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Cookies zorgen er bijvoorbeeld voor dat je ingelogd kan blijven op een website of dat bijvoorbeeld je locatie- en taalinstellingen worden onthouden. Daarnaast houden ze bij het online winkelen je digitale winkelwagentje bij. Ook kunnen websitehouders dankzij cookies zien hoe vaak hun sites - en welke pagina’s - door bezoekers worden bekeken. Sommige cookies maken het mogelijk om je surfgedrag te volgen. Zo kunnen sites en adverteerders mogelijk iets zeggen over je voorkeuren, waardoor ze relevantere advertenties kunnen laten zien. Cookie instellingen aanpassen? Cookie instellingen aanpassen Belangrijk om te weten: Het gebruik van cookies is veilig. Aan de lijst hiernaast kunnen de komende weken nog enkele websites van de Sanoma Media Netherlands groep worden toegevoegd. Innovative ideas that let us live on water. The 99 Percent - It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen.

Advertising creativity from around the world. Current Projects. Why Google's self-driving car may save lives - May. 10. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Google's self-driving car got its license this week as the state of Nevada became the first in the nation to license the company's vehicles.

Why Google's self-driving car may save lives - May. 10

And while a computer-driven car may seem unsettling, the technology represents a potential leap forward in auto safety. More than 30,000 people are killed each year in crashes despite huge advances in auto safety. The overwhelming majority of those crashes are caused by human-driver error. Computer driven cars could reduce traffic deaths by a very significant degree, said David Champion, head of auto testing at Consumer Reports, but only if all cars are computer-driven.

"I think if all the cars were self-driving, it would be a benefit," he said. That's because humans are better at predicting the behavior of other humans than computers could ever be, he said. "When I'm approaching an intersection, I look to see of the other driver is looking at me," said Champion. Sometimes these systems can cause confusion.

NFC Gumball Machine. "Angry Birds" com estilingue de verdade. Google Creative Sandbox Brief. Bitponics - Your Personal Gardening Assistant by Bitponics. Share this project Done Share Tweet Embed Tweet Share Email.

Bitponics - Your Personal Gardening Assistant by Bitponics

The Pocket TV: Makes any TV a Smart TV by Infinitec. If you landed here after our Kickstarter campaign closed and wasn't able to get your Pocket TV but still want to support our project you still can!

The Pocket TV: Makes any TV a Smart TV by Infinitec

We've opened a pre-order site where you can support us and receive the same benefits of our Kickstarter backers. Just go to to pre-order your Pocket TV. In the future we'll also be adding more accessories and other goodies for your Pocket TV. Check it out and tell your friends about it! You can watch our hands-on demo video and get a better feel of the power of the Pocket TV and what the Air Remote can do. We're also working on upgrading the design of the Pocket TV. If you want to hear more, check out this podcast where Mind of the Geek interviewed Infinitec founder Ahmad Zahran. ZDNet "It’s becoming difficult to spot the potential gems in the crowd-sourcing crowd. PC Magazine "A thumb-sized dongle that plugs directly into HDMI ports on existing TVs, bringing the power of Android to living rooms everywhere.

" Pocket TV. Sensordrone: The 6th Sense of Your Smartphone...& Beyond! by Sensorcon. Update 1: Sensordrone Makes You Smarter Update 2: Specs/Compatibility Download Detailed Specifications: Sensordrone will initially support Android 2.2 (Froyo) and later with shipments starting this Fall.

Sensordrone: The 6th Sense of Your Smartphone...& Beyond! by Sensorcon

Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.0 will be supported for Android. iOS support will be available for devices with Bluetooth 4.0, i.e. iPhone 4S & iPad (3rd Generation). Support for iPhone will trail Android by ~2 months. Update 3: Data Sharing Apps/Pachube Support Sensordrone is an open platform for all kinds of sensor and bluetooth peripheral device apps. Update 4: Expansion Modules - Connect Anything to Sensordrone Connect to a printer or another wild idea you have!

Android Police - "...mind-blowing...applications of Sensordrone are simply astounding" Engadget - "...slightly Star Trek, with the device connecting across Bluetooth to share a wealth of data on what's going on around you" Guyism - "They even use the Star Trek font and refer to the Tricorder. OhGizmo! Here are just a few examples. Rethinking Social Networking - Jonathan Harris Delivers a Reshaping Culture Keynote. Xylinum.