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Group-Buy in 10 infographics. Here’s a roundup of top 10 useful infographics summarising the burgeoning group-buy field – including the most excellent interactive infographic on Groupon deal revenue from data visualiser Paul Butler (#2 below, plays nice with new browsers only).

Group-Buy in 10 infographics

Whilst the social commerce world appears to have a full-on case of f-commerce fever right now, group-buy is the big beast in social commerce… and it has the bucks to show it. Groupon alone reported $760m revenue in 2010, up from $33m in 2009, with 51m subscribers, and is now active in 565 cities (vs. 30 in 2009) with 4000 employees (vs 120 in 2009). And like other group-buy businesses Groupon is expanding from local to national flash sales (12% of Q4 revenue came from national/online deals) (Source WSJ). Like f-commerce, group-buy comes in three flavours – on Groupon (or competitor intermediary), on your website, or on Facebook.

What's the Deal With Daily Deals? [INFOGRAPHIC] Daily Deals sites are attracting millions of customers.

What's the Deal With Daily Deals? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It's a lively marketplace with hundreds of companies competing for a limited number of users and businesses willing to give them a try. How lively? It's hot. According to researchers at Lab42, there are more than 660 deals sites online today. How the Economy Has Aided the Rise of Digital Coupons [INFOGRAPHIC] If you've ever been stuck in the checkout line behind someone redeeming a handful of paper coupons, you know that many people are still clipping them in the traditional sense.

How the Economy Has Aided the Rise of Digital Coupons [INFOGRAPHIC]

That's changing, though. In 2011, 53% of redemptions are still done with paper coupons, but Internet-based redemptions are creeping up. By 2014 or so, most Internet couponing will be the norm, according to research from Promotional Codes, which created this infographic. This shouldn't be too surprising.