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Recientemente editado por Pequeño Editor y gracias a la iniciativa de Diego Bianki, es mi primer libro publicado en Argentina! Retomando el trabajo que hice hace algunos años atras para Sudtipos: el dingbat del Che, ahora en formato libro, diseñado por el gran Willi Peloche, con textos de Ana Longoni, Gustavo Alvarez Nuñez y Kevin Johansen. “En ¡El Che vive! Jorge Alderete compone una reflexión en imágenes sobre esa condición mítica. :: Welcome to Dr. Alderete on line :: :: Welcome to Dr. Alderete on line ::
Max Winston's Art and Such Max Winston's Art and Such Hey everyone! Here is a long - overdue post. Early last year I was lucky enough to get to work with some close friends to help realize a story by Alison Sudol (Of the band A Fine Frenzy) into a short animated film. My official credits were Storyboards, Editor, and "Adapted for the screen by". Basically I worked with Alison & director Musa Brooker (an amazing animator as well) to help condense Alison's 40-page story into a 12-ish minute film, which would be released in conjunction with her new album.
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Caia’s Interview with Snowboard Magazine Online While most of us know Caia for the catchy pop surrealism which she imparts so eloquently from brush to canvas in her paintings, we sometimes forget her early out look was shaped by the action sports culture in which she grew up. Many of you know that Caia is an avid snowboarder and sometime’s skateboarder […] Caia’s artwork displayed at Vanity Salon in Santa Cruz, CA There’s a new little hot spot off 41st st in Santa Cruz, a newly restored building is now a row of cool shops, a Brewery with yummy tapas n beers and Vanity Salon. The lovely and fabulous Miss Erin Davidson, who’s been a well know stylist for many years here in Santa Cruz, is now […] Thoughts about the painting of Monk Caia makes a rare appearance on the blog to talk about why doing Monk was so special for her… I really enjoyed the opportunity to express my concern for rapidly disappearing and critically endangered species in my painting “Monk” for PangeaSeed. Caia Koopman - lowbrow artist California Caia Koopman - lowbrow artist California
Matheus Lopes

Matheus Lopes

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How are you web travelers ? Hope your journey is fine. I was lost in the multiverse between Sigil and my own brainshit Here’s one of my last picture, hope you’ll enjoying this. and adding that i got a new tumblr (new is not the word but you’ll understand :p) happy christmas etc … take care bros’ and sis’ Gorilla Artfare
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I paint to try and 'capture' scenes from my environment. To 'freeze' them in a way for the viewer to relate to them. For the most part the paintings are largely representational images of the scene as it actually exists. I think most of the subject matter stands on its own 'as is'. Embellishment can be added by the viewer depending on their level of interest in the subject. Sometimes I may combine several elements into one painting to try and capture the theme I'm after. Tony Bianco artwork Tony Bianco artwork
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Let us show you amazing 3D art works of talanted graphic designer from Ukraine Nikita Veprikov. He began his career in visual effects industry only three years ago – in 2006 – and now he is a winner of many contest; you will be suprised by the quality of his illustrations. Each image will tale you interesting story and you’ll remember them for sure. So don’t waste your time and move on to check these inspiring illustrations! Living behind the clouds Inspirational 3D Illustrations from Nikita Veprikov Inspirational 3D Illustrations from Nikita Veprikov
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ANNIE WU I made some ridiculous "spot illustrations" just to accompany this post because I felt bad about not posting anything new for a long time. So, uh, here we go. The response to the BATGIRL BEYOND cover has been overwhelming -- thank you, guys. The real deal is on its way! VERY SOON. The Batgirl Beyond story is actually a three-part arc that will unfold ten pages at a time in BATMAN BEYOND #27 - 29, which is a digital first title.


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