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Student Practice Resources

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Student Testing Site Tutorial: Sign-in and Navigation. Sample Test Items and Practice Tests. Both sample items and practice tests allow students to view and answer test questions that are like those that could appear on state tests.

Sample Test Items and Practice Tests

Teachers and parents also may use related resources to help their students know what to expect. Login here. (“Guest Session” will appear; you need not enter information here.) Select “sign in.” Select a grade level, then click on “yes.” Ohio's State Tests : Resources. Resources for Students and Families. English language arts and Mathematics Sample Items Released Sample items for Ohio’s State Tests are now available in the Student Practice Site.

Resources for Students and Families

Students may log in as guests to access five to eight sample items for each of the following tests: Student Practice Resources. Ohio's State Tests Portal Advanced Search Resource Types Student Practice Resources Student Tutorials and Tools English Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies Administration Manuals & Guidance Documents Online Systems Resources TIDE Support Documents User Guides Tutorials Technology Resources General Resources Reporting Resources OELPA Resources.

Student Practice Resources

Student Practice Site. Ohio Online Practice Site Guidance. Student Testing Site Tutorial: Testing Tools. AIR Assessment Program. Practice and Training Tests - Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. The Smarter Balanced Practice Test and the Training Test provide students with a preview of test questions aligned to academic standards for grades 3–8 and high school in both English language arts/literacy and math.

Practice and Training Tests - Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

Both resources can help teachers and students prepare for the Smarter Balanced assessments. The Practice Tests is available in each grade and is similar in format and structure to the actual test. The Training Test is available in three grade bands (3–5, 6–8, and high school) and provides a sample of each kind of question students might encounter, allowing them to become familiar with the testing software and navigation.

Additional information about both tests is available below. Students were comfortable with the test especially after doing the practice test. Sample Questions - Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. We witnessed firsthand how the new assessments will challenge students to think critically and problem solve.Parent from Hawaii These sample questions illustrate the rigor and complexity of the English language arts and math items and performance tasks that students will encounter on Smarter Balanced assessments.

Sample Questions - Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

They are intended to help teachers, administrators, and policymakers get a snapshot of Smarter Balanced questions. Although the questions and performance tasks are not intended to be used as sample tests, educators can use them to plan the shifts in instruction that help students meet the demands of the assessments. The test simulation platform formerly used for Sample Items and Tasks is undergoing updates to ensure that all samples are representative of the range of items used in the operational Smarter Balanced assessments.

Florida Standards Assessments: Practice Tests. The practice tests contain sample items for specific grade-level/subject tests.

Florida Standards Assessments: Practice Tests

The following practice tests are currently available: FSA ELA Writing Grade 8Grade 9Grade 10FSA ELA Reading Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8Grade 9Grade 10FSA Mathematics Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8FSA EOC FSA Algebra 1FSA GeometryFSA Algebra 2 The purpose of the practice tests is for students to become familiar with the CBT system, functionality, and item types; the practice tests are not intended to guide classroom instruction.

Descriptions and response instructions for each item type are included in the Practice Tests Quick Guide. Users should refer to the tutorials on each item or the guide to familiarize themselves with the different features and response instructions for each item type. Please see the list on the right of this page for the availability of practice tests. Computer-based practice tests are designed for use with the Secure Browser or a supported web browser. Test Talk for Parents - Understanding Ohio's State Tests. Online State Tests a Smooth Experience In the last two weeks, more than a half million Ohio students have taken nearly 1.2 million state achievement tests online.

Test Talk for Parents - Understanding Ohio's State Tests

These tests are in math, English language arts, science and social studies. So far, the testing has gone smoothly, with only a few districts having minor technical issues that were easily fixed. Ohio’s spring test period began April 4 and will end May 13. Each district has chosen 15 consecutive days during this time to give all of its online tests. Read More Help your Child Avoid Test Anxiety The word test can cause a certain amount of stress in any student, no matter how well she is doing in school.

Read More Ohio is updating the standards that guide your child’s education. Ohio’s Learning Standards in mathematics, English language arts, science and social studies are more than five years old. Learning standards lay out what students need to know and be able to do in each grade.