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Energy healing

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The Sound of Light: Physical Regeneration. The Womb Blessing Attunement Registration - with author Miranda Gray. "In February 2014 the Womb Blessing family consisted of over 65,000 women from over 130 countries worldwide.

The Womb Blessing Attunement Registration - with author Miranda Gray

" "Such a beautiful and wonderful experience. My womb and heart opened to love and light and the presence of the Divine Feminine. " "Thank you so much for this gift and I loved feeling connected to other women worldwide. " The Womb Blessing. Destiny Destiny is a word much used in the past.

People try to make sense of how and why they came to be human beings. Generally they concluded that Man was the centre of the universe created as such by an entity that came to be called God or in some cases the philosophical truth called the Tao or the Way. This of course had to make sense of suffering and inequality. Born to a rich family you were considered fortunate. Facebook. Why Thoughts Jump. Humans are surrounded by a force field that is sometimes called the etheric field.

Why Thoughts Jump

It goes out about 18 inches from your body, but it can spike 20-30 feet across a street say, if driven by intense emotions. Your Etheric Field Goes about 18 Inches The field is full of information about your feelings, your state of mind and of course your thoughts. When you pass another person there is an exchange of energy. It is usually in the form of a rolling, sinusoidal wave, but it can be a zigzag, saw tooth wave.