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Challenges for Kenya's next president - Opinion. Kenya has its fair share of challenges, but also an endowment of opportunities.

Challenges for Kenya's next president - Opinion

The most important advantage is the Kenyan people. Unlike many of its peers, Kenya has not relied on oil or mining to develop. It remains one of the most diversified economies in Africa [PDF], with a well-educated, enterprising population, a capitalist tradition, and a GDP that straddles agriculture, tourism, communications, infrastructure, services and increasingly natural resources. The country's development blueprint, Vision 2030, seeks to consolidate and exploit these advantages to make Kenya a solidly middle-income country as soon as possible.

The plan identifies several flagships, transformative projects ranging from a new constitution to the ambitious port/rail corridor from Lamu to Ethiopia/South Sudan. The first priority will be to consolidate far-reaching legal reforms already underway to turn Kenya around. Managing the devolution process will be a mammoth task.

Wabenzi: In the land of poverty and opulence - Opinion. At the back of Nairobi's City Hall is an old black Vanden Plas Princess limousine - a symbol of status during the 1960s and 70s.

Wabenzi: In the land of poverty and opulence - Opinion

The Mayor of Nairobi purchased it shortly after Kenya's independence from Britain in 1963. In fact, most aldermen at the time thought it was a Rolls Royce, and perpetuated this misperception to those who observed it sibilantly cruising along the streets of Nairobi. As a village boy, I admired the car when I saw it in mid 80s. So controversial was this purchase in the 1960s that the matter ended up in Parliament on whether the country could afford such opulence. Annals of Settler Colonialism: British Atrocities in Post-War Kenya. The anti-colonial movement in Kenya of the 1950s was mythologized by the British as a shadowy ‘Mau-Mau,’ an irrational outbreak of aimless hatred.

Annals of Settler Colonialism: British Atrocities in Post-War Kenya

Kenya's Kibera Slum. The International Reporting Project took us to the Kibera slum today, everyone here says it's the largest slum in the world (though Wikipedia says it's third), and we heard presentations from youth groups, Doctors Without Borders, and others.

Kenya's Kibera Slum

We also broke into small groups and interviewed families -- we were free to ask anything we wanted -- about half of which were HIV positive. Kibera It's hard to understand how many of them make it at all. Rent for a dirt-walled shack is 1500 shillings per month (the exchange rate is approximately 80 to 1 so this is around $18.75 per month). All of the people we talked to were casual laborers, and they found work when they could doing things such as knocking on doors and asking if people needed their clothes washed.

Kenya - reading...

Kenya - curators.. ISS - Events - ISS and HSF Seminar Report: Kenya`s Foreign Policy and Geostrategic interests. Venue: , ISS Nairobi, Conference Room, Braeside Gardens, Lavington Gitanga, Off Muthangari Road , Nairobi, Kenya Seminar Report: Kenya`s Foreign Policy and Geostrategic interests: Reconsidering the Somalia Intervention and Kenya`s Role in Regional Geopolitics.

ISS - Events - ISS and HSF Seminar Report: Kenya`s Foreign Policy and Geostrategic interests

Organised by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF), Nairobi, at ISS Nairobi Seminar Room, 10 May 2012 Context The rehatting of Kenyan troops into African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) comes several months after Kenya`s intervention in Somalia against the militant group Al-Shaabab. The campaign codenamed “Operation Linda Nchi” was praised by some as a bold move by the country to use its hard power to protect its strategic interests, but criticised by others who deemed its objectives as unrealistic and unachievable. Welcoming Remarks. Killing Kenyans: One Strike at a Time « Gukira. Kenyan health professionals—nurses, medical technicians, pharmacists—are on strike.

Killing Kenyans: One Strike at a Time « Gukira

Eye On Kenya's Parliament — Eye On Kenya's Parliament. Kenya Goes Dark « Sahel Blog. For months, Kenyans have been watching the value of their shilling fall (hitting an all-time low on June 7 before recovering slightly) as costs of living rise (inflation passed 14% in June, and could hit 22% later this year).

Kenya Goes Dark « Sahel Blog

The causes of the problem are many, but one important factor has been the drought that is devastating the Horn of Africa. Drought has pushed food prices upward, which contributes to broader inflation. Now, with the drought dragging on, the economic effects will be felt across Kenya, starting tomorrow, in the form of electricity cuts: Kenya Power has a 90 megawatt shortfall that will have to be taken care of through expensive emergency generators, meaning high power bills for both domestic and industrial consumers. Power blackouts are timed to ease demand at peak times for both domestic and industrial users. It's not just Kenya. Squaring up to the seamier side of empire is long overdue. History teaches us that empire can bring out the worst in people.

It's not just Kenya. Squaring up to the seamier side of empire is long overdue

In Britain we applaud the "civilising mission" of our imperial past, but are less happy to acknowledge the violence and brutality that so often girded our imperial endeavour. It is time we were more honest. As a nation Brits nurture memories of empire that are deceptively cosy, swathed in a warm, sepia-tinted glow of paternalistic benevolence. The British empire, so the story goes, brought progress to a primitive and savage world.