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Need a magical dose of nostalgia, dear Harry Potter fan? The interwebs have come to your rescue. You can watch all eight movies in just 13 minutes in this YouTube video. Relive 'Harry Potter' in 13 Magical Minutes [VIDEO] Relive 'Harry Potter' in 13 Magical Minutes [VIDEO]
Harry Potter : le parc d'attraction ouvre ses portes à Londres Alors que Pottermore, la plateforme numérique entièrement dédiée aux livres Harry Potter, doit ouvrir courant avril, un parc d’attraction inspiré des aventures de l’apprenti sorcier a ouvert ses portes à Londres en présence de nombreux fans. Jusqu’où ira la saga Harry Potter ? Films les plus rentables de l’histoire du cinéma (plus de 5 milliards d’euros de recettes), produits dérivés, sites internet, plateforme numérique dédiée au téléchargement des tomes de la saga… La sorcellerie des livres de J.K Rowling – qui se sont écoulés à 400 millions d’exemplaires - se décline à l’infini. Car ce n'est pas tout : un parc d’attraction entièrement dédié aux aventures du jeune sorcier de Poudlard a ouvert ses portes le week-end du 31 mars à Londres. 14 000 m2 de décors et de costumes Harry Potter : le parc d'attraction ouvre ses portes à Londres
A moins de résider sur la planète Mars, vous n’êtes pas sans savoir, chers lecteurs, que sort aujourd’hui dans nos salles la première partie du septième et dernier opus de l’adaptation cinématographique de la saga Harry Potter créée par JK Rowling, Harry Potter and the deathly hallows. Je profite de l’occasion pour vous dire mon affection pour le petit sorcier et pour partager avec vous quelques ressources online… En juin 1997, une jeune romancière anglaise sans le sou, mère célibataire de surcroit, publie le premier tome d’une saga consacrée à un orphelin malingre qui découvre le jour de son onzième anniversaire qu’il est un sorcier en devenir, le reste est légende… Grâce aux aventures littéraires d’Harry Potter, qui se déroulent en sept opus, et à leurs adaptations cinématographiques, JK Rowling est devenue un poids lourd de l’édition et détient l’une des plus grandes fortunes d’Angleterre. Coup de cœur pour Harry Potter Coup de cœur pour Harry Potter
EHP : L'Encyclopédie Harry Potter

EHP : L'Encyclopédie Harry Potter

Bienvenue sur L'Encyclopédie Harry Potter, la version française du Harry Potter Lexicon, et bien plus encore ! Pour parcourir le site, utilisez le menu de gauche qui reprend toutes les grandes sections. Pour en savoir plus sur le projet, l'équipe, etc., consultez les pages suivantes : 26 novembre 2012 : EHP est maintenant hébergé par Poudlard.org ! par Quentin, à 14:11 EHP est maintenant hébergé par Poudlard.org !
The Harry Potter Lexicon

The Harry Potter Lexicon

text menu original content © 2000-2008 The Harry Potter Lexicon, all rights reserved - last page update 7/20/06 KCThe Harry Potter Lexicon is an unofficial fan web site and is not associated in any way with J. K. Rowling, Warner Bros., or any other official entity.The Lexicon is committed to upholding copyright law and does not knowingly use any images or text illegally.This Lexicon contains spoiler information from all the Harry Potter books.
J.K. Rowling’s world of Harry Potter comes alive every morning when the Harvard Museum of Natural History (HMNH) opens it doors. Since July 9, Harry Potter aficionados and ambivalent readers alike have flocked to the museum to complete the “Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt.” To begin the scavenger hunt is simple: Pick up a “Marauder’s Map” when you enter the museum and follow its clues. Mapping out Harry Potter’s world Mapping out Harry Potter’s world
Potterglyphics: Harry Potter, encapsulated - Time Out Chicago Kids Just in time for the final installment of the Harry Potter movie series (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two, in theaters Friday 15), Chicago cartoonist Lucy Knisley has finished and unveiled her complete Harry Potter condensed comic, aptly titled The Summharry. As you’ll see if you download the poster at her site, Knisley does an amazing job of condensing the complete series into a humorous, witty, good-natured parody, rife with inside Potter jokes. TOCK caught up with Lucy to get the details. The hardest part, she recounts, was condensing the whole series into the eight comics. (As with the films, Knisley split J.K. Rowling's last book into two parts; the eight parts were released over time, and can now be read individually or as part of one huge poster.) Potterglyphics: Harry Potter, encapsulated - Time Out Chicago Kids
Tant de similitudes entre Harry Potter et Star Wars
amazon.co As the British state begins to unravel, and journalists compete to pronounce on the death of Britain, a schoolboy from suburban Surrey who lives for most of the year in a semi-parallel universe becomes the most popular figure in contemporary world literature. Now read on ...everyone else does ...Harry Potter is an orphan, oppressed and abused by the adults around him, who retreats into a fantasy world. But ironically, as Andrew Blake makes clear, J.K. Rowling rescues her character through the reinvention of that apex of class privilege, the English public school, a literary conceit that problematises Harry Potter's status as a role model and raises important social questions about the state of Blair's Britain. amazon.co

There's a Harry Potter for every age. Find the right books, movies, and games to introduce at which age. Growing Up With Harry Potter By Caroline Knorr, Common Sense Media Parenting Editor Does anyone remember life before Harry Potter? In our house, we divide my son's reading interests into two distinct eras, B.H.P. Growing Up With Harry Potter Growing Up With Harry Potter
Pottermore: JK Rowling facts and figures Pottermore: JK Rowling facts and figures 1997 Harry Potter first hit UK bookshelves, with JK Rowling’s debut novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. £1 billion Earnings from the book mean that JK Rowling is the first author to become a billionaire. 27,065,819 Facebook ‘likes’ the page for the forthcoming second part of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows film currently has.
Todo sobre la saga de Harry Potter

Last summer, Deadline released this balance-sheet ("participation statement") detailing the alleged financial state of the corporate entity struck to run the Warner Bros movie "Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix." The movie, which had grossed nearly $1B at the time, was nevertheless running $167M in the red. The losses are largely attributable to to prints and advertising/marketing -- and, as many commenters on the original post point out, a major recipient of that marketing budget would have been Warner's itself, in the guise of its other media divisions. Another culprit is high interest fees, though the film didn't have outside financing, so Deadline speculates that the loan note was also held by Warner's. Hollywoodonomics: how Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix "lost" $167M
Everybody Loves Harry?
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Henry Jenkins in Second Life Talks about Potter Fandom‬‏
The Sociology of Harry Potter Social Construction: we are the ones to determine what is literature and what’s not Ex.) Shakespeare: plays were controversial and common → today viewed as classic, great literature STATUS: people value and gives benefits Growing Up With Harry Potter - storify.com
Are you too lazy/busy/grownup to finish the Harry Potter books, even though everyone you know still makes references to them all the time? Do you enjoy pictures and have a short attention span? Well, have we got the solution for you. Finally: Harry Potter in Comic Book Form