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Pottermore finally vanquishes technical obstacles to open access. Pottermore's launch in June 2011: some of the young readers who can now access the site meet JK Rowling.

Pottermore finally vanquishes technical obstacles to open access

Photograph: Akira Suemori/AP Frustrated Harry Potter fans have finally received the news they have been waiting for: JK Rowling's much-delayed Pottermore website is set to open to all comers in early April, with ebooks due out around the same time. Pottermore, an interactive version of the Harry Potter universe where users can duel their fellow wizards, cast spells and progress through the storyline of the Potter books, opened to one million beta users last July. Full launch was initially scheduled for October, but the immense popularity of the website among users – 550m page views were made in just two months – meant it was delayed until 2012. Officials have now announced that pottermore.com will open to everyone in early April. Pottermore : les ebooks d’H. Potter distribués dans 18 000 bibliothèques ! Pottermore : les ebooks d’H.

Pottermore : les ebooks d’H. Potter distribués dans 18 000 bibliothèques !

Pottermore: Taking content marketing to the next level. Let’s take a moment to bow down at the feet of one JK Rowling, because she truly is a branding genius.

Pottermore: Taking content marketing to the next level

She has done what many companies strive to do on a daily basis: going beyond creating an online presence and creating a way in which her brand will live on forever, through the wonders of content marketing. What is this ‘magical’ solution? Pottermorewiki.wikispaces. Welcome to the Pottermorewiki.This is a place where Pottermore members can seek help to discover the best Pottermore experience possible.


Please add any tips to help those in need! Pottermore is an exciting way to blend your love of the Harry Potter books with new experiences, games, challenges and lots of amazing new content. The graphics are rich and sumptuous and the new content is mind blowing. Harry Potter fans, you are in for a treat! Warning! Please note that this site is not associated in any way with Pottermore.com, J.K. JK Rowling should remember that less means more in the Potterverse. Harry Potter is like football.

JK Rowling should remember that less means more in the Potterverse

I'm talking about the literary, cinematic and merchandising phenomenon, not its focal fictional wizard. He isn't like football. He's like Jennings after being bitten by a radioactive conjuror. But, as with football, reports of Harry Potter-related events, products and personalities are everywhere. Like football supporters, Harry Potter fans seem to have an insatiable desire for more news, chat and retail opportunities related to their enthusiasm. It's bizarre. And then, obviously, because I am perverse, I was put off it by its ubiquity and other people's enthusiasm. Coming Soon – A new Harry Potter role play sim « Second Life Roleplay. Posted: July 30, 2011 by Salvatore Otoro in Roleplay Review, Roleplay Sims Tags: Harry Potter, Hogwarts, role play, roleplay, Second Life, Second Life fashion, secondlife, virtual, virtual world Hogwart's - your story A new Harry Potter role play sim is coming to Second Life.

Coming Soon – A new Harry Potter role play sim « Second Life Roleplay

As can be seen in the pictures, the build is coming along nicely as you can see in the pictures here and on their Flickr stream. The sim is being built by Light Claven, HogwartsYourStory, and Hayesc Resident; all fans of the Harry Potter series. Pottermore: Expert Explains How Harry Potter’s Website Will Transform Storytelling - Michael Humphrey - Techno-tainers. From PotterWar to Pottermore: The Extraordinary Evolution of Harry's World. IT ALL ENDS JULY 15: Seldom has a marketing slogan offered such direct insight into the Hollywood psyche.

From PotterWar to Pottermore: The Extraordinary Evolution of Harry's World

July 15 was of course the day Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 opened, concluding a decade of Potter movies with, as it turned out, an enormous bang—$481 million in weekend ticket sales worldwide, eclipsing all box-office records and leaving studio executives gasping for adjectives. Clearly the slogan worked. But the end of a $7 billion movie franchise for Warner Bros. was hardly the end for fans. In fact, you could just as well say "It all begins July 31"—because that's the day fans can register for Pottermore, the aptly named participatory Web site that J.K. Rowling announced last month.

When Rowling appeared at her press conference at the Victoria & Albert Museum, a Hogwartsian pile in West London, the big news was not, as generally reported, her decision to finally make the novels available as e-books.


What "Pottermore" Really Means for the Book Business. In her introductory video for “Pottermore,” the recently unveiled web portal for all things Potter, J.

What "Pottermore" Really Means for the Book Business

K. Secret Street View. Harry Potter. JKRowlingAnnounces's Channel‬‏ Welcome to YouTube! The location filter shows you popular videos from the selected country or region on lists like Most Viewed and in search results.To change your location filter, please use the links in the footer at the bottom of the page. Click "OK" to accept this setting, or click "Cancel" to set your location filter to "Worldwide". The location filter shows you popular videos from the selected country or region on lists like Most Viewed and in search results. Ask Your Pottermore Questions. Books Posted by: Melissa June 28, 2011, 11:00 AM Hi all!

Ask Your Pottermore Questions

We know that a lot of you have questions about Pottermore, J.K. The Leaky Cauldron (leaky) sur Twitter. Harry Potter author J K Rowling dumps the man who conjured up her millions. The Pottermore Effect on Ebooks and Transmedia Storytelling. 6.30.11 | Last week, author J.K.

