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#2468 – Limp Clitty Training. Esotericism. #2662 – BBC Forever.

"Slightly aggressive" hypnotic video... Eventually good to watch with a training loop audio file...;) – katia_f

Welcome to the one step shopping mall for erotic hypnosis, feminization, sissification and tease and denial. A weekend at the Spa.

welcome to the one step shopping mall for erotic hypnosis, feminization, sissification and tease and denial

Day 1. Willing to spend a nice weekend? Willing to be bound to this Files for 3 Days? Doing Nothing else than to think about how horny you are? Ok, take your chance. You won a special price. Before you start listening to this file you have to accept the terms and conditions without knowing them. I will provide you with a very, very special dream which will keep your mind, and your arousal occupied during 3 Days. You will experience this dream in every detail. you will experience a vivid dream, which will seem so realistic. so vivid in every detail, that you will believe it happens to you in real.

All your senses will realize the things happening in this dream. Your skin will feel every touch. Your subconscious mind will make you feel, smell, taste, hear, and see, any single detail which comes with the provided dream. #2548 – Made To Suck Cock. Sissify! #2429 – White Girl’s Destiny: Born to take black cum. #2429 – White Girl’s Destiny: Born to take black cum Well for this Saturday night premiere one very long video ;) Weekend is the best time to enjoy these long sissy sessions ;) This one is exclusively dedicated to all BBC loving sissies!

#2429 – White Girl’s Destiny: Born to take black cum

It’s created by Mistress Allysin a.k.a. Madysin Kitten a.k.a. Dirtycumslut… Not classical hypno/trainer, no captions and such… But rather long ode to white sissy gurls’ submission to black cocks! Thanks Devin for the suggestion ;) Enjoy! Work Sissy Bitch - - Waterfox. Sissy Training Volume 6 - Daddy's Little Slut - - Waterfox. Sissy Cum Training - - Waterfox. Anna Malice Sissy Self Hypnosis - Waterfox. #2150 – Veneration. This Sunday night is reserved for an outstanding hypno premiere… The creator of this amazing sissy artwork is Missdyeslalina… And the title is “Veneration” ;) I won’t talk much, I will just let you enjoy this slow sensual erotic hypno… Like I enjoyed it and it made me feel so girly and took me to a sissy ecstasy :) Good job, Missdyeslalina! Enjoy my dear sissies :) Anna Malice.

#1829 – Sissy Shower Hypnosis. #1344 – Suck Cock! Welcome to your favorite moment of the day..your secret and delicious favorite moment.. the time in which you relax..the time in which you are able to find yourself.. your wishes and things you like more..well… i’m sure to be between the most powerful whores of the planet.. because i have massaged your clitties.. so much times.. causing you a lot of delicious orgasms.. isn’t it?!

#1344 – Suck Cock!

So let me make you cum.. inside or outside.. as you prefer.. again, another time love cock.. you love suck cock.. you love to love cock so much.. admit it.. and celebrate this moment with the magic taste of your cum.. enjoy! Anna Malice. Ultimate BBC Trainer for wifes GF's and Sissy Boi's!!! #1125 – Sissy cum trainer vol.3 by Scom. #1125 – Sissy cum trainer vol.3 by Scom By the precious job of JL..

#1125 – Sissy cum trainer vol.3 by Scom

(many many thanks from the deepest of my heart) tonight we are ready to repost another beautiful masterpiece of hypnosis sissification.. restored the vol.3 of the lucky serie of sissy cum trainer by Scom.. 14.15 minutes of pure delirious.. in which explicit invitations to suck cocks and cum.. are outstanding.. as i said when i posted first time this amazing creation on number #789: “beware to be here everyday.. watching my clips.. because you’ll become a perfect cocksucker sissy faggot.. without escapes! #416 – Hungry.

#1678 – Sexy, Nasty, Dirty, Freaks by Iggy. #1518 – Black cock conversion. Erotic Hypnosis - Sexual Files. Sexual files are the true x-rated files among all of the sample files here.

Erotic Hypnosis - Sexual Files

These files tend to be fairly sexually intense and are text text We have the following four sexual samples for your use: LRFemaleOrgasm This file brings the listener through a woman's orgasm. Curse Slut Who Can't Say No This curse makes it turn impossible to turn down a sexual advance. Train Give Head This file will cause the listener to experience performing oral sex on a well endowed man. Curse Webcam Slut This file makes the user feel compelled to perform whatever he or she is asked on a webcam as well as watch the webcams of others. #1943 – Black Is Beautiful. #1943 – Black Is Beautiful Great video we have for another Saturday’s night premiere!

