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Networking Articles & Tips for Windows Server 2003, 2008 & Vista.


Five must-have portable networking tools. Add these apps to your portable toolkit for network troubleshooting, monitoring, and management.

Five must-have portable networking tools

Having all your tools in one place certainly makes your job easier. This is especially true when you need networking tools. These tools can be anything from simple monitoring tools to full-blown portable servers. Use jperf and Wireshark for troubleshooting network issues. Scott Reeves explains how to use jperf to simulate a TCP or UDP connection and then use Wireshark to analyze the traffic in order to help pinpoint network issues.

Use jperf and Wireshark for troubleshooting network issues

In a previous post on jperf, I wrote about using jperf to check network performance. In a later post, I mentioned using filters on Wireshark to analyze traffic. Combining jperf with Wireshark gives you (respectively) a tool to simulate network traffic and a tool to probe and capture what is taking place on the network whilst the simulation is running. Proving the Network is Not the Problem With iperf. When an application fails to perform as expected, the network is often the first thing blamed.

Proving the Network is Not the Problem With iperf

I suppose this is because end users typically view the network as the sole limiting factor with regard to throughput, unaware of the intricacies of application, database, and storage performance. For some reason, the burden of proof always seems to fall onto networkers to demonstrate that the network is not at fault before troubleshooting can begin elsewhere. Open Source Testing Tools, Network Management Tools, Automated Test Tools. A Tcpdump Tutorial and Primer. Image from tcpdump is the premier network analysis tool for information security professionals.

A Tcpdump Tutorial and Primer

Having a solid grasp of this ├╝ber-powerful application is mandatory for anyone desiring a thorough understanding of TCP/IP. Many prefer to use higher level analysis tools such as Ethereal Wireshark, but I believe this to usually be a mistake. In a discipline so dependent on a true understanding of concepts vs. rote learning, it's important to stay fluent in the underlying mechanics of the TCP/IP suite. PortQry. This article discusses the new features and functionality that are available in PortQry Command Line Port Scanner version 2.0.


PortQry version 1.22 is a TCP/IP connectivity testing utility that is included with the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Support Tools. Microsoft has released a new version of PortQryV2.exe. This new version includes all the features and functionality of the earlier version and has new features and functionality. Note PortQry Command Line Port Scanner version 2.0 is no longer available to download. This article only introduces the features and functionality of it in case you have already downloaded it.