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The Art of Doing Stuff. Make It and Love It: Glass Etching. Have you ever done any glass etching?

Make It and Love It: Glass Etching

Well, neither had I before today. But wow. Such an easy, yet sweet little touch that you can add to any glass. Check out my new and improved etched Trifle Bowl. The perfect bowl for desserts of all kinds…..and even a great place for fresh fruit on the counter. Perfect For Renters: 6 Blackboard Backsplashes. DIY and Crafties / DIY Kitchen Chandelier. DIY ~ Paper Mâché Tea Cups. I have a super-gorgeous DIY tutorial today.

DIY ~ Paper Mâché Tea Cups

As soon as I saw this baby I knew I had to blog about it. The idea behind these gorgeous paper mâché teacups comes originally from a very creative New York designer Ann Wood. Ann has been experimenting with the paper mâché teacup design for some time and has posted a great step-by-step tutorial on her blog along with a template for download. Tutorial} Chalkboard Menu. Custom Chalk Lettering by Dana Tanamachi – Inspiration Hut. Dana Tanamachi is one of our all time favorite custom lettering artists and could quite easily be yours.

Custom Chalk Lettering by Dana Tanamachi – Inspiration Hut

What makes her typography creations even more beautiful is the fact that they are created with chalk and whilst this is quite an unusual choice of medium to work with, it has provided her with an edge over the competition and her work with a gorgeous authentic touch. Within this article I have compiled a few of her, in my opinion, best pieces along with some insightful time-lapse videos at the end.

Dana Tanamachi-Williams is a Texas-bred, Brooklyn-based graphic designer and letterer who enjoys living a quiet life and working with her hands. After designing Broadway show posters at SpotCo and working under Louise Fili, Dana opened her own design & lettering boutique, Tanamachi Studio.