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Blended/Flipped Learning

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How One District Implemented a Hybrid Learning Program. It's easy to get caught up in the educational discourse throughout any given day.

How One District Implemented a Hybrid Learning Program

Everyone has his or her thoughts and ideas on what should happen next in the educational landscape. While discourse is healthy, personally, I like to see and hear about this discourse in action. One of the current trends in education is the concept of personalized learning. Research Findings: Rocketship Education Boosts Scores with Online Learning. Is there a moment when a learning innovation, like online learning, officially becomes a best practice?

Research Findings: Rocketship Education Boosts Scores with Online Learning

When adjectives like "experimental" and "promising" give way to "tried and true" and "proven success? " Seasoned researchers, trained to be skeptical, have not been quick to anoint online learning a best practice. Educators whose data sets are measured in a student's enthusiastic response to homework, or the swiftness with which her virtual hand shoots up to answer a query, are often more keen. But either way, there's no denying that the online learning movement is marching steadily to the day when it becomes an integral part of the educational mainstream. When that day comes, a lot of schools will deserve hearty applause, including pioneers like the Florida Virtual School, Michigan Virtual School, and Idaho Digital Learning Academy, as well as more recent converts to the cause.

From the Classroom: What Does Blended Learning Look Like? In a past Edutopia post, I asked the question, is blended learning worth the hype?

From the Classroom: What Does Blended Learning Look Like?

I promised to ask the same question of the aspiring school administrators in the Technology in Leading and Managing course I am teaching at St. Mary's College of California. This essential question guided the candidates' exploration of educational technology and the implications for them as future school leaders. Using the project-based learning (PBL) design principle of an authentic audience, below you will find high school English teacher, Melissa Meyers, describing both the promise and the challenge of integrating educational technology in to our classrooms:

Blended Learning Energizes High School Math Students (Tech2Learn Series) Peter McIntosh: For whatever reason, kids come to us with some significant gaps in their math.

Blended Learning Energizes High School Math Students (Tech2Learn Series)

Blended Learning: Adding Asynchronous Discussions to Your F2F Classrooms. This post was co-authored with Elizabeth Alderton, Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. --------- We have all done it: "participated" in a face-to-face discussion, nodding along in agreement, but not really present.

Blended Learning: Adding Asynchronous Discussions to Your F2F Classrooms

Many of us have sat in discussions, afraid to throw in our two cents because we might sound silly. On other occasions, we have had a fantastic idea to share, but the conversation passed by before we had a chance to contribute. Blended Learning: Strategies for Engagement. There are methods and models for implementing blended learning -- from the flipped classroom, to the flex model.

Blended Learning: Strategies for Engagement

All of them are on the continuum of just how much time is spent online and in the online classroom. Blended Learning can provide a unique way of not only engaging students in collaborative work and projects, but also personalizing and individualizing instruction for students. Five-Minute Film Festival: 8 Interactive Video Tools for Engaging Learners. It's no secret that I am a passionate advocate for using video in the classroom.

Five-Minute Film Festival: 8 Interactive Video Tools for Engaging Learners

When used well, videos can help students make connections to people and ideas beyond their usual frame of reference. Modifying the Flipped Classroom: The "In-Class" Version. So.

Modifying the Flipped Classroom: The "In-Class" Version

You've tried flipping your class, and it didn't go well. Or you've heard about flipping and want to try the approach, but you're pretty sure it won't work in your school. Don't give up yet -- with a slight twist, flipping might be possible for you after all. Flipped classrooms -- where direct instruction happens via video at home, and "homework" takes place in class -- are all the rage right now, and for good reason. Early research on flipped learning looks promising. Blended Learning: Working With One iPad. My class has one iPad.

Blended Learning: Working With One iPad

Just one. But I have found ways to put this single iPad to use in such a way that everyone in my class benefits. Having mastered one app -- the Show-Me app -- I have been able to create podcasts for my students, allowing them to access my help on their assignments while they are at home or when I am unavailable for face-to-face teaching or tutoring.

After I became comfortable with using this app, I began to brainstorm ways I could use it within my classroom. One technique is to have my students create their own podcasts. First, I take pictures of selected problems that align to the standards I am teaching. With help from my technology coordinator, I learned how to project the podcasts that my students made onto my whiteboard. Although the idea of students teaching each other is not new, utilizing this app as the means to do so provides additional benefits beyond the immediate process. 5-Minute Film Festival: Video Boot Camp. The rapid adoption of devices in the classroom has fundamentally changed the way we can create video.

