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Portfolio of Martin Teichmann. Jeremy Kohar Portfolio. Bram Eulaers - portfolio. 3D Portfolio. Patrick Loughman. Portfolio of Mikey Spano. Art of Gregory Callahan. The art of Kevin Johnstone. Work. Nabil Zakher. Zack Fowler - Environment & Prop Artist. Portfolio of William J Kowach - Environment Artist. Meshcrafter- Portfolio of Nathanial Castronovo. Erwin Evegaars Portfolio. Stefan Morrell // DIGITAL ART & DESIGN. The Portfolio of Toren Lehrmann, 3D Artist. Hiten Mistry Environment Artist. Main : art + animation by Jen Morgan. P O R T F O L I O - Art of Marc-Antoine Hamelin, Environment Artist. (Richard Gardner, Environment Artist) Nabil Zakher. Mike Fudge. Art of Vitaly Bulgarov. An archive page with some of the older work.

Art of Vitaly Bulgarov

Please give it some time to load all the images on the page. {*style:<i> </i>*} (c) Vitaly Bulgarov Tim Forbrook - 3D Artist. Chris Albeluhn - Home page. Welcome to my online portfolio.

Chris Albeluhn - Home page

I have been working in the Video Game Industry since 2005, and had such privileges as working on EA's"The Simpsons Game", "Transformers: Revenge of the fallen", and 4 of the "Dead Rising 2: Off the Record"titles. I have worked in many studios over the years, but currently I am working as a freelance artist.