Mysql Replication master-slave/master-master

Facebook Twitter Replication Slave Options and Variables. 16.1.2 Replication and Binary Logging Options and Variables. TMP_TABLE_SIZE and MAX_HEAP_TABLE_SIZE. January 19, 2007 by Peter Zaitsev19 Comments We all know disk based temporary tables are bad and you should try to have implicit temporary tables created in memory where possible, do to it you should increase tmp_table_size to appropriate value and avoid using blob/text columns which force table creation on the disk because MEMORY storage engine does not support them Right ?


Wrong. 13.2.3 InnoDB Startup Options and System Variables. Modifier le innodb_log_file_size. 16.4 Replication Notes and Tips. 6 Réplication de MySQL. 6.4 Comment mettre en place la réplication. CHANGE MASTER TO Syntax. Setting the Replication Master Configuration. Setting the Replication Slave Configuration. Creating a User for Replication. Obtaining the Replication Master Binary Log Coordinates.

Master Master Howto. This tutorial describes how to set up MySQL master-master replication.

Master Master Howto

We need to replicate MySQL servers to achieve high-availability (HA). In my case I need two masters that are synchronized with each other so that if one of them drops down, other could take over and no data is lost. Similarly when the first one goes up again, it will still be used as slave for the live one. Here is a basic step by step tutorial, that will cover the mysql master and slave replication and also will describe the mysql master and master replication. Notions: we will call system 1 as master1 and slave2 and system2 as master2 and slave 1.