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Sylvia Ji. Проснись, Welcome to Dr. Alderete on line. Max Winston's Art and Such. Steven Smith Art. Caia Koopman - lowbrow artist California. Matheus Lopes. Manifesto, traditional art, mixed media Building a galaxy, digital art, mixed media Alternate ending, digital art, mixed media Ace of Wands, digital art, mixed media In Between, digital art, mixed media A way out, digital art, mixed media Suspense, digital art, mixed media Thousand eyes, digital art, mixed media About The Artist Matheus Lopes is a young illustrator from Brazil.

Matheus Lopes’s Website Matheus Lopes’s Flickr Matheus Lopes at Threadless Tees. Looks like good Illustrations by Anton Semenov. Designerscouch #thecritiquenetwork. Nicolas Tual - Illustrator & Designer. Manurstudio. Movie Posters - Richard Goodall Gallery Limited Edition Rock Music Posters Urban Vinyl Low Brow Art. Illustratori. Gorilla Artfare.

Tengu.jpg (JPEG Image, 975 × 518 pixels) Untitled. Amy Casey. New work from Cleveland-based artist Amy Casey who paints delicate networks of roped and towering cityscapes.

Amy Casey

Casey currently has a show at Zg Gallery in Chicago through August 6. I definitely intend on stopping by. You can see much larger and detailed versions of these paintings here. (via new american paintings) Mind-Blowing Illustrations by Loopy Dave. Featured Artists: Ted McGrath. Looks like good Illustrations by Russ Mills. Main : Ghostco. { teaganwhite } illustration. Stephanie Brusick l Graphiste I Illustratrice I Genève. Alice Melvin Illustrator. Portfolios. Tony Bianco artwork. Mrahayes... Projects. Keri Smith.

Illustrators. Illustration. Ercal.jpg (1196×793) Pics from Blame It On The Voices. Ben Hulse. Psychedelic Illustrations on Acid. wDizy.gif (GIF Image, 496x400 pixels) Jake Blanchard Illustration. Littlesweets. I ♥ art ♥ Illustration. 「六七質」 's Works - Illustration [pixiv]

MARK NEWMAN DAN SÜPER HEYKELLER. Inspirational 3D Illustrations from Nikita Veprikov. Kim welling by kimslittlemonsters. Home : Charlotte Trounce. - StumbleUpon. ANNIE WU. Andthesea. Nani Serrano. For all things Jeremy Shuback. World Famous Design Junkies » coolaids. Dorothea renault illustration. JoelCaracas. James Charles – Pop Cultured Currency. Repurposing existing objects for other uses is always cool.

James Charles – Pop Cultured Currency

Repurposing them for pop culture references though is even better. James Charles has been doing just that with United States currency for the last year or so. Many more after the jump. JASON NAYLOR : > JASON NAYLOR DESIGN. Wesley burt. F E R I C. Ric stultz 2012. Worth1000 Home. Sagaki Keita's Drawings. The Illustration & Design World of Zach Johnsen. Kojotei on deviantART. Smashing Picture. Fernando Vicente - Vanitas.

Born in Madrid, Fernando Vicente begins his career in the ’80′s, mixing illustration with painting. His unique style embodies bold and slightly aggressive visual concepts, giving him the freedom of playing with the composition. Experimentation is his motto, shifting and mixing different environments in just one work. In his series “Vanitas”, Vicente depicts the transient beauty of a woman’s body, juxtaposing an aristocratic attitude in his Hepburn-like beauties, with the reds and yellows of the flesh, all framed in a nicely textured cyan background.

Or in lesser words: underneath, we are all the same. (All images via Fernando Vicente’ blog) Ester Roi. Nene Thomas Illustrations, Inc. The Satirical Art of Paul Kuczynski - Stop and Think. Rena Littleson Drawings. The best Intervention episodes are always the really odd ones. Meth addictions are a dime a dozen, but M&M addictions are something to talk about! Artist Rena Littleson-Montenegro appears to be drawing the usual photorealistic, tortured souls, but by pairing her subjects with bottles of ginger ale and blood thirsty toy dinos she gives the concept a refreshing and playful spin. And the extreme foreshortening really lends these binges that the-first-step-is-admitting-you-have-a-problem sense of urgency. drawings by rena littleson. Michelle Thompson. 'Original Screenprint'

Benjamin Lacombe PortFolio.