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Prisons, Churches, Castles and Misc. Buildings

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Old New-Gate Prison. Clyde Public Library. Click on any of the titles in the option box below to view the photo: The Clyde Public Library is located at 222 West Buckeye Street in Clyde, Ohio (Sandusky County).

Clyde Public Library

The Clyde Public Library is over one hundred years old. It is a beautiful facility, and the staff is very friendly. But why I am posting photos of a library on my site? Well, in June 2007 I attended a ghost hunt with BSPHI (my favorite paranormal investigation group). For more information about the library, please see their site, Where do you want to go? Eastern State Penitentiary. Eastern State Penitentiary is located at 2124 Fairmount Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary was designed by John Haviland, and was constructed between 1822-1836 on farmland outside the city of Philadelphia. The prison was opened in 1829. It became one of the most famous prisons in the world, and approximately 300 other prisons all around the world were constructed based on its design. Eastern State was different than other prisons in its day. Instead of horrible living conditions and corporal punishment, the founders of this prison used solitary confinement in an attempt to reform the criminals into leading a better life. Junction City Prison. The Junction City Prison was demolished in Spring 2005.

Junction City Prison

I visited the Junction City Prison with the Ohio Exploration Society on March 15, 2003. I ended up taking fifty-one pictures, so instead of listing all of them in one big dropdown list I broke them into sections. Pancake Chapel. Click on any of the titles in the option box below to view the photo: The Pancake Chapel, also known as the Pancake Schoolhouse, is located on Selsor Moon Road in London, Ohio.

Pancake Chapel

The chapel is no longer used as a church; a farmer is now using it as a storage building. There is a small cemetery behind the chapel that I want to visit. I planned to visit it on this trip, however the farmer had cattle in the field around it so I decided to wait. The Pancake Chapel is supposedly haunted by the ghosts of several children who were killed there during an Indian raid. In December 2008, I received an e-mail from Tony Adams with an observation regarding one of my photos: I was looking at the pictures from the Pancake Chapel. Fore more information and photos, please click here to visit Forgotten Ohio's Selsor Moon Schoolhouse page. Where do you want to go?

Saint Louis Cathedral. Click on any of the titles in the option box below to view the picture: Saint Louis Cathedral is located on Chartres Street within the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Saint Louis Cathedral

The Saint Louis Cathedral is supposedly haunted by a priest named Pere Dagobert. On October 24, 1769 five French rebel leaders (who were also members of Saint Louis parish) were shot by a Spanish firing squad. A sixth Franch man was also killed on this day during a fight with the Spanish. The Spanish leaders would not allow these six men to be buried. Today on people claim to hear the beautiful tenor voice of Pere Dagobert singing the Kyrie on rainy mornings before the sun comes up. Where do you want to go? Salem Jail. West Virginia Penitentiary. On July 10, 2004 I attended the M.A.J.D.A ghost hunt/camp-out at the historic, haunted West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville, WV.

West Virginia Penitentiary

I must say, this is one of the coolest places I've EVER visited...I liked it so much that I attended more ghost hunts there on June 4, 2005 and June 17, 2006. Like always, I took way too many photos, so I have divided them into the following sections: You may notice that some of the photos are lopsided or really dark: this is because the prison was extremely dark and I couldn't see what I was taking photos of...I basically just had to point and shoot! I think some of them turned out pretty good though. A brief history of the building: Construction of the former West Virginia Penitentiary was started in 1866, just three years after West Virginia seceded from Virginia. Roseville Prison. Click on any of the titles in the option box below to view the photo: The Roseville Prison is located off OH-93 in Roseville, Ohio.

Roseville Prison

It is on private property, and the owners keep a close watch on it. If you really want to see it, please be respectful and just drive by. You can see plenty from the road. The Roseville Prison is no longer active, and it is owned by a private individual. Dunker Church. Click on any of the titles in the option box below to view the picture: The Dunker Church is part of the Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland.

Dunker Church

It's right off MD-65. Dunker Church was built in 1852 on land donatated by Samuel Mumma.