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Labs. Open Interconnect Consortium. How the Internet of Things Drives Customer Engagement. Now that we've accepted the idea of the Internet of Things (IoT), researchers are starting to look at when, where, how, why and who will use it.

How the Internet of Things Drives Customer Engagement

They're also looking into potential risks. Recent research from IDC, for example, shows that retailers are leading the charge to the IoT in the quest for better customer experiences. According to IDC, retailers see the IoT as a way to improve customer experiences. Specifically, they are using it to pull consumers into one of their channels, where they will entice them with products that have been contextualized and personalized for the customers’ gratification.

One network, A billion dreams - SigFox - Cisco Firefox. Why You Should Compete at the IoT Olympiad. Whether you are an expert in your field or looking to expand your skills, the IoT Olympiad will provide you with the opportunity to get under the hood of Enterprise-class IoT platform services and possibly win an Occulus Rift V1 dev kit.

Why You Should Compete at the IoT Olympiad

Competition participants are developers, engineers, scientists and UX designers. The IoT Olympiad presented by Hack The Hackathon will be the first event of what Governor Deval Patrick has officially declared as IoT Week here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Kendall Square, the heart of MA’s next wave of innovation, is where the Olympiad will be held. Cambridge Innovation Center has teamed up with Hack The Hackathon to provide participants who attend the event a well-equipped sandbox for this 48-hour competition. Seniors And The Internet Of Things: Empowerment And Security. I was quoted extensively in a Sunday Boston Globe feature on the IoT.

Seniors And The Internet Of Things: Empowerment And Security

It was in a special section aimed at seniors, and I’d been really passionate with the reporter about the IoT’s potential to transform seniors’ lives through new products such as bedroom slippers with sensors that can detect minute variations in a senior’s gait and alert a caregiver by app in time to avoid a fall, or a gorgeous necklace that can detect the onset of congestive heart failure). However, the article just ended up as a general introduction to the IoT. Too bad. While I was doing the interview, it dawned on me that this might really be a wonderful niche in the Internet of Things. Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things at the Hanover Fair - ARC Helps Clients Get Value from Technology. Edit in Dashboard Designer /_layouts/images/ppsEditDesigner.png {SiteUrl}/_layouts/ppswebparts/DesignerRedirect.aspx?

Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things at the Hanover Fair - ARC Helps Clients Get Value from Technology

How Broadcom is trying to figure out the Internet of Things. BUSINESS JOURNAL PHOTO | Marcus R.

How Broadcom is trying to figure out the Internet of Things

Donner Broadcom's next big market? IoT and M2M Market Size to Swell Close to USD500 billion by 2019 with Widespread Adoption Across Consumer and Industrial Applications. Based on a recently published report at the RnR Market Research, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market is expected to grow at a staggering CAGR of 24.24% from now to 2019, taking the sector from its present market size from USD128.7 billion to USD498.92 billion by the end of the period. The strong growth in the sector is bouyed by the rise in consumer electronics which are becoming increasingly 'connected', the growth in the connected car segment and the proliferation of M2M applications for industrial and enterprise use. How to make the most of the Internet of Things. David Cameron's announcement of an extra £45 million to develop the Internet of Things is great news – that's £73 million that the UK has earmarked in funding research in this space.

How to make the most of the Internet of Things

The announcement highlights a growing understanding at the highest levels of government of the huge potential, both commercially and from a consumer perspective, presented by the vast volumes of data that connected objects are generating every day. Some of these objects have been in existence for decades – manufacturing chains, aeroplanes, HVAC systems and access control systems, to name only a few – while some are newer, like smartphones, fitness trackers, intelligent scales, smart meters and medical implants. Read more: The Internet of Things: How did it come to be? What they all have in common though is that they generate big data and therefore present a potentially vast opportunity for many businesses. They also bring along a number of challenges. How to Mine Gold from the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been an idea at the edge of market disruption for some time now, and a lot of companies are jumping into the game.

How to Mine Gold from the Internet of Things

Google acquired Nest to elbow its way into the smart home market. Samsung is pumping out smart watches at breakneck speed to stake its claim on the wearable tech market. Companies are jockeying to take advantage of technologies like iBeacon in the retail space, and a new NFC payment system seems to pop up in tech news each week. HK Internet of Things (IoT) Awards to honor industry innovations. The new awards program follows the launch by GSI Hong Kong last year of the Hong Kong Internet of Things Centre of Excellence at Hong Kong Science Park.

HK Internet of Things (IoT) Awards to honor industry innovations

The center provides live demonstrations of IoT-related technologies, while the awards program serves as a platform to stimulate innovative implementations and continuous development in the industry. “The Internet of Things refers to any smart interconnected devices that enterprises or organizations adopt to obtain more visibility into the identification, location, and condition of products, assets, transactions, or even people. I am confident that this new award program will provide role models, and help identify the business benefits and advantages of 'everything connected' for a host of industries and further strengthen the capabilities and competitiveness of Hong Kong enterprises in the IoT era,” said Anna Lin, JP, Chief Executive of GS1 Hong Kong. 7 weird applications for the Internet of Things - TechOnline India - Embedded Software & Systems Industry News. The Internet of Things (IoT) involves a lot of technologies that provide it with immense potential.

