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How to Properly Use Sunscreen. How-to topics are popular infographic designs, and How To Properly Use Sunscreen is a great topic to cover.

How to Properly Use Sunscreen

From It’s over 100°F (over 37°C) here in Texas this week, so this is a very appropriate topic to share. How Mobile Technology is Changing World Travel. Do you use your smartphone to help make traveling easier?

How Mobile Technology is Changing World Travel

If you do, then your part of a huge growing trend. The How Mobile Technology is Changing World Travel infographic from shares some interesting statistics when it comes to traveling. Back in 1903 when the Wright Brothers first took flight in their first fixed winged aircraft, little could anyone have imagined what travel would become. Fast forward to 2012 and the internet has revolutionised travel – along with communication – with the birth of the smartphone. From Parchment to Data Lockers: History of the Password [INFOGRAPHIC] Trying to protect sensitive personal information from prying eyes is not something particular to the digital age — it's just human nature.

From Parchment to Data Lockers: History of the Password [INFOGRAPHIC]

Before digital encryption and data lockers — and before the concept of identity theft even existed — passwords and their kin guarded secrets and kept conversations A-to-B. The first computer password was developed in 1961 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, when most people had never even seen a computer. Decades earlier, Nazis used "Enigma machines" to guard evil secrets. Typographical Infographics That'll Make You Go "Wow!" Apr 11 2012 Words are a really powerful tool to express what you think, but an even more powerful weapon to visualize your main thoughts and concept are graphics.

To be more specific a rich combination of beautiful typographical signs, letters and symbols. By using different fonts, sizes and styles it’s possible to create stunning typographical infographics. All you need is an awesome idea and some prior knowledge on the topic to visualize your thoughts and present them to your audience. Typographical infographics are much more than simple pictures with captivating statistics. Australian Tourism Infographic. Who doesn’t dream about going to the land down under?

Australian Tourism Infographic

So if your curious about who is coming or going in Australia, planning a mini-vacation, or perhaps a permanent vacation, the Australian Tourism infographic from WeWish has the information for you! The only thing we like more than being on holiday is planning a holiday! Find out where everyone is heading this year. This infographic shows people moving in and out of Australia.

It also shows the top destinations to visit when down under. [Infographie exclusive] Le baromètre digital des écoles de commerce. 15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly. Everyone makes mistakes, but that notion seems to go out the window anytime syntax is misused.

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly

If the wrong there, their, or they’re is used at the wrong time on the internet, prepare for every web user to attack your intelligence and attempt to obliterate your self-esteem. I know, we all have our momentary lapses. Amanda Cox Talks about Developing Infographics at the New York Times. We know that The New York Times graphics department produces some of the best visualizations in the world.

Amanda Cox Talks about Developing Infographics at the New York Times

We have seen its director, Steve Duenes, give a talk about some of their best works and provide some answers on their internal approach. Who I had not seen talk before, however, is Amanda Cox, whose name is often featured on quite some innovative works, such as the voronoi treemap showing the Consumer Price Index, the interactive timeline revealing Michael Jackson's career statistics, the streamgraphs that map how people spend their day, or the dense yet intuitive line graphs that unravel the potential socio-demographic drivers of the unemployment in the US. In the small collection of (4 different) videos you can watch below, Amanda shares some of the lessons the group has learned along the way, particularly on how to integrate real interactivity with storytelling, and how to strike a balance between clarity and creating a sense of wonder.

Tech Creeps Into Top Toy Trends of Last 30 Years. When it comes to the most-wanted toys of the holiday season over the past 30 years, one thing is clear: The toy market has become way more tech-centric. Between 1981-1990, Donkey Kong, Lazer Tag and Nintendo’s Game Boy stood out as the lone tech toys desired by kids. In the following decade, the same number of tech toys were coveted, including Tickle Me Elmo, Tamagotchi and Furby. The new millennium brought a change in kid’s most-desired gifts.

Since 2003, every one of the top toys was either robotic or a tech gadget: Robosapiens, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, iPod touch, Biscuit My Lovin’ Pup, Zhu Zhu Pets and the iPad. Of course, calling an iPod or iPad a toy overlooks the majority of its uses. L'histoire d'Anonymous et leurs faits d'armes dans une infographie. [Infographie] En ligne, les enfants seraient majeurs dès 11 ans. A chart of almost all the money. La mort en infographie. Quelques données sur les profondeurs marines.

Addicted to Angry Birds? Here's Help [INFOGRAPHIC] As we continue to work through our Angry Birds addiction, this playful infographic offers some consolation.

Addicted to Angry Birds? Here's Help [INFOGRAPHIC]

We're not alone in our attraction to flinging the flying fowl, but would like some answers, and this infographic is happy to oblige with lots of solid research. Why can't we stop playing this game that started on iPhone and now keeps spreading like wildfire on multiple platforms? A Digital Day In the Life of a Student [Infographic] Connectivity is at an all time high, digitally and socially.

A Digital Day In the Life of a Student [Infographic]

So how much is it really impacting our lives? Here’s a comic book style graphic to take a look at the day in the digital life of a student. The infographic has some hilarious scenarios about staying connected to social media. L’infographie des animaux domestiques. Pets on Pillows [INFOGRAPHIC] It’s no secret that our four-legged friends are carrying around a number of “friends” of their own.

Pets on Pillows [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you thought about what they carry into your bed? Check out the infographic below (click it to see a larger version) from our Big Germ on Campus series and see how many Americans are sleeping with their best friend – and a few enemies. More infographics: Big Germ on Campus | Meet the Microbes | Pillows and the People Who Love Them. Animal facts weird. Kidfographics. How Do Architects Use Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC] Italia-infographic-map. Bible-marriage. NFL. What's happening in the world of social media?


That's not a simple question to answer, as this space is quickly becoming one of the busiest, most interesting aspects of our digital lives. However, if we had to choose the best way to present the wealth of recent information on social media — how companies are using it to improve their business, how individuals are interacting with its many facets and how it's affecting our lives — the simplest way would probably be to showcase the best social media infographics from the last few months, and that's exactly what we did.

We've gathered 10 amazing infographics, which are still quite fresh and contain very relevant info. Infographic Of The Day: The Fantasy Sports Economy Is Rip-Roaring. I’ll admit that I don’t understand a lick about fantasy sports: So you get together with your friends and invent make-believe teams? Then you trade your players in such a way that you effectively rip off your buddies? And you have to pay money for the privilege? What’s the difference between that and, say, playing Barbies? I mean, on the one hand, you have a pastime in which lonely children make playthings of little plastic human simulacra. 4thof July facts. How Dad's Music Indicates What You Listen To Today [INFOGRAPHIC] Do dads really have an influence on the musical tastes of their offspring?

This amusing flowchart, created for Father's Day in honor of dads who rock, predicts the kind of music you prefer by the tunes your father listened to when you were growing up. However, as a parent, I realize that many times my influence on my teenager has an opposite effect. America According to Twitter: U.S. Cities Remixed [INFOGRAPHIC] Paradise or Peril Infographic. Les réseaux terroristes islamistes dans le monde. Identity Theft Facts and Figures. Filed under: People Infographics | 2 Comments » This gorgeous graphic, provided by should give you a reason to be worried about identity theft if you weren’t already.

If you thought that the advent of services like Lifelock have reduced identity theft in the U.S. over the past several years, I advise you to think again. Les Français et ... les files d’attente. Journey of a Successful blog post. Royal Wedding : the infographic.