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Antony Dannecker Harmonicas - Building the finest hand crafted harmonicas in the world. Tenhole - Tinus [1.] - introduction. Harmonica / Harp Key Info / Notation - Musicopedia. Ian Chadwick's harmonica reviews. I'm not a musician: I'm just someone who likes to make music from time to time.

Ian Chadwick's harmonica reviews

I hack away at it; I have since I was 14 but for a while in my 20s and 30s, I was very serious about playing. I don't have any real musical talent, but I enjoy playing, and perhaps learning even more. So this is a page for amateurs like me. I used to play a lot - guitar, harmonica, some keyboards - lots of jams, lots of practice, and even a few gigs. For a few years after we moved up here I even used to jam weekly at the now-metamorphosed Pine Street café, back in the days when it had Sunday jams. After a couple of years off abstinence, I started getting interested again. This Spring, Susan decided to give me a gift of a new guitar - a beautiful blue Takamine 540C. A few months later I decided to add harmonica to my practice. Herein are my notes and conclusions (ongoing as I get and learn more). This is an ongoing project, and will grow as I learn more and get more harmonicas to test. Comments?

Introduction. Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co. KG - Harmonicas. Free Harmonica Lessons. The C major scale goes like this: This means the same as: do re me fa sol la te do And it looks like this on sheet music score: There are also a lot of half notes or semi tones in between these notes.

Free Harmonica Lessons

These half notes or semi tones are also known as sharps and flats. C# = C sharp Bb = B flat C#, is a note half a tone above C and Bb, is a note half a tone below B. This can also be written as: C, Db, D, Eb, E, F, Gb, G, Ab, A, Bb, B, C And this full range of notes and semi tones looks like this on sheet music score: Notice that there is only a semi tone between E and F, same as for B and C. And the A major scale: Study these scales and compare them with the full possible range of notes and semi tones.

Whole-step, whole-step, half-step, whole-step, whole-step, whole-step, half-step See if you can write out some other major scales yourself. C Harmonica - Why start with a Harmonica in the key of C? Most beginning players are advised to get a harmonica in the key of C.

C Harmonica - Why start with a Harmonica in the key of C?

Those new to music may ask why a C harmonica is needed, rather than another type. Others may ask what is meant by a key of C harmonica. These questions are reasonable, this page answer them. You need a C harmonica because most harmonica instruction books will assume that you have one, to match with the playalong CD. The 81 harmonica lessons at my teaching site Harmonica Academy can (almost) all be done with a just a C harmonica. Your music shop can help you get the right harmonica. The C harmonica scale and music keys To understand what is meant by a key of C harmonica, a (very) small amount of music theory will help. It is the C major scale, played on a C harmonica. Now listen to this scale: It sounds the same as the previous one, except a little higher.

The second scale is a D major scale, played on a D harmonica. So that's what a key of C harmonica means... Which harmonica keys should I get? Harmonica - Examples - Blues Scales.