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Way to share business news for week. Home-based business - Business topics | 3 Surprisingly Hot Global VC Markets That Are Getting Even Hotter. Other than them participating in the World Cup this summer, Russia, Mexico and Brazil don’t seem to have much in common. But surprisingly enough, these three countries are all fostering young venture capital markets that are experiencing blockbuster growth.

The global venture-capital leaders in 2013 were the U.S., Europe, China, Israel and India, according to the latest annual market analysis released by financial services giant EY. The U.S. alone accounted for 68 percent of global VC activity, while Europe and China represented 15 percent and 7 percent, respectively. Related: Silicon Valley VCs Are More Confident Than They've Been in Years While Russia, Mexico and Brazil aren’t going to compete with the likes of the U.S. and Europe any time soon, their venture capital markets are hotbeds of innovation and important for industry watchers to keep a pulse on, according to EY.

Russia. The industry is hampered by a lack of easily accessible information. Mexico. Brazil. Perspectives on global development. The "Perspectives on Global Development 2013- Industrial Policies in a Changing World" discusses the renewed interest in industrial policies by developing economies as part of their development strategies to face the changing global economic landscape. Since the mid-1990s, economic growth rates in large and populous middle-income countries have substantially outpaced those in OECD countries. This has reshaped the global economy and favoured convergence in global income per capita. The process of “shifting wealth” was led by China and India, but other countries are also contributing to it, including Brazil and South Africa. In spite of the persistence of large gaps in income per capita between OECD and non-OECD economies and the wide inequality within developing countries, most developing countries have improved their macroeconomic management and have started to address long-term structural challenges.

Industries To Watch In 2014: The 10 Fastest-Growing Fields. Money 3.0: How Bitcoins May Change the Global Economy. After the feds seized and shuttered Silk Road, an online marketplace for illegal drugs, earlier this month, some technology experts started sounding the death knell for Bitcoin, Silk Road's international currency of choice. Instead, we may soon see Bitcoin's real value. Invented in 2008, Bitcoin is not the first attempt at an all-digital, cryptographically based currency. Others have existed in one form or another for nearly fifty years, but have either failed to take off or dramatically crashed and burned.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency with the deep structure, wide adoption, and trading momentum to achieve escape velocity. In practice, Bitcoin blends credit cards' ease of digital transfer with the relative anonymity of a cash handoff. Until now, the most well-known of these goods have been illegal drugs, like those on Silk Road. Bitcoin's future potential was a hot topic this week at emTech, an MIT conference on emerging technologies. What is Bitcoin For? Bitcoin's Origins Money 3.0. Most Successful Entrepreneurs In The World | List of Famous Entrepreneurs. Think We're the Most Entrepreneurial Country In the World? Not So Fast - Jordan Weissmann. We're the venture-capital capital of the world, but start-ups and young small businesses play a lesser role in America's economy than in many other rich nations. Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom, a Swedish entrepreneur, speaking at an event in Dublin.

(Reuters) America's entrepreneurial streak is one of the things that, theoretically, is supposed to make us exceptional as a country. At least it is if you listen to most politicians. But how do we actually stack up with rest of the world when it comes to building our own businesses? We are, in fact, pretty unexceptional. We Have a Start-up Rate Lower than Sweden's (and Israel's, and Italy's...) Entrepreneurship is still a bit of a blurry area of economic research, and (as you'll soon see) using different standards to measure it can yield radically different results.

But hey, at least we beat Canada. There isn't a whole lot in common between the countries that outperform us. New Businesses Don't Make Up a Large Portion of Our Jobs Hold on! Global Leadership Forum business seminar featuring Martha Stewart, George Clooney, Russell Simmons. The top 10 small business tax deductions in 2013. In preparation for the end of financial year, I’ve listed my top 10 small business tax breaks that you should not overlook. Please do note that the strategies listed below are for businesses that have a turnover of less than $2 million.

Also, some of the tips below are meant for businesses that are profitable this year or have a big fat profit sitting in their profit and loss statement and want to avoid paying lots of tax. If your cash flow permits, try my top 10 list of tax deduction strategies. 1. Here’s something that will generate an immediate tax deduction – prepaying your expenses. Examples of items you can prepay: rent, insurance, repairs to business assets, subscriptions, business trips, seminars and conference bookings, leases, and telephone and internet services.

Tip: Review purchases of supplies before 30th June, and top up. 2. Tip: If you need supplies, ensure that the supplier invoices the business by 30 June to claim the deduction. 3. 4. Need new assets? 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. How the Internet Has Changed the World [INFOGRAPHIC] From hactivism to the flipped classroom, the Internet has sparked an online revolution with digital tools. Classified documents on Wikileaks helped spark the Arab Spring, and protestors organized through Facebook. Daily tweets about the Egyptian revolution increased 100% after the overthrow of the country, showcasing the power of trending. Not only has the World Wide Web assisted in shaping our political persuasions, but also our personal interests. While there are 139,500 professional photographers in the U.S., Instagram rekindled the snap-happy side of everyone, with 90 million active users each month on the social platform.

As the number of Internet users grow, the world changes, as suggested by this infographic from NowSourcing. There were more than 2 billion web users in 2012, which is a 566.4% increase from the year 2000 (we've come a long way from Y2K). Check out the infographic for more stats about how the Internet has made an impact. Image via iStockphoto, franckreporter. World Business. Courts Tech giants settle wage conspiring case Four major tech companies including Apple and Google have agreed to pay a total of $324 million to settle a lawsuit accusing them of conspiring to hold down salaries in Silicon Valley, sources familiar with the deal said, just weeks before a high profile trial had been scheduled to begin. Tech New Microsoft CEO impresses Wall Street Microsoft's new chief executive got off to a winning start with Wall Street on Thursday as the world's largest software company eased past analysts' profit estimates despite the pressure of falling computer sales.

Apple expands share buyback by $32b, authorises stock split Pharma Botox maker Allergan subject of $50.2b bid Canada's Valeant Pharmaceuticals International said it and activist investor Bill Ackman made an unsolicited $US47 billion ($50.2 billion) bid to buy Botox maker Allergan as it seeks to become one of the world's five biggest drug companies. Medical Flurry of deals reshapes pharma industry Motoring Legal. Government Grants and Loans Assistance | CALL : 1300-362-755Business Aid Centre | Helping Businesses Grow. World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Global BDN - The Global Business Development Network.