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The Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Pinterest Pin [Diagram] When you first join Pinterest, pinning seems simple.

The Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Pinterest Pin [Diagram]

You upload an image and a link to a board you have and voila -- you've got a pin! The fervor sets in: You begin to pin all the things you can. 21 Blogs You Must Read for the Best Pinterest Tips. Are you making the most of Pinterest?

21 Blogs You Must Read for the Best Pinterest Tips

Are you reading the right blogs that help you get the best out of Pinterest? Pinterest has grown very quickly attracting both everyday users and businesses. All of them take part sharing great content in the form of images which makes it a very enjoyable and addictive experience. Four Seasons: Making luxury travel possible with Pinterest. Inspiring travel On Pinterest, Four Seasons curates travel, food and luxury lifestyle content to inspire guests.

Four Seasons: Making luxury travel possible with Pinterest

“Four Seasons followers can bring our hotel experience home, from food and beverage recipes to floral inspiration and beyond,” said Felicia Yukich, global social media marketing manager. After launching their main Pinterest account, Four Seasons created profiles for more than 81 hotels and resorts around the world. Each property has an individual personality but the quality bar stays high.

Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles features red carpet style, healthy California cuisine and a distinctly Beverly Hills perspective on luxury. 11 Advanced Pinterest Tips and Tricks. Three ways to improve your Pins. Just one Pin can give people a glimpse into what makes your business special, so you want to make sure you’re making an impression.

Three ways to improve your Pins

When people see Pins in their home feed, category feeds or search results, they make a snap judgment about whether they want to click further or repin. Clicks send traffic back to your website while repins ensure your stuff gets seen by more people. (In other words, you want both!) We studied thousands of Pins to figure out which ones get the most traction. Three common elements jumped out: Vertical Pins work better Pins with a vertical aspect ratio flow better with the Pinterest experience. Longer descriptions outperform shorter ones There’s a lot said about the visual nature of Pinterest, but it’s also a service that people use to plan their lives. Positive, aspirational messages resonate. Pinterest Marketing: Pincome 2.0 & PinPioneer: Auto Distribution of Pinterest. SEO and Traffic. Pincome 2.0 - Dominate Pinterest. I had a review copy of this.

Pincome 2.0 - Dominate Pinterest

He ran the pins on the 10th, and here are the results: This is the traffic that has come directly from Pinterest since we ran the pins. Here is direct/none traffic, compared to the previous 10 days so you can see that the first few days of the pin we saw a ton more traffic than we normally see on this site. I haven't taken the time to do the analytics on sales, but we generally convert at 4% on this site, with average order value hovering around $100. Our margins are really good. My suggestion is that if you use this package, make sure you have images that appeal to people on Pinterest. This is also a very female-heavy demographic, so if you are looking for that type of traffic, it's golden. Pinterest is hot right now, and the traffic is only getting bigger, the authority is only getting better. Using Pinterest for MLM and Generating Pincome (Pinterest Income) <<<<=====Share on Facebook Here and Google+ above If you Like, RETWEET HERE============>>>> And Comment Below!

Using Pinterest for MLM and Generating Pincome (Pinterest Income)

Recently I started using Pinterest for MLM and Internet Marketing Business. My efforts on creating Pinterest income have grown as of late. The Online MLM Guide. When you think of Pinterest, do you think recipes, craft, amazing pictures etc?

The Online MLM Guide

Most people think of Pinterest as being a personal pin up board to store all of the great pictures and ideas they find from surfing the net. But have your considered Pinterest for Business? As you would well be aware, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites today. Currently it is responsible for driving more referral traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ all put together. Sarah Robbins – Using Pinterest For Network Marketing. SheKnows on Pinterest. How to use Pinterest to market your small business.

“Do we really need another social media channel?!”

How to use Pinterest to market your small business.

That was the premise I went in to this interview with. “Yes we do!” , is my view following this chat … on the proviso that it’s easy to manage and provides a commercial return. The guy who convinced me is Jason Miles – the co-author of the best-seller Pinterest Power, VP of advancement at Seattle’s Northwest University and co-founder (with is wife) 0f Liberty Jane Clothing – a six-figure online business successfully selling designs for doll’s clothes. 3 Unique Ways to Use Pinterest for Business. Does your business have a clear Pinterest strategy?

