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[Infographie] Les comparateurs de prix en chiffres clefs. 10 mind-blowing mobile infographics. I've gathered together ten great infographics on m-commerce, QR codes, apps vs web, coupons, payments, mobile marketing and more.

10 mind-blowing mobile infographics

Crowdfunding: Where it has been and where the new bill is taking it (infographic) When marketing executives Michael Migliozzi II and Brian Flatow decided they wanted to buy Pabst Blue Ribbon, a private beer company, they created to ask the public for financial help.

Crowdfunding: Where it has been and where the new bill is taking it (infographic)

The idea was quickly shot down by the SEC, prompting the recent discussion on where “crowdfunding” fits into the scheme of private businesses. Crowdfunding, the practice of private companies soliciting the public for investments, has been made popular by websites such as Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, ProFounder and others. These are great for individuals and small groups looking for a leg up, but when it comes to private businesses using these as an investment tactic in exchange for shares in the company, the SEC wants everything to be nice and documented. Thus, the commission created a crowdfunding bill to officially allow private companies legal access to crowdfunding. Achieving 3X Better Fundraising Results. Are you ready to learn the secret to a successful fundraising campaign?

Achieving 3X Better Fundraising Results

A combination of targeting potential donors online and offline, simultaneously. The multi-channel approach is the key to increasing fundraising by up to three times a single-channel campaign. The Future of Mobile Payments [INFOGRAPHIC] We know that mobile payments are redefining commerce, but will our phones soon replace our wallets?

The Future of Mobile Payments [INFOGRAPHIC]

PayPal seems to think so. The payments giant boldly predicts that the wallet will be dead by 2015. It's putting its money where its mouth is: It recently acquired mobile payments provider Zong for $240 million. PayPal isn't the only one getting into the game though. Google recently launched Google Wallet, the search giant's mobile payment system, and Visa recently made a strategic investment in Square, the mobile payments platform now worth more than $1.4 billion. PC Magazine. How to Choose a Web Shopping Cart Software. Filed under: Business Infographics, Internet Infographics | Comments Off Picking a shopping cart for your online business is one of the most important decisions you will have to make when you launch your website.

How to Choose a Web Shopping Cart Software

This graphic examines essential features of shopping cart software from many angles. From a usability perspective, this is possibly the best graphic we have ever featured on this site that can help you choose the best online shopping cart for your ecommerce website. Sure, we’ve had graphics to help you memorize the names of every pasta type on Earth, and graphics to make you aware of every nook and cranny on the cruise ship Oasis of the Sea. Mobile Payments Are Going to Explode This Holiday Season, PayPal Says [Infographic] Payments company PayPal wants to make sure that it stays in the conversation when it comes to mobile payments.

Mobile Payments Are Going to Explode This Holiday Season, PayPal Says [Infographic]

In the last couple of weeks we have heard from innovations coming out of MasterCard and Intuit. PayPal is one of the leaders in mobile payments, especially on the peer-to-peer front. With the holiday season coming, PayPal wants to position itself as the go-to resource for shoppers looking to beat the retail rush and congestion of digital deals. What Happens When you Charge a Credit Card. Filed under: All Infographics , Business Infographics , Technology Infographics | No Comments » What Happens When you Charge a Credit Card Graphic Reviewed by Infographics Guy on Oct 20 Rating: Rating: 0.0/ 10 (0 votes cast) Ever wondered about the nuts and bolts of the credit card charging process? 44 outils gratuits incontournables pour vendre sur le web. Voici une sélection d’outils gratuits ou à faible coût, pour développer vos ventes et votre présence sur le web.

44 outils gratuits incontournables pour vendre sur le web

Je les ai regroupé en 10 catégories, afin que vous puissiez facilement identifier des outils qui vous correspondent. Evidemment, cette liste n’est pas « exhaustive », n’hésitez pas à partager vos outils favoris dans les commentaires… pour enrichir cette infographie à l’avenir. Vous trouverez ci-dessous plus de détails sur chacun des outils. 1. Créer une boutique en ligne Si vous souhaitez vendre en ligne des produits et que vous ne connaissez rien à la technique, vous pouvez ouvrir facilement une boutique sur priceminister, amazon ou ebay (ou sur les 3 pour toucher encore plus de clients!).

Si vous souhaitez avoir votre propre site, vous pouvez tester wizishop (ils prennent un petit pourcentage de votre chiffre d’affaires pour se rémunérer… et, ce qui est intéressant, c’est qu’au plus vous vendez, au plus leur commission diminue). How Big is the Ecommerce Industry? [Infographic] 10 amazing e-commerce infographics. I've rounded up ten recent infographics on e-commerce and related issues, including delivery, social commerce, and how the use of colour affects purchase habits.

10 amazing e-commerce infographics

Walmart-vs-amazon. Le comportement des cyberacheteurs à la loupe. INFOGRAPHIC: Online Shopping Habits – Women vs Men « SOCIAL MEDIA ANGELS. Online Shopping around the World : How we spend our money. How to Influence Purchasing Decisions On The Web [INFOGRAPHIC] When savvy consumers are in the market for something — a new pair of kicks, a sweet DSLR camera, hair pomade, a toaster — they turn to the web, knowing there's a wealth of knowledge and information to be had. Cyber Monday: 6 Years of Online Discounts. Thousands of online retailers will discount their stock for Cyber Monday — the online version of Black Friday — now in its sixth year.

Cyber Monday: 6 Years of Online Discounts

Last year, Cyber Monday sales topped $1 billion in the United States, making it the biggest day for online retail to date. Yet many businesses are increasingly discounting their goods on Black Friday as well — and consumers are responding. Online sales this past Friday were up 24.3% compared to last year, according to an IBM survey of 500 retailers. [Infographie] 1 acheteur mécontent le dit à 11 personnes, 1 acheteur satisfait à 3 personnes. Usage du web en fonction de l’age. Infographie e-commerce – Comparatif comportemental Hommes Femmes. A l’occasion de la journée de la femme PriceMinister ouvre ses portes le temps d’une analyse inédite comparant les habitudes des hommes et des femmes qui utilisent notre plateforme.

Infographie e-commerce – Comparatif comportemental Hommes Femmes

PriceMinister compte désormais autant de membres femmes que d’hommes (50 % vs 50 %) et les tendances sont plutôt féminine.Cyberacheteuses averties, elles se distinguent sur bien des points!