5-Minute Film Festival: Video Boot Camp

Every part of the creation process -- writing, recording, editing, and distributing -- is possible on the devices that can fit in our pocket. Vision is the most dominant of the five senses. Research shows that concepts are better remembered if they are taught visually. This is called the pictorial superiority effect, and it’s why video is such a powerful learning tool. A video is created three times: when you write it, when you shoot it, and when you edit it. Curating content is another significant way to incorporate video into your classroom. Blended Learning: We Are All New Teachers. The challenges facing a new teacher are clear: how to write a strong lesson plan, how to master the fine art of lesson delivery and how to keep kids engaged in a positive classroom environment are all high on the list. Add to that list the addition of mastering the use of technology tools to support instruction with students, and many a new teacher might go running for the hills!

In all seriousness, though, the need for a new teacher to be able to learn the fine art of incorporating Web 2.0 tools to support instruction with students is critical if we are to stay the course of 21st Century instructional reforms. Not only that, the research is clear that strategies that combine the use of traditional face-to-face classroom methods with computer-mediated activities are here to stay. Blended Learning: Combining Face-to-Face and Online Education. There's this myth in the brick and mortar schools that somehow the onset of online K-12 learning will be the death of face-to-face (F2F) interaction. However this isn't so -- or at least in the interest of the future of rigor in education, it shouldn't be. Blended Learning: Behind the Scenes. It feels like we're on the precipice of a more common, universal implementation for blended learning, but for a while still, blended learning is still dependent on teachers knowing what to teach and how to teach it.

It still feels still like a grassroots movement from key teachers who are looking ahead to the future. We know that being able to function online is a 21st-century skill, but for some teachers, it's still as futuristic as Logan's Run. And while having to jump into using online strategies can be scary, it's really all about our mission of preparing students for their future. It's about having your ear to the ground about the skills these kids will need to know, and the determination to teach to those skills even if the world of education or your school site or your fear factor is not on board.

4 Tips for Getting to Know the Blended Instructional Model. The days of talking at students are finally over. I recall many a college class filled to the brim with students feverishly taking down notes, as our professor talked at us. Sounds familiar? Probably. Blended Learning in the Mix: The Proactive Teacher. Editor's Note: Jeremy Shorr, Director of Innovation and Educational Technology at Mentor (Ohio) Public Schools, is the co-author of this post. It's early spring, and you're just leaving the faculty meeting where you've learned that next year your classes will fall under the umbrella of blended learning, and each of your students will have an iPad as a take-home device.

Awesome, right? With the rapid national push toward moving classrooms and learning experiences to a blended approach, many educators are playing catch-up to learn the best ways of implementing these tools in their classrooms. It's important to keep in mind that feeling overwhelmed by this concept is normal and OK. After all, some schools and districts are just now getting their hands on technology that was developed more than five years ago. Find Your Philosophy and Live It. Flipped-Learning Toolkit.

Thinking about flipping your classroom? Sal Khan Maps Out Blended Learning. Sal Khan: So when most people think about what education is, there's actually a wide spectrum of stuff. So if you imagine over here, this is kind of the most- the most rote form of education. Virtual Schooling: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Headed? I am a committed virtual learning advocate. As an experienced virtual teacher, I have seen students thrive where they'd previously failed. A Working Model for Blended Learning in an Urban School. Editor's Note: Dr. 100 Videos and Counting: Lessons From a Flipped Classroom. Seventeen months ago, I made my first flipped learning video. And then, unexpectedly, it happened: I crossed the century mark. Blended Learning: Making it Work in Your Classroom. Kristin: I can say that the things I've been doing the last two years have really made a difference, because my kids have scored the highest in the State on the standardized tests.

INFOhio widgets. Top Tech Tip to Jumpstart Blended Learning. 10 sources of free interactive content for your class. Educators are creating lessons and sharing them online. Tap into great teaching resources with these 10 sites. (Flickr / Luis Vidal) Years ago, textbooks served a different purpose. The app that lets you create Khan Academy-style videos in 60 seconds. Flipping the classroom together—from 3,000 miles away. By Bridget McCrea September 1st, 2015 How two teachers overcome the challenges of flipping their classrooms and co-planning lessons across states Who says you can only use the flipped teaching method in your own class or with other teachers in your school or district?

13 Keys to Successful Blended Learning. Distance Learning.