7 weird applications for the Internet of Things - TechOnline India - Embedded Software & Systems Industry News

This also forces manufacturers to be creative and innovative, because that is one of the ways for them to make sure their application, product, or service succeeds. With all that potential and creativity in play, perhaps it is not surprising that every now and then you will come across an application that is simply weird. Internet of Things Enables $3.88 Trillion in Potential Value to Manufacturers - Previous Internet of Things Enables $3.88 Trillion in Potential Value to Manufacturers Next.

Internet of Things Enables $3.88 Trillion in Potential Value to Manufacturers -

IoT: Experts to Follow on Twitter. OckCorp. Mojio - Cisco Firefox. WigWag - Cisco Firefox. OpenSensors.IO - Cisco Firefox. Home page - Cisco Firefox. News and Events - Cisco Firefox. SAN DIEGO – September 06, 2013 – Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Atheros, Inc., launched a new chip family as part of its portfolio of low-power Wi-Fi solutions designed to connect a multitude of devices that comprise the Internet of Everything. The QCA4002 and QCA4004 networking platforms include the IP stack and full networking services on the chip to enable customers to add Wi-Fi to virtually any product with minimal development effort or cost. The platforms feature an on-chip processor and memory, which are designed to eliminate the need for a system controller that adds to product cost, complexity and power consumption.

Using the QCA4004, customers can now write their own applications on the Qualcomm Atheros platform instead of simply using it for Wi-Fi connectivity. Internet of Things Technology - Cisco Firefox. Mâchez, la fourchette vibrante vous surveille.

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Z-Wave home automation solutions. Smart Home Control - Rule creator. Easy online tool that allows complete customization of Zipato system Installing smart security and remote control system will allow customers to remotely arm/disarm their system and turn on/off their lights and appliances. Some systems also have schedulers and timers to allow customers some form of automation. Only Zipato rule creator allows customers to use full potential of their connected device. Inspired by MIT project “Scratch”, we developed graphical tool for easy and fun automation programing online. Using Zipato Rule Creator customers can easily create or change any automation process in their home without any previous programing or automation experience. Home Automation Systems Store.

Embedded Automation, Inc. - Front Page. Smart Citizen Kit. The Smart Citizen Project Welcome! The Smart Citizen Project is a collaborative, international effort to deploy a distributed network of citizen-collected data, with the goal of monitoring the environment around us. Hover around each image to find out more! Energizing the Wireless World. IoT Works. Company - Your Partner for Open Standards based Middleware since 1997.

ProSyst is a software vendor, offering the middleware for the Internet of Things. Our roots are in the field of Java, OSGi and embedded software. In general, the company is entirely focused on open standards technology and open and neutral software platforms for service providers and device manufacturers to deploy apps and services. ProSyst provides the most advanced cloud-based open standards based middleware for managing connected products and implementing innovative M2M applications. We take the cost and complexity out of connecting and remotely servicing the products of the world’s leading device manufacturers and service providers.

Service providers, product manufacturers and consumer channel partners across the globe use our solutions to foster deeper consumer relationships, differentiate their products, achieve business objectives and drive increased value over the lifetime of the consumer. JustShareIt - Borrow your neighbor's ride or rent out yours. The easiest way to make money sharing the things you own and save money borrowing the things you don't. Internetofthings2.jpg (JPEG Image, 2000 × 1500 pixels) - Scaled (54%) - Cisco Firefox. Beacons — real world context for your apps. Home of the ION Air Pro - One of the lightest HD action cameras on the market.

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Technicolor presents QEO. The Fast Track to the Internet of Everything - AllJoyn. Sensor PlatformsSensor Platforms. Xanboo. MQTT. RabbitMQ - Messaging that just works - Cisco Firefox. Enabling the Internet of Things. The XMPP Standards Foundation. Advancing open standards for the information society.

NewAer. Get Started with Ayla. Weightless SIG for M2M and Internet of Things IOT. Neul - the Internet of Everything. Weightless technology - small is dutiful. The Internet of Things Real-Time Web Service and Applications - Pachube. Tracking the Internet of Things. Making your world smarter. Securing the Internet of Things - Embedded SSH, Embedded SSL, Embedded IPSEC and OpenSSH/OpenSSL Alternatives, FIPS Validated Crypto, FIPS Validation, FIPS 140-2 Validated, FIPS 140-2 Validation, FIPS Approved, FIPS certified, FIPS certification, FIPS 140.

Announces LynxOS 7.0 with new Security Features to Protect Embedded Connected Devices. Supermechanical : Twine - Listen to your world, talk to the Internet. Twine : Listen to your world, talk to the Internet by Supermechanical. Lumn: You wait ages, then two bandwagons come at once. Labs' Central Nervous System for the Earth project aims to build a planetwide sensing network: HP Labs Feature Article (November 2009)


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