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Superstudio - par les frères Campana pour Cosentino. Dominican Monastery into Performance Center. Focus sur le travail des architectes d’Enota qui ont transformé ce monastère dominicain de plus de 800 ans située à Ptuj en Slovénie.

Dominican Monastery into Performance Center

Index Ventures by Garcia Tamjidi. Index Ventures is a minimalist interior located in San Francisco, USA, designed by Garcia Tamjidi.

Index Ventures by Garcia Tamjidi

With offices in London and Geneva, the San Francisco office was designed in the center of SOMA for a highly creative, collaborative venture capital team. 2013 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards International Call For Entries. The 2013 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards are now open for entries, inviting submissions from the world’s leading architects, interior and lighting designers and hospitality operators.

2013 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards International Call For Entries

An independent annual awards programme, the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards is the only international concept of its kind, dedicated exclusively to celebrating the best food and beverage spaces from around the globe, in all types of environments including hotels, transport, business, culture, leisure and retail. Now in its fifth year, the awards have become a prominent event in both the design and hospitality industry calendars. Chelsea Workspace. Romita Restaurant Design. Romita Comedor est un restaurant situé à Mexico City dont le design est à la croisée des chemins entre détente et tradition.

Romita Restaurant Design

Ooda Flat. Sky House Indoor Slide. Library Slide. Le studio d’architecture coréen Moon Hoon déjà présenté sur Fubiz, a imaginé l’excellente structure « Panorama House » située en Corée du Sud.

Library Slide

Dans celle-ci, les équipes ont pensé avec talent une bibliothèque dans laquelle est intégrée un toboggan, permettant d’allier culture, amusement et design. Share House. Les japonais de Naruse Inokuma Architects ont imaginé le design de cette structure « Share House ».

Share House

Cette superbe résidence propose des espaces de vie commune d’une grande beauté, permettant ainsi de créer des moments de convivialité dans cette résidence japonaise. Brandbase Pallet Office. Maison en bois et cabane dans un loft par Katz Chiao. À Brooklyn, les architectes Deborah Grossberg Katz et Terri Chiao ont réalisé dans un loft, deux chambres très spéciales, la première étant une petite maison en bois et l’autre une cabane en mezzanine, le tout dans le salon!

Maison en bois et cabane dans un loft par Katz Chiao

Plutôt que de construire du sol au plafond des cloisons pour délimiter les chambres, les architectes ont opté pour quelque chose de plus simple et bien plus singulier. Dans ce sens, ils ont gardé l’esprit du loft en une seule entité et ont permis de conserver la totalité de la lumière naturelle qui passe à travers les deux chambres. Super idée, résultat réussi et des propriétaires retombés en enfance! Pour en savoir plus sur la collaboration Katz Chiao, cliquez ici. Pin It. Appartement H par Re Act Now. Redi-Screens from Crestview Doors. I’m a big fan of Crestview Doors’ mid-century doors and was overjoyed when I found out they were releasing a series of decorative wood dividers called Redi-Screens.

Redi-Screens from Crestview Doors

Launching in October at the 2011 Sunbelt Builders Show in Austin, Texas, the screens are carved from stain-grade maple and bound by hand into a maple frame. There are three standard widths and two heights, as well as a fantastic selection of seven initial patterns. The dividers can be installed as sliding doors, pocket doors, articulating doors, room partitions, room dividers, hanging or mounted screens. Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited. Wrinkly mirrored walls distort the reflection of an apartment interior in Berlin by local architects Lecarolimited.

Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

The mirrors of different shapes and sizes create geometric patterns across the partitioning walls of the penthouse apartment, surrounding the kitchen, fireplace and seating areas. Four small tables in front of the mirror-covered kitchen join together to form a six metre-long dining table. Two guest bedrooms occupy the same floor, while an ensuite master bedroom opens out to a roof terrace on the floor above. Hair Very by Maker.

Shang Xia Beijing store by Kengo Kuma and Associates. A lattice of extruded aluminium sections evokes images of the brickwork in Beijing's old neighbourhoods at this luxury boutique by Kengo Kuma and Associates (+ slideshow).

Shang Xia Beijing store by Kengo Kuma and Associates

Three different H-shaped sections and two sizes of I-shaped section have been built up in layers to divide the space into a series of linked rooms. The edges of the partitions are staggered so that openings between each area are softened and the profiles can be seen more clearly. The sections also decorate the ceiling at the front of the shop, but are replaced by black mirrored glass in some of the sections further back. Bricks made from compressed tea leaves line the walls at the back of the store, creating a darker, more intimate area where visitors are served tea while they browse. Garments and gifts are displayed on shelves set into the fretwork and on podiums placed within the smaller pockets of space.

Warehouse 8B by Arturo Franco Office for Architecture. Softshelter by Molo. Canadian studio Molo has designed a system of paper partitions that provide privacy at shelters in the wake of a disaster. Called Softshelter, the walls create a sense of community and personal space despite the bleak conditions of emergency shelters. Like an accordion, the kraft paper walls can expand and contract until they meet the edge of another wall. The walls are joined together by detachable magnetic panels and therefore require only a few people to assemble with minimal instructions and no tools. Each flat-packed unit can arrive at the shelter ready for immediate set-up.