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Geometric Garland: Beautifully Folded Paper Decor. Mini Eco is an UK mommy blog with a penchant for featuring colorful DIY tutorials, and one of the recent projects on there cleverly used platonic solids to make a decorative garland.

Geometric Garland: Beautifully Folded Paper Decor

The geometric shapes are lovely to look at in their symmetry, and she even includes the templates to each object so that you can print them out yourself. I was particularly drawn to this DIY because so many paper/garland tutorials out there err on the side of frilliness (rather than good design); this one, however is modern and clean and simple, with a emphasis on craftsmanship instead of just craftines.

From the Mini Eco blog: There seems to be a bit of a Polyhedra craze going on at the moment. It seems to me that mathematics has never been so cool. That sweet GIF at the end really made the post. Anastassia Elias Creates Charming Miniature Worlds Inside Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls Toilet Paper Art-Anastassia Elias – Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World. Anastassia Elias is a painter, illustrator and a collage artist and her Rouleaux dioramas are just one of her many talents.

Anastassia Elias Creates Charming Miniature Worlds Inside Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls Toilet Paper Art-Anastassia Elias – Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World

Anastassia Elias is a painter, illustrator and collage artist and her Rouleaux dioramas showcase just one of her many talents. She creates tiny scenes inside the tubes by attaching paper cutouts to the side walls with glue and tweezers. The placement of her characters and objects creates a 3D scene and light travels through the tubes to create motion and shadow. “I cut the small paper shapes that I stick inside the toilet paper rolls,” explains Elias. ”I use tweezers to manipulate the paper shapes. I select the paper of the same color as the roll. Airplane Birthday Party Inspiration. Airplanes make quite a fun birthday theme for little ones!

Airplane Birthday Party Inspiration

It is also a theme I get asked about on a regular basis so I thought I’d share some of the “best of the best” when it comes to airplane birthdays to give you a bit of inspiration if you are planning on hosting a “high flying” party this coming year. This first party above was designed by the well known sweets designer Amy Atlas for her son’s birthday. Airplane Cake for Dash. Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts.

Airplane Cake for Dash

The party plane is about to take off. Yes my latest novelty cake creation is an airplane birthday cake that I made on the weekend for my little nephew, Dash's, first birthday. In addition to all the usual festive celebrations, my sister Chris has visited from Ireland with her husband Fergal and little son Dash. On the weekend I went to stay at my parents' place for lots of family fun.

Airplane Birthday Cake « Andrea Meyers. In November we made a Lightening McQueen cake for Bob the Builder’s birthday, and at the time Top Gun repeated over and over how he wanted a Mater cake for his birthday.

Airplane Birthday Cake « Andrea Meyers

Well, two months ago he changed his tune after becoming obsessed with airplanes. “Mommy, Daddy, I want a crashed airplane cake. Mommy, you make the cake, and Daddy, you decorate it.” Parking Garage from a Box. In case you didn’t know, we love cardboard boxes around here. Quite often when the UPS man delivers a box, K starts spouting off all the things he wants me to make out of our new box. K keeps asking me for a blacktop (aka road), but we’ve already made one, so I wanted to try something new. In the two days we’ve had this, K has spent several hours driving his cars up and down the ramp and parking them on the upper level. School Bus from a Box.

Shopping for car seats stresses me out beyond reason. It took hours of research to decide on a booster for K because of all the variables, and when I did finally find one I was ok with, the next day, a similar one came out on sale for half the price. Being cheap as I am, I took the first one back (unused) and bought the second one. As an added bonus, the second one came in a huge box! How To Make Colored Rice - Dose of Happy.

Over the weekend we made colored rice.

How To Make Colored Rice - Dose of Happy

It’s provided endless amount of fun around here so I thought you might like to know how to make it. It’s really, really easy. Ingredients: -Rice -Food coloring -Rubbing alcohol -Ziploc bags 1. Dump 2 cups of uncooked rice into ziploc bag2. Simple Play: Pipe Cleaner Game - Dose of Happy. Porter is 15 months and has enjoyed this game for a little while now.

Simple Play: Pipe Cleaner Game - Dose of Happy

It’s perfect when I need him focused and quiet for a little bit— think church or waiting in the doctor’s office. Pipe cleaners (I cut a few pipe cleaners into three to fit into the bottle).Bottle that has a lid with holes (large spice jar, parmesan cheese bottle). And there you have a fun little toy for your tike to play with. Leaf Painted Turkey - Dose of Happy. Hair Gel Bag for Toddlers - Dose of Happy. Another great activity for toddlers!

Hair Gel Bag for Toddlers - Dose of Happy

Hair Gel (I found mine at the Dollar Store)Food ColoringZiploc Bag (Gallon size) Pour entire bottle of hair gel into Ziploc Bag.Add 10 drops (more or less depending on the color you want) of food coloring.Mix and zip up the bag Caden helped me mix the hair gel and food coloring and starting playing with it on the table. He loved squishing the bag and “moving the bubbles around.”

He’s been really into his ABC’s lately so I asked him to draw a letter. It was so much easier to see what he was drawing on the light table. “The letter E” DIY Magnetic Advent Calendar - Dose of Happy. Before Thanksgiving, Caden was asking me when Santa would be here.

DIY Magnetic Advent Calendar - Dose of Happy

I kept telling him, “After Thanksgiving.” Now that it’s after Thanksgiving, he’s asking me no less than bazillion times a day. I’m hoping this little advent calendar will come in handy with our count down until Christmas. I’ve sure had fun thinking of different ideas to put in each day. To make the Advent Calendar, I downloaded the printable numbers from Twig & Thistle and modified the look to use what I had.

DIY Ice Skates - Dose of Happy. Caden has been begging me to take him ice skating.

DIY Ice Skates - Dose of Happy

I have no idea where he got this idea, but it got me thinking. We can bring the ice skating inside! My friend, Laura used to let her kids skate on commercial grade carpet (the flat, no pad kind) with wax paper taped to their shoes. Bunny Finger Puppets! - Knitting Crochet Sewing Crafts Patterns and Ideas! Besides being adorable, these little puppets are a snap to make. You could make the whole set of five (or more) in one evening with time to spare. I think little handmade touches like these really make something like an Easter basket all the more special. Birthday Crafts.

Simple Pop-Ups You Can Make! Crafts. The Idea Room Inspiring Mothers, Women and Families.