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DIY Vertical Terrarium Mini Garden Wedding Favors. We’re approaching the end of our DIY wedding favor series, but I guarantee you will love our last picks as much as the first ones.

DIY Vertical Terrarium Mini Garden Wedding Favors

These vertical terrarium wedding favors make great gifts because they don’t take any room, and are extremely easy to maintain. Who wouldn’t want to bring a little bit of the outdoors to their home or office? – Gravel (can be found at any pet store in the aquarium section) – Air plants, cactus or succulents (you will need a small amount of potting soil if not using air plants) – Moss – spray paint – magnetic metal tins (from here or here, you just need to slap magnetic tape on the back!) – Dremel tool – painter’s tape – E6000 glue Cover your tins with painter’s tape before you begin spray painting the inside of them.

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