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Horror Writers Association. Horror World. The Horror Review: Horror Science Fiction Fantasy Movie Reviews / Book Reviews / Movie Posters for Sale/ Est:1999. Necropsy- Horror Fiction Reviews. Dark Echo: Horror Reviews. Horror Fiction Reviews. Horror: Science Fiction Book Club. The 25 Best Horror Novels Of The New Millennium. Since the year 2000, live-action horror has gone through several popular, and inevitably overdone, phases, some better than others but all contributing the genre’s highest level of mainstream acceptance in decades, if not ever.

The 25 Best Horror Novels Of The New Millennium

First came the wave of Japan-inspired ghost stories and remakes of foreign movies, triggered by 2002’s box office hit The Ring; then, two years later, the controversial “torture porn” stretch of hard-R-rated flicks piggybacked on the successes of Saw (2004) and Hostel (2005). Once the Saw franchise hit its sadly redundant sixth film, audiences demanded a change, which came in the form of 2009’s made-for-nothing, found-footage phenomenon, Paranormal Activity, the impetus, along with the sci-fi/horror pic Cloverfield (2008), for the visual style’s current dominance (even in television shows like The River).

And, in the last few years, vampires (Twilight, True Blood) and zombies (The Walking Dead) have once again become in vogue. RELATED: The 50 Scariest Movies Ever.