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Easy Holiday Decorations - Ideas for Easy to Make Christmas Decorations.


Christmas Party Tablescape. I’m cheating again, I’m reposting this from July.

Christmas Party Tablescape

We did a Christmas in July birthday party for the twins, if you weren’t around back then or you happened to miss it. So just call me cheater cheater – peppermint eater. Bottlecap holly and rubber bands. 3D Paper Snowflake. Snowflake templates. Paper Snowflakes 101. Giant craft stick snowflakes. I could hardly wait to show you this Popsicle stick craft!

Giant craft stick snowflakes

These snowflakes are fun, easy, and so inexpensive to make. The smallest snowflake is 12 inches across; the largest is 24 inches. Twig & Ornament Door Hanging. I, like many others, receive the Pottery Barn catalog and regularly drool on the pictures of beautiful things that I can not have.

Twig & Ornament Door Hanging

It's a great way to spend an afternoon don't you know? Ha! But really, the catalogs give me ideas & get my wheels turning about new projects or new ways to work the things I already have in my home. Enter, my new twiggy ornament door hanging If you got the recent holiday catalog from Pottery Barn, you likely saw a picture similar to this one below, which is what inspired my version. They are advertising for the topiary, but the twig & snowflake hung on the door was what I noticed. Sheet music Christmas tree ornaments. Homemade ornaments are so much more fun, rewarding, and cheaper than buying them.

Sheet music Christmas tree ornaments

Especially when they’re made of paper—in this case, sheet music. That’s why I included so many paper ornaments in my handmade holiday gift list. For this project, I made stars, but you can use nearly any symmetrical shape to make these ornaments (tree, wreath, heart, bell, angel, ball, snowflake, etc.). I made four patterns for you to download to make your own ornaments: star, bell, angel, and ball. Click here to download the patterns. The song printed on the star is a little-known Christmas hymn titled “With Wondering Awe.” Popup Greeting Cards. We've been talking recently about how great free printables are for cheap crafting on the fly.

Popup Greeting Cards

In this guest post, DSC reader Maria Rainier shows us another example with a tutorial for using a printable to make a quick and easy popup Christmas card. Thanks much, Maria! - Rhonda With the holiday shopping season coming up, it’s easy to just take a deep sigh and simply ask, “How much?” No need to spend money on greeting cards this year, though—cheap DIY cards are a great way to save while showing that you care. Project estimate: Paper, on hand or $1Scissors, on handGlue, on hand Total: Free and up First, print out a popup design on the paper.

Cut away the sides of the pattern so only the tree and the dotted lines remain. Fold along the vertical dotted line as carefully as you can with the pattern on the outside. Fold over the first tier of branches at the top of the tree along the folded line, back and forth. Take the Christmas tree card and turn it so you’re seeing the dotted lines. Glittering Snowflake Ornament. Styrofoam Christmas Lights. Hi guys!

Styrofoam Christmas Lights

I am excited to be apart of Haul Out the Holly for the second year! Last year I shared my version of Elf on the Shelfand this year I am sharing how to make these jumbo Christmas lights... Now I know some of you have already seen these and I am sorry for that but I am still dealing with some stuff right now and Gwen has been gracious to let me off the hook so to speak. :) And I kinda think they rock so I like showing them off :) Ready to make some of your own? Here we go... hot glue gun and extra sticks if you plan to make multiple bulbssequin trim in assorted colorsmetallic cord*1.5 inch styrofoam ballsapprox. 2 inch styrofoam eggs, package says they are 1-13/16' by 2-7/16"scissors*After buying a spool of cording for $1.99 and it only being enough for about 3 lights I did some research and found out that for the same price I could get 27 yards if I bought metallic cording for plastic canvas.

Step 3. Step 4: Now it's time to get your glue guns out. Now for the top. CD Christmas Tree Ornament Craft. How to make 25 paper Christmas ornaments. 3D paper ball ornaments. I love 3D paper things. Love. And when I saw a little picture of what appeared to be paper balls in a CB2 catalog, I thought, "I am going to make those. " So the other day while Alex was writing a paper about mysterious things like polymers and flexible films and tactoids, I made a paper ball. Then I proudly announced I had created a tactoid and it was sitting on my desk.

He giggled. These are made from 12 slotted flower shapes that fit together to form a sphere. Download the PDF templates here:Large ball (10")– print/cut 12 sheetsMedium ball (5")– print/cut 2 sheetsSmall ball (3")– print/cut 1 sheet Download a Silhouette .studio file here:Small ball (3")– unzip the file; cut 1 sheet. If you want to hang your ornament, you might like to add the string before assembling the ball. Use the slits to join petals together. Hand-Printed Fleece Scarves. Christmas This easy no-sew, no-knit hand-printed scarf project makes a perfect and perfectly easy gift for everyone on your list.

Hand-Printed Fleece Scarves

And since they cost under $2.00 to make, you can create one to match every coat and outfit in their closet. Click play to watch the video, or check it out here. Easy Fringe Fleece Scarf. This fleece scarf is as fun to make as it is to wear.

Easy Fringe Fleece Scarf

It’s a great first-time-sewing project and perfect for the upcoming winter season. I made these with Halloween colors to help keep us warm as we trick-or-treat! Supplies for Fringe Fleece Scarf: 1/4 yard of fleece (any color)scissorssewing machine or needle & thread First, cut your fleece into long strips. Layer 2 or 3 fleece strips on top of each other. Cut 1 inch wide slits up each side of the sewn fleece strips. Now fluff it up and it’s ready to wear. Tagged as: clothes, fleece, scarf, tutorial Written by Marie LeBaron.