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I am not quite sure how use HD images for sprites in cocos2d. I looked through the documentation, and downloaded the newest beta which supports points instead of pixels, but I don't understand the whole -hd suffix idea. In other word I need help and have no idea how to use retina quality graphics in my cocos2d game. I feel that it is very simple, but I cannot find anything on doing this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ok so maybe this is asking too much but, it would be very helpful if someone could give me the code a tell me where to put it. retina display retina display
cocos2d extensions cocos2d extensions Cocos2d Extensions This repo is a collection of quality 3rd party extensions and additions for the Cocos2D-iPhone Engine. Everything that doesn’t modify Cocos2D itself, while bringing new functionality can become a part of Cocos2D-iPhone-Extensions Repo: alternative versions of existing classes, additional categories, new nodes, actions, etc…
Zooming, is fairly simple, simply set the scale property of your main game layer... but there are a few catches. When you scale the layer, it will shift the position of the layer. It won't automatically zoom towards the center of what you're currently looking at. Zoom effect Zoom effect
Box2D Tutorial: Collision filtering | Aurelien Ribon's Dev Blog Hello, Today I want to make a tutorial about collision filtering in the Box2D engine, because it is something that is not that easy to master, and yet it is a very powerful and useful feature. Note: examples and source code are related to the LibGDX (Android) implementation of the Box2D API, but the concepts are the same for any other implementation, only the syntax may differ. There are two ways to deal with collision filtering: by using categories and masks, or by using groups. These parameters can be found in the Filter component of a Fixture. Filtering collisions with any of these attributes will assure you that collision checks between two bodies that should not collide with each other will not be evaluated at all, resulting in a gain of speed. Box2D Tutorial: Collision filtering | Aurelien Ribon's Dev Blog
Capture OpenGL ES View as an Image Capture OpenGL ES View as an Image - (UIImage*)snapshot:(UIView*)eaglview // Get the size of the backing CAEAGLLayer GLint backingWidth, backingHeight;
How to use CCProgressTimer in Cocos2D to show progress? | Coderz Heaven

cocos2d for iPhone

BADLAND launched April 4th, 2013 on App Store for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch. Since then it has sold more than 100 000 copies. Try it out (iTunes link) or check out the launch trailer below so you get a better picture of what kind of game I am going to talk about. BADLAND was our two-man indie company’s, called Frogmind, first iOS game and it uses the latest development version of cocos2d-iphone 2.1 along with lots of other open source libraries. Why cocos2d? First of all we wanted to develop the game with the minimal possible team as possible. cocos2d for iPhone