3 Unique Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

Have you been struggling to figure out how Pinterest could help market your business? Pinterest represents a massive opportunity for both consumer-focused and business-to-business companies. In this article, I’ll show you three ways to build a successful Pinterest presence for your business. Strategy plays a vital role in success on Pinterest. #1: Increase Your Brand Authority. How to Use Pinterest in Your Small Business. Is Pinterest just another social media fad, or should you actually invest your time and sign up? February 09, 2012 I signed up for Pinterest about six months ago. And just like Twitter, I didn’t quite get it at first. The Trends That Ruled Pinterest In 2013. Editor's note: This post was originally published by our partners at PopSugar Tech.

The Trends That Ruled Pinterest In 2013

Pinterest, the web's fastest growing content-sharing platform, is home to some of the Internet's most stunning images and most clever hacks. The It Girl of social networking isn't just full of mason jars and wedding dresses—as the most repinned material from 2013 shows, Pinterest is a place to plan travel, learn about tech, find workout inspiration, and bookmark the cars of your dreams, too. This year, Pinterest was also a place where users lent each other helping hands. Pinners offered their expertise on how to pack light and tie a tie, then a massive number of fellow pinfolk liked, commented, and saved those tutorials for themselves. Read on to discover what trends tickled Pinterest users' fancies in travel, decor, tech, and more, then let us know which pins were your year-end favorites.

26 Ways to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business. My Top Pinterest Tips. 10 Ways to Use Infographics. Big data is one of the largest idea trends of 2013, and the biggest question surrounding it has been figuring out the best way to interpret it all. Whether you are a corporation trying to communicate earnings and innovations to investors, a designer looking for a job that needs a unique resume, an organization that needs to effectively communicate the issues they care about, or an educator teaching a challenging topic in a short amount of time, the problem remains the same: how do you take the wealth of information at your disposal and effectively simplify and present it in an engaging and informative way? One answer is infographics. Infographics are graphic visual representations of data that are intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. The best way to explain an infographic is with another infographic (source: Customer Magnetism):

What Are Infographics and Why Are They Important? Infographics are visual presentations of information that use the elements of design to display content. Infographics express complex messages to viewers in a way that enhances their comprehension. Images are often an extension of the content of a written article, but infographics convey a self-contained message or principle. If a road sign has too much information on it, then it is difficult to read. Infographics compress and display this information in a visually pleasing way so that drivers don’t miss the message. Infographics communicate complex data quickly and clearly, and they are considered to be effective worldwide. You may be interested in the following related articles as well. 10 free tools for creating infographics.

For all the importance we place on text, it's an indisputable fact that images are processed in the brain faster than words. Hence the rise and rise of the infographic which, at its best, transforms complex information into graphics that are both easy to grasp and visually appealing. No wonder magazine readers and web visitors love the best infographics. How to make your own infographic. 102 Flares Twitter 36 Facebook 14 Google+ 30 LinkedIn 12 inShare12 Buffer 10 102 Flares ×

Piktochart: Infographic and Graphic Design for Non-Designers. How 4 Small Businesses Are Winning on Pinterest. It's been a few months since photo-sharing site Pinterest was all the rage in social media circles. Pinterest grew from seven million unique visitors in December 2011, to a high of almost 20 million in April, according to web traffic analysis service While growth has leveled off, use has remained consistent.

Target to Collaborate With Top Pinterest Users on Party Collections. By now, it's old hat for brand-name designers to team up with discount retailers (Stella McCartney for H&M, Isaac Mizrahi for Target, Vera Wang for Kohl's, to name just a few). How You Can Get More Pinterest Followers (Infographic) Why Pinterest Is Driving Social Engagement (and How You Can Take Advantage) Pinterest is leading the way for social growth. In a recent Forbes article, tool ShareThis said “Pinners,” or Pinterest users, had more share activity than Facebook or Twitter users in 2013.