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Combat Climate Change: Save - the - Rain
Weather Hopper - The ultimate source for worlds historical weather Weather Hopper - The ultimate source for worlds historical weather Who should use it? Are you looking for a nice place for vacations in February? Do you wonder what the weather migth be in French Alps during April?
In the simplest sense of the word, a map is a spatial representation of something. It provides us with a sense of context, scale and location. Maps began as 2D depictions, but technology and data enable maps to become dynamic, real-time and compelling visualizations of how we live and move. Below, we've rounded up 21 awesome maps from around the web. Some will help you navigate your city, some show the actual mapmaking process and some are just mindblowing visualizations of people flowing throughout cities. No matter what kind of map it is though, it hammers home the exciting pulse and pace of urban life.

Get Lost in These 19 Fascinating Maps

Get Lost in These 19 Fascinating Maps
iReport Map CNN
Mapping the typographic landscape of London — LondonTypographica
Maps pour mobile
Indoor maps are currently available in selected locations. Check back as more locations are added, or upload a floor plan. Over 10,000 floor plans available from the following countries: Indoor Maps availability - Google Maps for Mobile Help Indoor Maps availability - Google Maps for Mobile Help
Welcome to the First Peoples' Language Map of B.C.
Google Maps
Souhaitez-vous tracer les contours de l'immeuble ?Souhaitez-vous tracer les limites du site ?Souhaitez-vous délimiter le contour du bâtiment ou tracer la limite du site ? Place Closed Place Removed Impossible de modifier cette adresse, en raison d'une modification effectuée par un autre utilisateur en attente.

Map Maker

Map Maker
In Short Learn about Google Map Maker’s basic functionality by creating a map yourself. Introduction Google provides a set of tools with which you can create your own maps: Google Maps and Google Map Maker. Google Map Maker is an online tool for collaborative mapping. Map Maker Basics - Map Makerpedia Map Maker Basics - Map Makerpedia
Google Maps Colorizr
Night Earth - See the Earth at Night from Space! Night Earth - See the Earth at Night from Space! Map Data Hide Markers Show Panoramio 2007 Jose Manuel Gómez - Imagery © 2000 NASA's Visible Earth - In this night Earth map the locations of permanent lights can be seen on the Earth's surface, along the daylight images provided by Google Maps.
The Boston Globe has published an interesting photo that uses the Leaflet mapping platform to provide an interactive graphic of survivors of the bombing of the Boston Marathon. One year after the tragic bomb explosion at the Boston Marathon, The Boston Globe invited survivors, police, firefighters, EMTs, doctors, nurses and runners back to the finish line on Boylston Street to pose for a group photo. The resulting One Year, One City photo is a powerful testimony to the resilience of the people of Boston. By using the Leaflet mapping platform the Boston Globe has created an interactive photo which you can pan around and in which you can zoom in on individuals in the picture. You can even click on the people in the photo to learn a little more about their experience during last year's tragic events. has also used the Leaflet platform to create a story map of the Boston Marathon. Google Maps Mania

Google Maps Mania

Let's describe the whole world!

Google Sightseeing — Discover the world via Google Maps and Google Earth

Google Sightseeing — Discover the world via Google Maps and Google Earth Floating Bridges Thursday, 3rd April 2014 by Ian Brown Floating bridges, while often temporary structures used in times of war or disaster, can also be used long-term in locations where water conditions are very sheltered. The road surface is supported by pontoons, which – while they do float – are usually anchored to the sea, lake or river-bed to ensure they stay in place. The longest floating bridge in the world is the Governor Albert D. Rosellini Bridge—Evergreen Point which stretches 2.3 km (1.4 miles) as part of a longer bridge across Lake Washington between Seattle and Medina.
Tweeted Trips Tweeted Trips The easy way to show your tweets on a map - create your map in less than a minute. Share your route on road trips, cycle tours, vacations, travel blogging and more. Share your progress by simply tweeting - your map will automatically update. Share your map with friends and followers; even embed the map in your own blog or website. Share your photos as we are currently compatible with Yfrog, Twitpic, Instagram and more. Learn more...
Street View ? Google Maps
Floating Shiny Knot - Street View Panorama Reflection Mapping Click and drag the panorama viewer. Mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Use search box to find addresses, or click on the map to select a new location. Each location has a unique URL which you can share. Floating Shiny Knot - Street View Panorama Reflection Mapping
Below are brief descriptions of the online digital map collections searchable and accessible through the OldMapsOnline portal. Nearly all the institutions providing online map collections have a much larger paper map collection available at their respective institutions, but the OldMapsOnline portal will only search and provide direct linkage to the online maps. During the JISC funded project we added collections from around the world. This funding has now finished but we plan to continue making content updates periodically. Read more here to find out how to add your collection: Collections - Old Maps Online: Project
Launch Google MapsLaunch Maps in LUNA Browser The over 120 historical maps in the Google Maps have been selected by David Rumsey from his collection of more than 150,000 historical maps; in addition, there are a few maps from collections with which he collaborates. These maps can also be seen in the Gallery layer of Google Earth, Rumsey Historical Maps layer, and in the Google Earth viewers on this website. All the maps contain rich information about the past and represent a sampling of time periods (1680 to 1930), scales, and cartographic art, resulting in visual history stories that only old maps can tell.

Google Maps

Disease Categories Twelve disease categories are used to help you quickly find what you're looking for within your local area. Most of the categories refer to where the disease affects your body, such as Gastrointestinal for cholera or Respiratory for pneumonia. We also keep track of environmental risks (i.e. beach closures due to sewage) and animal diseases (i.e. foxes found with rabies) to provide you a broader picture of diseases in your area. The number of alerts in each category determines the order in which they appear in the Outbreaks Near Me section. The category with the greatest number of alerts appears first.

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Resource Intensity of Cities | An Independent Community Initiative
Google Crisis Map
Global Conservation Maps
All Polluters in the USA | PlanetHazard