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New engine shakes up auto industry - Technology & science - Innovation New engine shakes up auto industry - Technology & science - Innovation Despite shifting into higher gear within the consumer's green conscience, hybrid vehicles are still tethered to the gas pump via a fuel-thirsty 100-year-old invention: the internal combustion engine. However, researchers at Michigan State University have built a prototype gasoline engine that requires no transmission, crankshaft, pistons, valves, fuel compression, cooling systems or fluids. Their so-called Wave Disk Generator could greatly improve the efficiency of gas-electric hybrid automobiles and potentially decrease auto emissions up to 90 percent when compared with conventional combustion engines.
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Bob Boyce 27 Years HHO Part 1
How to make a simple HHO (Hydrogen Gas) Generator...Run your car on water!
Water Powered Car "The automobile has practically reached the limit of its development is suggested by the fact that during the past year no improvements of a radical nature have been introduced." (Scientific American January 2, 1909) Hydrogen and Oxygen gas spilt from water, we can "Hydroxy gas" the molecules are bonded together positively in a ortho hydrogen state, 2.4x's to 4x's more powerful than the normal "para hydrogen" The common hydrogen "para hydrogen" the apposing negative state of hydrogen that can be pressurized into a metal tank or bottle. NOw they store it in plastic bottles., that can take high pressure for long periods that we see in pressured into a liquid metal bottle of gas. Hydroxy gas can NOT be stored this way, it is too powerful to store in a tank. Water Powered Car
Bob Boyce 27 Years HHO Part 1
Stan Meyer's Dune Buggy Stan Meyer's Dune Buggy that ran on water. Hydrogen/Oxygen fuel in an ICE motor. On board electrolysis, no hydrogen tanks, no bombs on-board, just water. (1998) It ran 100 miles per gallon! Stan Meyer's Dune Buggy
Archie Blue Archie Blue Peter tells how to make the 3 cell design to work. Electrolytic Gas updated .pdf 6-15-06 This paper sets out to describe why an experimental apparatus, namely a 12 valve Toyota 1600cc 4cyl engine runs on electrolytic gas. That is not so strange in itself as it is well known that Hydrogen is a fuel*. The benefit of using electrolytic gas is that the Hydrogen has with it, its own oxidizer - Oxygen.