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Infographics: Good for Traffic and SEO
How do you best optimize infographics for SEO
For any website to succeed, one must work a lot on it’s Search Engine Optimization. And when it comes to SEO, the most important part of SEO is Link Building. Link Building means getting relevant and a lot of quality backlinks to your website so that Google and other search engines rank your website higher in their search results. You may be spending a lot of hours in a day to build link for your website but have you ever wondered how many links should I build for my site, what kind of link building method should I use? and from Where should I get these links? Infographic to Boot Up Your SEO! Infographic to Boot Up Your SEO!
Data Visualization Techniques The author's posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. Rob and Duncan are currently in Seattle, with this week full of interviews of SEO consultants for our US office. Since the announcement in February, we have been working flat out with a bunch of new clients and dealing endlessly with the US immigration service. With people on the ground, I guess we're now officially participating in the American dream, so to celebrate I'm going to spell Visualization with a z throughout this post. I can't guarantee full American spelling for everything I'm afraid - muscle memory is a powerful thing. Data Visualization Techniques
The internet marketing guide to infographics. The internet marketing guide to infographics. Information graphics or infographics for short are hot to trot online for a number of reasons. Firstly, they illicit the ’wow factor’ response, (especially if they are vector based and well designed), and secondly and perhaps most importantly they tell us something in an intuitive, and easy to process way. The very nature of the format, also makes them easy to share on blogs, wiki’s, social networks and tumblelogs, without the associated hangups of traditional content duplication and syndication.
An interesting phenomenon in some of the popular social news aggregators like Reddit, and Digg is the appearance of infographics. Well-designed infographics are like crack to Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon users. (Actually, while StumbleUpon is not my expertise — perhaps this is even more true of StumbleUpon since pictures do well over there). Basically the formula is interesting facts + visually stunning digital art = viral insanity. To illustrate this point I’m going to share a number of infographics, which also serves to familiarize you in the overall format and common themes. Viral Marketing Strategies: The Virality of Infographics Viral Marketing Strategies: The Virality of Infographics
Unless you've been living in a cave, you know the flavor of the month for link baiting is INFOGRAPHICS!!! They're everywhere, and many major online publications (Huff Post, Fast Company, BoingBoing, Mashable, etc) make it a habit of running cool infographics each day. What's more, infographics hit the front pages of social giants like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon on a regular basis. Infographic Workflow: Infographic Case Study: How We Got a Link from CNN, Drove Loads of Traffic w/ Infographics Infographic Case Study: How We Got a Link from CNN, Drove Loads of Traffic w/ Infographics
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Cool Infographics

Cool Infographics The Evolution of Reddit Through Time infographic from Randal covers the history of Reddit for the past 7 years. With thousands of active subreddits, the visual above displays the 24 most active. Track the popularity of each subreddit through the years!
Nobody has time to read anymore, right? Every day we are all inundated with more and more information overload coming from credible and yet to be verified sources. Where can Internet users find relief? Answer: the infographic. Infographics are a wonderful mix of key data and visualization that can really bring the message home if put together correctly. So without further ado, we bring you our top 10 favorite social media infographics! 10 Outstanding Social Media Infographics

10 Outstanding Social Media Infographics

The Infographics Showcase

Filed under: Financial Infographics, Travel Infographics | No Comments » Are you currently considering which destination to choose for your next holiday abroad? If so, the Debenhams Personal Finance ‘Guide to Round the World Travel’ Infographic is on hand to help and is packed full of advice and useful information on a series of stunning destinations around the world. Infographic Design: A The design is well done with a clean and organized layout that showcase the information in an easy to read way. Infographic Information: A The Infographics Showcase
Creative Examples Of Infographics - Noupe Design Blog

Creative Examples Of Infographics - Noupe Design Blog

Sep 29 2010 Today we have an exciting and enticing post which covers handy and innovative infographics. Infographics is basically derived from two words: ‘information’ and ‘graphics’, and it stands for the graphical representation of data and information. Data visualization techniques have been often used in modern maps to incorporate variety of information, for instance for network designs, destination points, and local landmarks. Let’s take a look at some creative examples of beautiful infographics.
Facebook Obbsession (Infographic) |
The applications depend highly on the requirements of the output and the preferences of the designer. Like in any other craft, the used tools will inevitably influence the end result. Here are some tools we use at Interactive Things: 1.

How do you create infographics? What tools do you need

What Visualization Tool/Software Should You Use? – Getting Started Are you looking to get into data visualization, but don't quite know where to begin? With all of the available tools to help you visualize data, it can be confusing where to start. The good news is, well, that there are a lot of (free) available tools out there to help you get started. It's just a matter of deciding which one suits you best.
"I don't see how this is spam, and I am surprised that people are offended that the authors of these info graphics are trying to make money." They're doing so dishonestly. Dishonesty on the tubes is why so many of us are jaded and believe nothing. My job was to game Digg using infographics
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