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Live Online Class Schedule. Barbara Morris. Write an Entire RPG Program in Free Form!

Barbara Morris

With the latest enhancement to RPG, you now have even more freedom to code in free format. Barbara Morris introduces you to all the new free-form statements, as well as to a few changes to existing keywords that will make it easier to code your RPG programs. PTF Features Extend RPG in IBM i 6.1 and 7.1 Among the PTFs for IBM i 6.1 and 7.1 are those that extend RPG by improving its ability to parse XML docs, get data about CCSID conversion errors, and perform certain Date, Time, and Timestamp operations faster. Barbara Morris explains how the enhancements can benefit RPG programmers and gives examples of how to use them. Adding Column Headings to a file in the IFS. In an earlier post I showed how it was possible to copy a file to the IFS in CSV format using CPYTOIMPF command.

Adding Column Headings to a file in the IFS

Unless the recipient of the file knows what the columns are they are going to come back to you asking what they are. So what can you do to provide column headings? IBM i 7.1 added the ADDCOLNAM to the CPYTOIMPF command. If you press the Help or F1 you will find there is no help available for this parameter, but there is on the developerWorks website. It describes how there are three possible values: *NONE - Do not include the column headings, this is the default. Below is an example: That is great if your DDS file or SQL table has good names, like INV_NBR or ACCT_BAL, but if the file has those old fashioned names, like C4INV# or C4BAL$, the users are going to remain confused. Read, Prepare, Generate a JSON document for any DB2 File. IBM i > DEVELOPER > GENERAL It’s been said, “necessity is the mother of invention,” which loosely translated means “difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions.”

Read, Prepare, Generate a JSON document for any DB2 File

That was the case a few years ago when I authored an article to read, prepare and generate XML for any DB2 table found on our IBM i. Now we can again use this design principle for a JSON document for any DB2 table on our system, as that as well has become a necessity. JSON is a lightweight, text-based, human-readable format, language-independent data interchange format that is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to XML. JSON is currently supported by many different programming language APIs as well making it a very simple to use document format. While many applications use it for data interchange, they rarely save the JSON files to disk as the data interchange occurs between Internet-connected computers. Ability to perform AS/400 file transfers in batch.


Ability to perform AS/400 file transfers in batch

We'll let you know when a new response is added. STRPCCMD only interactive? Check for STRPCO in this forum. (only CA) Or you can run a RFROMPCB(RTOPCB) in a .bat file? There should be no need for STRPCCMD ever. Also, note that RUNRMTCMD can execute remote commands on a PC that will accept remote commands. How to connect a native SharePoint list to AS400 table data?

Claim You can connect a native SharePoint list (no Web Part / BDC / BCS) directly with external data from AS400 database tables or views using the SharePoint Business Data List Connector (BDLC).

How to connect a native SharePoint list to AS400 table data?

You can set the connection string, the select statement and the primary keys (if any) in the SharePoint list settings dialog for bi-directional usage. Inhalt 1 Text Take care, that the SharePoint Business Data List Connector (BDLC) feature is installed and enabled. IBMDA400 is the OLEDB Driver provided by IBM System i Access for windows: This is no free download, but licensed with AS/400 software. Then follow this example: Create your target list and follow the connect link in the list settings dialog: Fig.: Simply click "Connect to external data source" to connect your SharePoint list.

In the configuration dialog, select the provider, enter the connection string and the SQL statement. AS400. Tutorials. COMMON A Users Group. RPG. Midrange News - Information related to the midrange community. Infinite Corporation - The Global Leader in AS/400 Migration and Modernization. iSeries AS/400 System i Power Systems. IBM i > TRENDS > WHAT'S NEW In my article, “Shouldn’t Everything Run on IBM i?”

iSeries AS/400 System i Power Systems

One of my IT predictions was an increase in using the cloud for third-party hosting. Now I want to share why. Risk has always been part of business. It’s not a question of whether or not to take risks but rather which ones to take—and having contingency plans in place when the poop hits the fan. My Cloud Experiences I suppose a cloud definition is in order. Since my switch to Gmail eight years ago, I’ve been gradually moving more to the cloud and I see much more going there in the not-to-distant future.

IT Business Management Software My company uses a browser-based software package called to handle its service desk, projects, time tracking, quoting, billing, CRM, contracts, etc. Microsoft Office I haven’t used Microsoft Office for nearly five years now. DeveloperWorks : IBM i : IBM i.