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Code To Customer - Code and start-ups in Wellington, New Zealand.
Affordable, powerful NMR that saves you time, space and money. Now available with Carbon-13, Fluorine-19 and 2D Proton NMR in one system. Spinsolve® is a revolutionary, compact NMR spectrometer that provides exceptional performance in a low-cost, convenient and compact package. It has beautiful software that makes it easy and convenient to operate. Spinsolve is ideal for chemistry education, synthetic chemists, reaction monitoring as well as industrial QA and QC. The advanced system now includes both 13C, 1H and 19F capability as well as 2D methods like HMQC, HETCOR, COSY and 2D JRES. Magritek home page Magritek home page
Izon Science - nanotechnology company providing advanced nanoparticle analysis solutions – Izon Science Ltd
mātakina: an international company with world-class technology Taking a best of breed approach from technology developed by world-class innovators, Mātakina’s mission is to seize the opportunity presented by digital imaging to revolutionize applications that utilize image processing by applying fundamental physics. The first focus is assisting in breast cancer detection and diagnosis which has been subjective, qualitative, inaccurate and too tuned for an “average individual” for too long. Please see for full sales information about our product suite which is helping to optimize screening right around the world: mātakina technology mātakina technology
Mohawk Media | creative, strategy, training 23Oct Animated infographic for the NZ Oil Spill Map from Greenpeace to explore the possible impact of deep sea oil drilling in New... Read more » Mohawk Media | creative, strategy, training