Epic - Symphonic

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Rhapsody Of Fire
Juvaliant Dear Visitors! Juvaliant is a Progressive Power Metal-band from Salzburg (Austria). By the way, for everyone who doesn’t know about our little country: it has nothing to do with kangaroos and Down Under, rather it´s well known for “The sound of music” movie. But our “sound of music” has again nothing to do with that at all, for sure! Juvaliant
Luca Turilli
Edenbridge VOICIANO is the new acoustic project of the EDENBRIDGE main actors Sabine Edelsbacher (Vocals) and Lanvall (Grand Piano, acoustic guitars & other string instruments, Percussion). VOICIANO is based on acoustic instruments exclusively, mainly the grand piano. However many other instruments like acoustic guitars, hammered dulcimer, kacapi, bouzouki, mandolin, saz and diverse percussion instruments are appearing. Edenbridge