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TalkMap Debate. TalkMap Debate is a discussion platform which aims at improving the interactions you have with your stakeholders and community!

TalkMap Debate

TalkMap Debate is private, if you want to login click here or if you want more information you can contact us. A tool to enhance the quality of your discussions. Real-time website data for front-line action takers. EngagementNew / ReturningTraffic Sources Concurrent Visits Number of people on your entire site right now.

You'll see this updating constantly as your visitors come and go. Chartbeat (chartbeat) The art of data visualization. La plateforme Intermed et ses modules. Analyzing interactions in Twitter. The case of an exploratory seminar. In this post I’ll explore the social interactions in Twitter that were made by participants and supervisors of an exploratory seminar as well as the external experts that joined the discussion.

Analyzing interactions in Twitter. The case of an exploratory seminar

The seminar was designed to let students explore the power of Social Media in a real world scenario with the goal to enable participants to value the strengths and weaknesses of such tools in a co-operative working context. Therefore, one key requirement in the learning design was for students to communicate and collaborate with nothing else than Social Media tools. In accordance to the rationales of constructivist learning theory (Jonassen, 1999), students should actively create their own knowledge about the practical use of Social Media tools in realistic scenarios.

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The navigation menu on the left directs you to main support area's. Pages on detailed topics can be found in the mind map Index wiki on the right. Just Map It! Feeds: maximini, rue89, as-map, mashable, laquadrature, lefigaro, lesoir, smartview, yacs, cub-design. [methodo] French blogosphere over Economic Intelligence (2007) 5D map of the SCS (Solutions communicantes sécurisées) Network. [API] pour Gephy GexfExplorer - GitHub. [API] CloudMade - The Leading Platform for Creating and Monetizing Unique Applications With Location. [API] Exalead Constellations. [API] LinkedIn Labs. [soft] Méthodes de prospective. Outil territorial interactif d'information spacialisée.