas for item transitions considering different scenarios and use cases, including a small component, a full-width image header and a product image with a transparent background. State transitions are done using CSS Animations. read more A tutorial on how to recreate the slideshow seen on the FWA landing page with 3D effects involving random animations. read more A set of simple stack effects for inspiration. The website of Carl Philipe Brenner has some very creative and subtle animations and today we want to explore how to recreate a border animation effect using CSS transitions on SVG lines. read more. Design showcase of the best looking iPhone/iPad app icons, app interfaces, app websites & resources.

iPhone 4 GUI PSD (Retina Display) Thanks for you patience on this one.

iPhone 4 GUI PSD (Retina Display)

It took a good deal longer to complete given the sheer size and level of detail the retina display has. It wasn’t a simple scale-up from the last file. It was clear as we created it that Apple has spent a lot of time considering how each element should be translated to such a dense resolution. What were single pixel elements are now two or three pixels thick and effects are exaggerated to become visible. For anyone designing for the retina display (640 x 960) it really is quite a different experience. The file is huge, both in file size (62.7MB) and dimension (4074 x 2986). Pay whatcha’ like. App Icon Template. How To Design A Gorgeous Big UI Button In Photoshop.

In this tutorial we’re going to be creating a gorgeous and modern user interface button suitable for the web or a mobile interface design.

How To Design A Gorgeous Big UI Button In Photoshop

We’ll be using a handful of Photoshop techniques that are bound to come in handy for more than just creating buttons; in fact, the techniques we’ll be using are often used in most UI elements. Step 1 Create a new Photoshop document (I’ve used a 1000×1000 pixel RGB 72dpi document for this tutorial – keep in mind this will need to be a high resolution if you’re designing for a mobile device with a high resolution display such as an iPhone 4). Fill your background layer with a color of your choice, I used this lovely mid-blue color. To add a nice little bit of texture to our background I’m using a lovely vintage-style photograph of a cloud. With the textures layer selected, go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate to turn your image black and white. Lower the opacity of your layer to somewhere in between 5-25%.

Step 2 Step 3 Now click on the Inner Shadow tab. 50 tips for designing brilliant iOS apps. 1 A touchscreen interface might be flexible and intuitive, but it’s not perfect.

50 tips for designing brilliant iOS apps

Consider what people are doing while they’re using your app, and how they’re holding the device. Remember that fingers cover a much greater area than you might expect, and are far from accurate at selecting items. 2 Take a device-centric approach to design: don’t just think about the size of the screen, but also where and when it will be used. The peak hours of iPad usage for entertainment purposes might be 8-11pm, before bed, whereas an iPhone might be used standing in the bus queue or in a coffee shop.

Designing Icons - 35 tutorials. Every person who is using internet must watch the icons, because icons are the part and parcel of every site and we can say that icons also make some extra attraction in your site.

Designing Icons - 35 tutorials

Icons not only play an important role for a website but also in many fields of the graphics designing. If you are also a designer then today I am going to provide you something interesting and valuable, so now for your icon designing isn’t a big deal you can easily improve your designing skills, below you can see the 35 creative and useful tutorials for all the people who want to have icon designing skills at their finger tips. USB Hard Drive Device Icon – Photoshop Tutorial USB Hard Drive Device Design. Weirdsgn. iOS Fonts. 45 iPad iOS Interface Showcase - Inspiration. Apple released the new ipad few weeks ago and within a week, it reached 3 million sales!

45 iPad iOS Interface Showcase - Inspiration

That’s a staggering amount of iPad being sold. With such a huge consumer based, it’s no brainer to say that the iOS apps demand will certainly increase dramatically. However, there are already over 500,000 apps (and still counting) in Apple appstore, your newly built app can be buried in it! If you have brilliant ideas, you will need an awesome user interface! People will talk about it, other would showcase it, and your app will gain popularity!

Attractive interface gives your potential customer a good impression and you will able to stay competitive among the rest of the apps. About Kevin Kevin Liew is a web designer and developer and keen on contributing to the web development industry. Inspiring iPad Apps’ User Interface iOS6 vs iOS7, The Visual Differences Gorgeous iPhone App UI UX Inspirations.