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Visite virtuelle, animation et reconstitution

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Paris, ville antique. Animation d'une fresque de Pompei / Pompei fresco animation. Auguste de Prima Porta - Couleurs reconstituées. British Museum video - Le Parthénon et ses couleurs d'origine. Animation d'un vase grec / Greec vase animation. A Day in Pompeii - Full-length animation. Virtual Roman House 2. Virtual Tours. Why Virtual Tours Excerpt from Best Ideas for Teaching with Technology: A Practical Guide for Teachers, by Teachers ... Field trips are excellent ways to immerse students in historical evidence by visiting museums, historical sites, author residences, or government buildings.

Field trips are also expensive, complicated to organize, and draw students away from their other class responsibilities. Fortunately, if you cannot visit an important site in person, you can often visit the site virtually on the Web. While some online virtual tours consist of static two-dimensional images and text, others contain engaging three-dimensional animations and simulations, panoramic video, and more. The British Broadcasting Corporation has some excellent online virtual tours. Virtual Tours are excellent vehicles for bringing primary source materials into the classroom, and museums and historical sites are adding more virtual tours to their Web sites.

Examples of Virtual Tours U.S. Mr. Google Earth. Visite virtuelle de la Rome impériale.