The Pottermore Effect on Ebooks and Transmedia Storytelling

Pottermore: Understanding and Leveraging “Potter Points” JK Rowling Really Is Self-Publishing: A Closer Look. Now that the dust has settled a little, I would like to take some time today to examine aspects of JK Rowling’s move into self-publishing. As soon as the announcement was made, various people were tying themselves into knots to describe this as anything other than self-publishing. “Although some are likely to see Rowling’s decision to be her own publisher for her e-books as a significant one for the industry at large, Potter is a unique franchise.” That was from Publisher’s Weekly. Aside from the ludicrous suggestion that any writer couldn’t set up a website and sell their own work direct to the public, note they use “decision to be her own publisher” instead of the dreaded words “self-publishing”.

Some indies have claimed it’s not self-publishing because there are so many large corporations involved. Aside from that, JK Rowling is worth $1bn. Obviously, she has the resources to outsource everything. Confirmed: J K Rowling to sell Harry Potter e-books. 23.06.11 | Philip Jones and Charlotte Williams J K Rowling has confirmed that she will release paid-for e-book versions of her incredibly successful Harry Potter books from her new website Pottermore "in partnership with J K Rowling’s publishers worldwide". The news was unveiled via YouTube and at a press conference held today (23rd June). Her UK publisher Bloomsbury will receive a share of the revenues, which put out a Stock Exchange announcement to make clear the revenue was already in its forecasts. The e-books will be released in October, and will be available only on the Pottermore website, but will be compatible across a range of devices, including Amazon's Kindle.

Pottermore Launches, Will Sell Ebooks in October. Here's The Game JK Rowling Might Actually Change. Physical bookshops frustrated with Pottermore. 23.06.11 | Graeme Neill and Charlotte Williams Retailers have criticised J K Rowling's decision to sell the Harry Potter e-books directly through the Pottermore website, with Waterstone's saying physical bookshops are "effectively banned" from selling the digital editions. Rowling revealed this morning she would exclusively sell the seven books in the Potter series as e-books from October on her Pottermore site. Her publisher Bloomsbury will get a share of the revenues and the e-books will be available across a range of devices, including the Amazon Kindle.

However, retailers reacted strongly to the news. A spokesperson for Waterstone's said: "We always sought to add value for the fans when a new Harry Potter book was released and their launch days have become the stuff of legend at Waterstone's and other booksellers. At W H Smith, Rachel Russell, business unit director for books, said it was "disappointing" physical stores would not get the chance to sell the titles as e-books. Pottermore Web Site to Sell E-Books in October. J.K. Rowling has created Pottermore, a free to use Web site taking readers right into Hogwarts, as a way of thanking her fans and paying them back for their contributions to the book. Rowling announced the news in a press conference at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London on Thursday. To be launched on July 31, Harry Potter’s birthday, the site gives users access to roam in Harry's world, to uncover back stories and other additional material written by Rowling from notes of hers from the time of first writing the stories as well as those written subsequently.

Managing Pottermore: Maximizing a Competitive Advantage. What Harry Potter e-books mean for Apple. Unless you were somehow locked into a Petrificus Totalus for most of the previous day, you've probably heard of J.K. Rowling's Pottermore, an online extension of the Harry Potter universe that will feature games, information about the series not previously released in the books, and more. Three Reasons Why Pottermore Matters... Editorial: Can Pottermore save the fandom? - HPANA. With the recent frenzy of Pottermore news making waves across the fandom, we have once more witnessed an intensity and unity that is unmatched by the fervor any movie or theme park can generate.

What Pottermore Points Us Towards - LeaderTalk. By Ryan Bretag | @ryanbretag J.K. Rowling's announcement of Pottermore points us towards a new context for literacy, a context where the book and therefore our habits of reading are evolving through the affordance of digital tools and digital texts. Post-Artifact Booking. One of the better investigations of screen publishing I’ve seen is this long and detailed scenario by Craig Mod. Mod is a designer, thinker, and book maker. He sketches out a “systems view” of books and publishing, and nails the best definition of a book I’ve seen in a while: In reality, the book worth considering consists only of relationships.

Post-Artifact Books and Publishing — by Craig Mod. — Craig Mod, June 2011 "Roger Bacon held that three classes of substance were capable of magic: the herbal, the mineral, and the verbal. With their leaves of fiber, their inks of copperas and soot, and their words, books are an amalgam of the three. " Pottermore gives away JK Rowling's marketing genius.

With ‘Harry Potter,’ Publishing Finally Has Its ‘Radiohead Moment’ J.K. Rowling's Next Chapter: A Transfiguration Spell on the Publishing Industry. Author J.K. J.K. Rowling's Next Chapter: A Transfiguration Spell on the Publishing Industry #infdist.


Français. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Commerce - Tech Europe. By Nick Clayton Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images British author J.K. Pottermore: Initial Observations. J.K. Rowling's New Pottermore Site Will Change Digital Publishing - Nicholas Jackson - Technology. Harry Potter next chapter? Wizard website tells and sells all. Pottermore (pottermore) sur Twitter. Pottermore: Coming Soon. Harry Potter: Pottermore ! JKRowlingAnnounces's Channel‬‏