#1943 – Black Is Beautiful

“Black Is Beautiful” by RemoveMyKneees… The first video from RemoveMyKnees received great feedback… So we were all waiting for the next episode and here it is… And as promised, the topic is big black cocks :) Oh, and it’s been a while since we had some BBC trainers so it’s a pleasure to publish this for all you BBC loving sissy gurls :) This is really great artwork with perfect visual composition in high quality… Really able to deliver it’s message directly to your sissy mind… And the message is how much you love and dream of beautiful black cocks… Anyway, sit back and enjoy! #158 – Self anal hypnosys. #1922 – Summer Bimbotization. #1922 – Summer Bimbotization Thanks to the anonymous friend of the site for providing a link… ;) Here is the reposting of one of the older hypno classics… That was deleted a long time ago… Summer Bimbotization by Bimbo Barbie… I’m really glad that we have this amazing video back for all of you ;) And the summer is coming so lets warm up ;)

#1922 – Summer Bimbotization

BBC4WBois. Sissy Stuff. I AM A SISSY SHEMALE VIDEO. #504 – Bull Training. Not an original run toninght, anyway a nice remix of a classic, with something more!

#504 – Bull Training

It’s not an hypno sissification file, try to read inside the captions..otherwise also Bulls sometime need to be spurred! ;))enjoy! Anna Malice PS: Just to answer to some massages and emailsthis blog is only for fun! In my opinion, sex is always funny and amazing, but without a little of love is nothing! #374 – Hooker stripper whore induction. #1808 – Sissy Slut Hypno by Sissy Soph For this night a nice hypno/trainer by Sissy Soph… Seductive and arousing ;) Especially for sissies who have fantasies about sucking a stranger through gloryhole ;) And some other things… ;) Nice finish of the video with beautiful Lexi Belle, one of the most beautiful actresses IMO… Her satisfied face expression and her excited moans while she is being facialized by a few guys is so sexy… Making me wonder how beautiful would be to be in her position… And serve few cocks like a real sissy slut ;) Enjoy!

#374 – Hooker stripper whore induction

Anna Malice. #1215 – Sissy slut induction by Linux. #1215 – Sissy slut induction by Linux Restored clip number #579.. the sublime first realise by Linux..tender heart and always with a wonderful taste.. in his hypnotic creations!

#1215 – Sissy slut induction by Linux

;)it was a great debut.. with a lot of captions really impressive.. and a good music choise! The restoration of this clip is another beautiful present of sissy-jane..then.. again many many thanks to her wonderful sweet-heart.. ;))more exciting hypnotic clips from Linux in the next postsenjoy! Anna Malice. #374 – Hooker stripper whore induction. #374 – Hooker stripper whore induction Only for you, another premiere tonight (I have just to fire the last shots ;)! It’s something similar to Sissy Couture style.. and I like so much this kind of clips! Captions are simply, repetitive and effective, music cool and well mixed and chosen!

I really love all of this video, well made and conceived, anyway something not usual! #1690 – Fuck U Betta by Sissy Couture. #1690 – Fuck U Betta by Sissy Couture For today another reupload of classic hypno… by one of the greatest artists on the scene, Sissy Couture… Posted before, but it was dead for a long time… And there was a lot of requests for reuploading this one… So thanks to the friends of the site here it is… And of course thanks to Sissy Couture for making this amazing piece of art… And don’t forget to visit her blog: Fagged Out Enjoy! #507 – Sissy cocksucking trainer by Silly Sissy Sally. #507 – Sissy cocksucking trainer by Silly Sissy Sally I’m so proud to introducing to a new interesing and sweet friend of mine.. Sandy is a confused, conflicted, contradictory sissy.. just like me.. and i love her for this… to make me feel less strange alone! About this Let me tell you we are never alone.. simply because we are always more!

Anyway Sandy is a little artist.. she have just started with her own blogThe silly sissyi think she’ll be able to become a great blogger and hypno movie maker! Tonight I have the great honour to post her first great try! Anna Malice. #1648 – Sissification Reinforcement. #1188 – Party Slut by G.A. – SlickG. #410 – Cospiracy. #978 – Pinkhypno. Boobs Movie Nite. You Want To Wear Bras. Soloman - Sissy Trainer Vol. 1. Self Hypnosis, Mind Fucking - P. Hypno Sex Lesbians. HOT Sissy Hypno Videos! ANNAMALICE SISSY SELF HYPNOSIS.COM. Soft medium hard complete short version.