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Peru Economy: Facts, Data, & Analysis on Economic Freedom. Download PDF Quick Facts Population: 30.5 million GDP (PPP): $326.7 billion 6.3% growth 6.5% 5-year compound annual growth $10,719 per capita Unemployment: 6.8% Inflation (CPI): 3.7% FDI Inflow: $12.2 billion Embed This Data Peru’s economic freedom score is 67.4, making its economy the 47th freest in the 2014 Index.

Peru Economy: Facts, Data, & Analysis on Economic Freedom

Its score is 0.8 point lower than last year, with an improvement in trade freedom outweighed by deteriorations in labor freedom and business freedom. Peru is ranked 7th out of 29 countries in the South and Central America/Caribbean region, and its overall score is above the world average. Over the 20-year history of the Index, Peru has advanced its economic freedom score by nearly 11 points.

Nonetheless, institutional shortcomings continue to undermine Peru’s chances for long-term economic development, slowing the transition to greater economic freedom. Close Background Rule of LawView Methodology Corruption is a serious problem. Can humans regrow fingers?" When a hobby-store owner in Cincinnati sliced off his fingertip in 2005 while showing a customer why the motor on his model plane was dangerous, he went to the emergency room without the missing tip.

Can humans regrow fingers?"

He couldn't find it anywhere. The doctor bandaged the wound and recommended a skin graft to cover the top of his right-middle stub for cosmetic purposes, since nothing could be done to rebuild the finger. Months later, he had regrown it, tissue, nerves, skin, fingernail and all. This particular hobbyist happened to have a brother in the tissue-regeneration business, who told him to forego the skin graft and instead apply a powdered extract taken from pig's bladder to the raw finger tip.

The extract, called extracellular matrix, lays the framework that cells use to generate any given body part. Extracellular matrix is a component of body tissue that functions outside of the body's cells (thus the "extracellular" designation). Can 1 miracle plant solve the world's 3 greatest problems? If someone were to tell you that they had a technology — a weed actually — that could sequester huge amounts of carbon permanently while lifting villagers out of poverty by providing both protein-rich food and super-insulated building materials, you might start to wonder if they were, well, smoking a different weed.

Can 1 miracle plant solve the world's 3 greatest problems?

But it appears that one retired building contractor, Bill Loftus, has actually come upon a brilliant application of the fast-growing, carbon-sucking plant known as Kenaf. Kenaf is in the Hibiscus family and is thus related to both cotton and okra. Originally from Africa, this 4,000-year-old crop was used for its fiber. It has the astonishing ability to grow up to 14 feet in one growing season, yielding 6-10 tons of fiber per acre and making it a great source of pulp for paper. But researchers have also discovered (PDF) a corresponding ability of Kenaf to inhale huge quantities of our most abundant global warming gas — CO2. But its not enough to simply absorb CO2. Science Made Simple. Sometimes science can be horribly complicated and while some bandy words about without question; others scratch their heads and wonder what on earth they are talking about!

Science Made Simple

Science Made Simple is a series of 15 animated interstitials produced for TVNZ 7, a New Zealand TV station, aimed at demystifying and defining commonly used, but little understood, scientific and technological jargon. The series focuses on the defiition of the sort of words viewers may read in the newspaper, but don't always understand. Here are three of the interstitials – simply but cleverly animated.

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Squares in Squares. Rare and very interesting photos. Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus. How Famous Companies Got Their Names. Ever wondered about how famous brands got their names from?

How Famous Companies Got Their Names

Here are a couple of explanations. Via. Chinese.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Objeto) How to learn Korean. » Viso114. Innovation, Craftsmanship & Design. The two most important Alien Messages! [Decoded] I.

The two most important Alien Messages! [Decoded]

The Chilbolton 'Arecibo message' Formation By Paul Vigay ( R.I.P. ) and Alexander Light... I. The Chilbolton 'Arecibo message' Formation By Paul Vigay (R.I.P.) and Alexander Light On Tuesday 21st August 2001 two new crop formations were reported near Chilbolton radio telescope in Hampshire, UK. Students Turn Football into an electricity generator. 7th Grader mimics Nature. 13 year old copies Nature to Improve Solar Performance Thirteen year old Aidan Dwyer was walking in the woods in Upstate New York in the winter and noticed a spiral pattern to tree branches.

7th Grader mimics Nature

Aidan realized the tree branches and leaves had a mathematical spiral pattern that could be shown as a fraction. Enigin PLC - Energy Saving Products & Solutions - Enigin. TED. Cognitive fun! CogniFit Brain Fitness And Memory Programs, Brain Training. Welcome to Test yourself? Byzantium Security International. Calculus Video Tutorials. A Visual, Intuitive Guide to Imaginary Numbers.

Imaginary numbers always confused me.

A Visual, Intuitive Guide to Imaginary Numbers

Like understanding e, most explanations fell into one of two categories: Ciphers & Puzzles.