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Idea Sketch for iPhone

Idea Sketch for iPhone

Description Idea Sketch lets you easily draw a diagram - mind map, concept map, or flow chart - and convert it to a text outline, and vice versa. You can use Idea Sketch for anything, such as brainstorming new ideas, illustrating concepts, making lists and outlines, planning presentations, creating organizational charts, and more!
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iPad Tips Poster
iPads at Burley Flipboard has revolutionized the way my students look at, share, and respond to nonfiction. Flipboard is an app that takes multiple informational sites and creates a digital magazine to flip through. It is simple and easily accessible for adults and students alike. iPads at Burley
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Dr. Eric Wood (DrEricWood) on Twitter | Tech Integration Ideas for Elementary Schools iPad iBand rehearsals going great The fourth and fifth graders have been rehearsing their 80′s songs for their performance at the upcoming Kids Can Make a Difference Festival. Read More Mr. | Tech Integration Ideas for Elementary Schools
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Learning In Burlington: Looking Back At Year One of 1:1 (With iPads) Part Four

10 Real-World BYOD Classrooms (And Whether It’s Worked Or Not)

With budgets tight, many schools are hoping to bring technology into the classroom without having to shell out for a device for each student. A solution for many has been to make classes BYOD (short for “bring your own device”), which allows students to bring laptops, tablets, and smartphones from home and to use them in the classroom and share them with other students. It’s a promising idea, especially for schools that don’t have big tech budgets, but it has met with some criticism from those who don’t think that it’s a viable long-term or truly budget-conscious decision. 10 Real-World BYOD Classrooms (And Whether It’s Worked Or Not)
iPads in Education- Examples from the Classroom 77,127 views Featured in: Education, Technology Let's look at the way we use iPads in the classroom.

iPads in Education- Examples from the Classroom

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iPads in schools: 10 ideas to get it happening! iPads in schools: 10 ideas to get it happening! February 12, 2012 by NovaNews Many would-be educational innovators treat technology as an end-all and be-all, making no effort to figure out how to integrate it into the classroom. “Computers, in and of themselves, do very little to aid learning,” Gavriel Salomon of the University of Haifa and David Perkins of Harvard observed in 1996. Placing them in the classroom “does not automatically inspire teachers to rethink their teaching or students to adopt new modes of learning.” So wrote Michael Hilzik in in a recent Los Angeles Times article Who really benefits from putting high-tech gadgets in the classroom?
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It is time for my yearly post about the technology I've purchased during the past year. You can view my previous posts for 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009 Since I make presentations and facilitate workshops about all sorts of different technologies, I try to get my hands on devices and gadgets that I think might be helpful to teachers. Some of these items I highly recommend.
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If you’re ever unsure about the working status of a well known website such as Twitter or Facebook, check out Down Right Now to see if it’s up or having technical issues. It’s a great resource to keep you in the know instead of sitting there refreshing or wondering if your network is having issues. What to do if Down Right Now itself goes down? Time for some R & R! Wire the World
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Ludlow Junior School Southampton
Mobile Learning Now a Reality for Ludlow Junior School
iSchool: a closer look at Manhattan Beach Unified's iPad pilot program Does Manhattan Beach Unified’s iPad pilot program represent the future of education? Kindergarten students at Grand View Elementary School use iPads two times a week. Photo by Alene Tchekmedyian Just before 8 a.m. one recent Tuesday, Andy Caine wheeled a waist-high cart into his second-floor history classroom at Mira Costa High School, as the Beach Boys’ “I Get Around” played faintly in the background. On the syllabus for the day: the First Amendment. As the first period bell rang, Caine unlocked the cart.
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